Shenner Logs

tatooine: shenner is hired by grathix

Bowling for Jawas, or, Tatooine, Exotic Planet -- 1/21/97
Grathix catches Shenner mugging a Jawa... and puts the young thief to a test of his own.
meeting.txt -- 1/22/97
Intrigued by her thieving skills, Grathix makes an offer to Shenner to exercise them further -- though she doesn't let on how troubling the offer is.
plans.txt -- 1/24/97
Shenner acquires new clothes; Shenner and Grathix discuss something of his plans for her job, and later, a slightly inebriated Grathix shows Shenner a hidden spaceport.

etti iv: the quest to find han solo

etti-arrival.txt -- 1/28/97
Shenner and Grathix arrive on Etti IV; at the Free-Flight Dance Dome, Shenner learns of the Imperial and New Republic fleets in orbit over the planet.
rumors.txt -- 1/29/97
Shenner argues with Grathix about the fleets in orbit over Etti IV, and learns of the imprisonment of Han Solo.
etti-encounters.txt -- 1/30/97
While buying a flute in the market sector of the city, Shenner meets the young Horansi Kuxli -- but also meets Giles Vermillion, who seems to mistake her for someone else...
park-music.txt -- 1/30/97
Kuxli later finds Shenner twiddling with her newly acquired flute in the Memorial Park.
shenner-dome.txt -- 1/31/97
Shenner and Kuxli brave the dance floor of the Free-Flight Dance Dome; Grathix bribes the band to let Shenner sing with them.
shenner-dome-2.txt -- 2/1/97
Over each other's favorite intoxicants, Shenner and Kuxli get better acquainted; Shenner learns Kuxli is a Horansi, Kuxli learns that Shenner was on Tatooine.
shenner-song.txt -- 2/2/97
In an outdoor cafe in the city, Shenner meets Shikh, and discovers that he and Kuxli have also met; later, pretending to be interested in 'managing' Shenner as a singer, Grathix finds Shenner with Kuxli and relays that he's leaving the planet for a short trip.
revelations.txt -- 2/3/97
Shenner makes several disturbing discoveries: that Shikh, who seems interested in her, is a Corellian... and that not only Simone Drake is Prex of the CSA, but both Kuxli and Shikh seem to have connections with her...
revelations-2.txt -- 2/3/97
Immediately after a disturbing encounter with Shikh in the park, Shenner meets up with Kuxli, but worries over his connections to Simone Drake.
job-talk.txt -- 2/4/97
Amidst increasing tension and paranoia about the situation into which she's been hired, Shenner meets a new associate of Grathix's, and confronts Grathix about the nature of her job.
sick-dog.txt -- 2/4/97
While growing increasingly uneasy about the Corellian Shikh, Shenner meets Kian in Memorial Park, and Kian unknowingly feeds Shikh's dog Carmine chocolate; later, not knowing the woman has in fact just handed off Han Solo to the Empire, Shenner sees Simone Drake in the Residential District.
shen-shikh-fight.txt -- 2/5/97
Shenner and Shikh have an argument that prompts Shenner to flee and try to hide in Grathix's ship -- only to discover that the CSA has impounded it.
shen-shikh-fight-2.txt -- 2/6/97
As Grathix goes off with Brok for a drink at the Dome, Shenner unwillingly follows Shikh, only to have another argument with him.
spaceport.txt -- 2/7/97
Shenner encounters an angry Alora in the spaceport, and after, the Tynnan Tzu.
plan-revealed.txt -- 2/17/97
Grathix reveals his plans to Shenner, surprising her in more ways than one.
shenner-stalh.txt -- 2/17/97
Shenner encounters the Imperial officer Stalh and turns down his offer to be his personal entertainer.
imperials.txt -- 2/20/97
Busking again on the streets, Shenner meets and reconciles with Shikh -- but also comes to more Imperial notice, from Chantinelle, Sierra, and Stalh.
kian-clue.txt -- 2/21/97
Shenner runs into Kian again; Kian gives her a surprising amount of money, and seems to realize she's really a girl.
espo-search.txt -- 2/21/97
Shenner and Grathix witness the ESPOs searching everyone in the Port District for illegal weapons; a musician friend of Shenner's is arrested; later, Grathix tells Shenner he'll give her her own ship after their job is done.
quick-meeting.txt -- 2/22/97
Shenner meets a man named Quick, who asks her if she's run into a friend of his.
shen-shikh-alora.txt -- 2/23/97
Shikh tries to prevent an ESPO from harassing Shenner by bribing him -- but so does Alora, and Alora also offers Shenner wealth if she'll leave the planet with her; later, Shenner and Shikh have a moody dinner.
chanti-kayle.txt -- 2/24/97
Shenner witnesses Kayle almost arresting Chantinelle; later, Kayle gives Shenner coins.
shen-grath-imptalk.txt -- 2/24/97
Shenner corners Grathix and tells him about Alora and Stalh's interest in her; Grathix promises to check them out.
cafe-talk.txt -- 2/25/97
Shenner and Chantinelle encounter Quick and others at Shenner's favorite cafe; Shenner learns that Quick has met Chantinelle; later, another ESPO harasses Shenner.

the nrv alderaan: shenner falls in with the nr

luke-meeting.txt -- 2/25/97
Shenner witnesses a confrontration between Luke Skywalker and Ahkaurakh, and is threatened by Ahkaurakh; Luke takes her to the Alderaan, and Shenner meets Jessalyn Valios.
bean-spilling.txt -- 2/26/97
In which Shenner sings "The Last of Grand Moff Tarkin's Crew" for Jessalyn, and reveals that she had been looking for Han Solo, and discovers that Kuxli is with the NR as well...
bean-spilling-2.txt -- 2/27/97
In which Shenner sings part of "Elf Glade" for Avalyne and Kaley, tells her story to Admiral Jeralic Mandragon, learns that Han Solo is in Imperial hands, and comes to the attention of Captain Beaubos "Skeezix" Calhoun...
bean-spilling-3.txt -- 2/27/97
In which Shenner witnesses the meeting of the Horansi Razi and Kuxli, and later, learns from Luke that Alora is a Dark Jedi, and witnesses tension between Luke and Jessalyn...
bean-spilling-4.txt -- 2/28/97
In which Shenner tells her story to Luke and learns that Alora might well have gleaned knowledge of Grathix's plan from her, learns of the death of Captain Calhoun's wife and Jessalyn's feelings for Luke, and finally coaxes the troubled Captain into sleep with her music.
bean-spilling-5.txt -- 3/1/97
In which Shenner learns of Captain Calhoun's promotion to General, tells something of her story to him and in turn learns that Skywalker is no longer on the ship, and is challenged by Dillon about her presence there.
bean-spilling-6.txt -- 3/1/97
While Dillon has a confrontation with Roark, Grathix arrives on the Alderaan and starts getting caught up on Shenner's recent discoveries.
quick-threat.txt -- 3/2/97
Quick threatens Shenner, who immediately runs off to get help when he falls over raving; General Calhoun ushers the man off to the Medbay.
ald-departure.txt -- 3/2/97
Shenner sings "Hills of Alderaan" for Dillon, and tells Avalyne/Avalyshaar about the Quick incident; later, she and Grathix make arrangements to leave the Alderaan.

palanhi: the return of paul nighman

palanhi-arrival.txt -- 3/4/97
Shenner and Grathix arrive on Palanhi; Grathix teases Shenner about what they'll tell Skywalker; Shenner finds Luke and Jessalyn and tells Luke Grathix wants to talk to him.
shen-jess-drunk.txt -- 3/5/97
Luke inadvertantly reveals to Shenner that he knows she is a girl; between that, and the obvious tension between Luke and Jessalyn, Shenner tries to run off. Jessalyn pursues, and convinces the girl to go have a drink with her. Grathix finds them inebriated and discovers Shenner's real gender.
solo-recovery.txt -- 3/6/97
While Shenner and Jessalyn are reeling from their drunken binge, Amylynn makes contact with Luke and Leia to bring them the wounded and feverish Han Solo.
hangover.txt -- 3/7/97
Shenner is helped out of a hangover by Amylynn; later, she discovers Alora is on Palanhi, fetches an antibiotic for the medic to use for the ailing Solo, and faces her boss.
paul-meeting.txt -- 3/8/97
Shenner, still trying to sort herself out now that her true gender is known, meets up again with Paul Nighman -- the Corellian who stranded her on Tatooine.
solo-meeting.txt -- 3/9/97
While Amylynn is wounded by an encounter with a Rodian, Shenner brings Grathix to talk to Han Solo -- and takes an instant dislike to the Corellian, goaded by Grathix's claims that he is a charming ladies' man, as well as Solo's own behavior to her.
temperfit.txt -- 3/10/97
Shenner storms off the ship after a heated argument with Jessalyn; hours later, a remorseful Jess tracks her down. But in the process of trying to convince Paul Nighman to help them get off Palanhi, Alora makes an attempt to sway Jess's sympathies to her, and Paul and Shenner are forced to hasten Jess back to the Dragon.
lessons.txt -- 3/11/97
Shenner is surprised when Paul gives her a silver flute to replace the wooden one she lost on Tatooine; while giving Shenner a guitar lesson, Paul realizes that he is attracted to a very young woman; Shenner later begins to wonder whether Solo isn't such an ogre when Han drafts her to help him comb the city for the rest of the Dragon's crew.
luke-arguments.txt -- 3/12/97
Shenner and Jessalyn argue with Luke and Amylynn about Luke staying behind to fight with Sabbath; later, Shenner witnesses part of a confrontation between Luke and Alora.
artifact-plans.txt -- 3/13/97
Shenner apologizes to Luke for her arguing with him, and later introduces him and Jessalyn to Paul; when Lando Calrissian catches up with them, they discuss rumors of Jedi artifacts relayed from Grathix.
paul-verm-fight.txt -- 3/14/97
Paul is wounded in a fight with Vermillion; Luke uses the Force to help Paul heal.
shen-paul-kiss.txt -- 3/15/97
Paul tries to kiss Shenner on the Dragon's bridge; she strikes him, but causes him to fall and start internal bleeding in his wounded side. Later, after Shenner has a confrontation with Tacra -- newly invited onto the ship by Luke -- Paul sneaks off the ship.
paul-search.txt -- 3/16/97
An exhausted and frantic Shenner enlists the aid of Jessalyn and Lando to locate the missing Paul, who turns up in the local medical center.
jess-captured.txt -- 3/17/97
As Shenner and Paul deal with growing attraction to one another, the Black Dragon goes into crisis mode at the discovery that Han Solo has gone missing and Jessalyn has been captured.
shen-tacra-fight.txt -- 3/18/97
As tensions rise on the Black Dragon over the disappearance of Han Solo and the kidnapping of Jessalyn, Shenner fights with Tacra; later, Shenner and Paul grow closer to one another.
luke-jess-return.txt -- 3/20/97
Luke returns to the Black Dragon with Jessalyn, but has been wounded in his duel with Sabbath; Paul, Shenner, and Jessalyn, trying to break up the tension between them, have a pillow-and-tickle-fight.
luke-jess-return-2.txt -- 3/20/97
Paul's attempt to play a love song for Luke and Jessalyn goes awry; Luke tells Tand and Tacra how he convinced the Palanhi hotel staff to feed them; Shenner tries to comfort Paul and learns that he can't take hugs as well as he gives them out.
shen-paul-lesson.txt -- 3/22/97
Following their fight in the engine room, Paul wakes up late in the night in the cargo hold; Shenner finds him composing music on her guitar.

calamari: shenner falls for paul

confession.txt -- 3/24/97
On Calamari, while Amylynn introduces Lando to her father, Shenner tries to keep an eye on Paul as he tries to drown his sorrows in brandy -- but Paul takes it extremely badly when Shenner cuts in on his dancing with a woman and then kisses him, when Jessalyn catches him passionately kissing Shenner outside the bar... and when Shenner declares she loves him.
girl-talk.txt -- 3/25/97
Jessalyn attempts to comfort Shenner the morning after her confession to Paul; Shenner tries to pretend nothing is wrong as long as Tacra, Tand, and Lando are around, but later allows herself to open up a little to Jessalyn... but after that, angsts in private. And resolves, afterwards, to make a change to her apparel...
barfight.txt -- 3/30/97
Encountering Shenner on the streets busking -- and to his surprise, clad in new ornate garb and with a slightly improved haircut -- Paul returns to the NR base, only to have yet another argument with Jessalyn. Later, as Shen stays up late fretting with her guitar, she has a talk with Luke -- only to be interrupted by Skeezix, who reports that Jessalyn has been hurt and is in the hospital. The next morning, Shenner discovers that Paul, too, was hurt in the fight.
heart2heart.txt -- 4/1/97
Shenner goes to look for Paul and finds him at the house of Dr. Molari Canto; her attempt to rouse him from his depression over Jessalyn leads to an impromptu picnic dinner and an ocean sunset... but also to Shenner being devastated by Paul's attempt to talk about what happened between the two of them the night of their kiss.
consolation.txt -- 4/2/97
A heartbroken Shenner receives awkward comfort from Jessalyn, and Luke; Skeezix encourages Shenner to consider enlisting with the NR.
guitar-marathon.txt -- 4/3/97
Shenner mechanically loses herself in an all-day guitar marathon, trying to distract herself from being heartbroken over Paul, while the NR personnel on the base prepare for a ball that evening; later, Shenner is discovered by Tand, who bandages her hands, and the two go out for some serious drinking.
paul-return.txt -- 4/4/97
Much to the renewed confusion of the distraught Shenner, Paul returns to the NR base and gives her a gift, even as she's considering signing on with the NR Army.
shen-skeez-argue.txt -- 4/5/97
Skeezix confronts Shenner about her sudden resolve to become a soldier.
turnabout.txt -- 4/5/97
Paul attempts to lighten Shenner's spirits by giving her a voice lesson, but it only demonstrates to him exactly the effect his rejection of her had had... and later, he startles Shenner by asking her if she wants to come to Mandalore with him... and kissing her again.
turnabout-2.txt -- 4/8/97
Shenner wrestles with whether to go to Mandalore or Yavin... and the relationship between her and Paul, her and Jessalyn... and Paul and Jessalyn.

tatooine: preparing for mandalore

tatooine.txt -- 4/11/97
Shenner and Paul meet with Jeralic to fly to Tatooine, so that Paul can question Grathix about the search for the artifacts in which Grathix is interested.
tatooine-2.txt -- 4/12/97
Shenner ventures out into Mos Eisley to contact Luke for Paul; Luke tells her disturbing rumors about Grathix. Later, Shenner refuses to leave Paul despite the apparent increased danger of their situation... and leaps at Paul's offer to make her his assistant. He begins training her by giving her lessons in first aid.
tatooine-3.txt -- 4/14/97
Jeralic rubs Shenner the wrong way when she thinks he treats her like a child, and that his presence on the trip might remove any usefulness of her own; Luke comes by the shuttle and makes plans with Paul and Shenner; later, Paul tries to bolster Shen's spirits with gifts of a new medikit and clothing.
tatooine-4.txt -- 4/15/97
Shenner is rattled by a jaunt out into Mos Eisley when she watches Paul amiably converse with a crowd of strangers; later, Paul tries to assure her she's not stupid just because she can't speak Wookiee, and the two plan to kill time by getting a hotel room and at least making sure they know where Grathix is.
tatooine-5.txt -- 4/17/97
Venturing out once more into Mos Eisley, Shenner and Paul are intercepted by Dane Noth, who stuns Paul and takes them to Grathix; to Shenner's surprise, she discovers that Luke had already gone to Grathix. Later, after she and Paul are put into a suite where Paul can wake up in peace, Paul startles Shenner with an unexpected request...
tatooine-6.txt -- 4/18/97
Paul finds himself discovering why asking Shenner to sleep in the same bed with him was a bad idea; later, Luke, Dane Noth, and Grathix all arrive at the suite, and begin to discuss their plans... until Luke senses through the Force that Jessalyn is in danger. Afterwards, when they are alone again, a worried Paul promises he won't make Shenner leave him despite believing that her presence on the journey is a bad idea as well.
tatooine-7.txt -- 4/22/97
Shenner and Paul rendezvous with Dane Noth, and take him to their shuttle so they can set off for Corellia; Jeralic and Dane Noth do not take well to one another, and Shenner bristles at the Mandalorian as well until she learns that he likes her music.

corellia: relaxations, reunions, research, and recovery

corellia.txt -- 4/23/97
Shenner, Paul, Dane Noth, and Jeralic arrive on Corellia. Shenner gets her second taste of Corellian cuisine, and her first taste of Corellian sunshine and beaches as well as her first taste of swimming... and swimsuits... and a couple of Corellian males get their first taste of Shenner.
corellia-2.txt -- 4/28/97
Shenner and Paul have their first meeting with Paul's father, Dr. Xavier Nighman; to Paul's surprise, and to Shenner's as well, she reveals her full name when she is introduced to the old scholar. Paul and his father argue, but Paul and Shenner wind up staying the night.
corellia-3.txt -- 4/29/97
Shenner has her first encounter alone with Dr. Nighman, then heads out to find Paul, who is visiting his mother's grave; later, Shenner tries her hand at studying. She and Paul talk about flirting -- and argue -- before Paul finally decides to play some hooky...
dreaming-tree.txt -- 5/3/97
Paul takes Shenner to visit the Dreaming Tree, a.k.a. Dream, a tree he'd loved as a boy.
shen-attack-2.txt -- 5/3/97
Paul's father tries in his own way to comfort Shenner following her experience, but blows it; Shenner and Trace go out to look for Paul, only to have Trace seriously hurt in an outburst of fighting on the streets.
shen-attack.txt -- 5/3/97
After buying some supplies for Paul, Shenner is attacked by a drunken vagrant; she is rescued by Trace, the boy she'd met on the beach.
frolic.txt -- 5/15/97
Shenner and Paul experience an interesting mutual wakeup call.
fireworks.txt -- 5/27/97
When Dr. Nighman, infuriated over having caught Paul and Shen entwined on his couch, refuses to give Paul the artifacts he wants, it results in a wrathful Shenner rising to Paul's defense -- and Paul disowning his father.
fireworks-2.txt -- 5/30/97
Paul moves himself and Shenner into an inn rather than stay another day in his father's house; later, still inwardly reeling over his conflict with his father, Paul impulsively opts to spend the evening in celebrating their birthdays with Shenner... by buying the girl an exquisite velvet dress, and taking her out for dinner and dancing.
research.txt -- 6/1/97
Still distraught over the strife between him and his father, Paul has a nightmare; over the next two days, trying to convince himself that Shenner has been distracting him long enough, Paul hurls himself headlong into research and work; Shenner sends a letter to Jessalyn.
research-2.txt -- 6/5/97
After discovering that Paul's stayed up all night working for the second night in a row, Shenner convinces him to take a nap; Paul, exhausted and dreaming, wakes to find himself convinced he'd been making love with Shen, and he confesses that he'd written her a song.
paul-sick.txt -- 6/10/97
Paul suffers a relapse of an illness he'd once suffered; Shenner tends him through the night, and is disturbed by what he mumbles in the grip of delirium.
med-center.txt -- 6/11/97
As Paul remains feverish the morning after his collapse, Ms. Tsuma arranges for her daughter and Shenner to be taken to a local doctor; Paul is transferred to the medical center, and Shenner learns the cause of his illness.
checkout.txt -- 6/16/97
Shenner finds that Paul is alarmingly romantic when sedated; Dr. T'shallat later allows Paul to check out of the hospital.
checkout-2.txt -- 6/18/97
Paul and Shenner spend the night at the home of Jace Raven and his family; Shenner and Paul argue about the medicine he's been prescribed, and Shenner tries to bury her feelings about Paul.
dreams.txt -- 6/21/97
Shenner has a nightmare about the death of her mother -- and the death of Paul; still overwhelmed by the dream, later, Shenner asks Paul to make love with her.

caspar: looking for the quasar bolt

caspar.txt -- 6/30/97
Shenner and Paul head for Caspar to look for Marcus Crowley -- and Paul's missing ship -- while trying to deal with the new state of their relationship.
morganna-meeting.txt -- 7/22/97
After a handful of tense days on Caspar, Shen finds Paul on the beach talking with a strange young woman who seems powerfully moved by Shen and Paul's music.
kuxli-reunion.txt -- 7/23/97
Shenner is reunited with the Horansi Kuxli, who is very astonished to discover that the bardling is a girl.
ariana-meeting.txt -- 7/29/97
After Paul startles her by bringing a distraught young woman on board the Hawk's Wing -- a young woman who flees when she seems to sense certain things between Paul and Shenner -- Shen startles herself in turn by flirting with Paul.
blix-meeting.txt -- 7/31/97
While busking, Shenner encounters Jaeinn Blix; Paul comes upon the two of them and is surprised to discover that the woman knows ancient Corellian.
confessions-II.txt -- 8/3/97
Shenner finds her struggle to hide her feelings from Paul growing more and more difficult -- especially after Kuxli asks if he can pay for transport on Paul's borrowed ship, and asks Shenner several unnerving questions about the Corellian.
confessions-III.txt -- 8/6/97
When Paul receives disturbing news that makes him try to convince Shenner to stay behind on Caspar while he and Kuxli head for Tatooine, Shen takes it badly... and later can't help but ask Paul what he thinks about what they mean to one another.

tatooine: rescue mission for the v'ez-tcha

kairne-meeting.txt -- 8/7/97
On Tatooine, Shenner and Paul hold a secret meeting with Kairne of the V'ez-tcha; later, Shenner comes dangerously close to voicing her feelings for Paul.
shikh-reunion.txt -- 8/9/97
On Tatooine, Shenner is startled when she and Paul bump into none other than the other Corellian in Shen's life: Shikh Cthon; Paul, in the meantime, receives deeply disturbing news from a jawa. Later, both their tempers frayed, Shenner and Paul have a fight.

back to corellia: epiphany in action

long-trip-2.txt -- 8/12/97
En route to Corellia with their V'ez-tcha passengers, Paul and Shen must stop in Sluis Van space when Admiral Ackbar of the NR transmits a request to meet with Paul; later, in orbit over Corellia, Ackbar contacts the Hawk's Wing again with news of a parasite that might have infiltrated the ship during its docking with the Deliverance.
paul-nightmare.txt -- 8/19/97
Shenner wonders about Shikh's motives in following her across the galaxy, finds that Paul has yet to get some rest after being up two days straight, and has her resolve to be truly supportive to him tested when she must not only coax him to bed, but also comfort him after a nightmare once she gets him there.
paul-nightmare-2.txt -- 8/24/97
Paul wakes up about four hours after his nightmare, in Shen's arms, and finds himself reacting to her in ways that startle him deeply.
drum-gift.txt -- 9/3/97
Paul presents Shenner with a new drum, but to the girl's surprise, he identifies it as a gift from Shikh. Unaware that the two men have become almost rivals for her attentions, Shenner is delighted with the gift, even as she tries to puzzle out why, if it was from Shikh, Paul gave it to her... Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 9/14/97

kichnar station: realizations and romance

paul-shot.txt -- 9/4/97
After their arrival on Kichnar, Shen awakens to discover Paul stumbling back onto the ship at an ungodly early hour of the morning, recovering from a stun blast; Kuxli departs the ship; Shen encourages Paul to get some rest.
trashy-novel.txt -- 9/4/97
Coming back to the Hawk's Wing after a run out for supplies, Shen finds Paul with an amusing new book in his possession--Thieves of the Sacred Scrolls, a lurid adventure novel based on one of his very own archaeological adventures.
casino.txt -- 9/5/97
Looking for Dane Noth and Kairne, Shenner and Paul visit the Keepon Casino; there, Shenner meets and makes a rather potent impression upon Jase Millikin, while Paul is noticed by someone who wants to go to Mandalore, too.
hot-date.txt -- 9/6/97
Shenner and Paul return to the Keepon Casino for a night of dinner and dancing; Paul finds himself astonished to be jealous of Jase Millikin's attentions to Shenner, and even more astonished at the intensity of his feelings for the bardling throughout the night.
day-after.txt -- 9/7/97
The day after their visit to Keepon Casino, Shenner and Paul spend an intimate day with one another on board the Hawk's Wing -- and Paul realizes that he is falling in love with Shenner.
talk.txt -- 9/11/97
In the aftermath of Paul's confession of love, Shenner and Paul to discuss their relationship, Shenner's desires for her future, and the coming journey to Mandalore.

kichnar and caspar revisited: love in bloom

xinj-to-kichnar.txt -- 10/8/97
With Xinj Silverthorn as their passenger, Paul and Shenner return to Kichnar Station to resume preparations to go to Mandalore.
beach-rescue.txt -- 10/16/97
Anxious when Paul is away from the ship for several hours, Shenner goes out in search of her beloved, only to finally find him on Caspar's surface on the beach... and quite drunk, wet, and cold. As Shenner gets him safely back to the ship, Paul grows frustrated over her having had to rescue him yet again.
hot-date-II.txt -- 10/18/97
Paul buys Shenner a second dress, this one of black satin; the two head out for another night of dancing, which turns into a visit to Caspar's surface, a reunion with Kuxli, and an unexpected bout of teasing.
hot-date-II-b.txt -- 10/22/97
(Continued from previous log.) Shenner and Paul's evening turns back towards the romantic, as Paul coaxes her out of deep embarrassment, and out for a private interlude on the nearby beach.
other-shoe-drops.txt -- 12/27/97
On the Hawk's Wing, Shen wakes Paul up in a most interesting fashion, before the two lovers receive word that Dane Noth and Kairne are on their way to rendezvous with them -- and take them to Mandalore.

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