Social Media

I use the ID ‘annathepiper’ a lot on various Internet sites, so if you google that ID, chances are it’s me in the search results. Down at the bottom of this site, I’ve linked to several of my Internet accounts. But here’s a more comprehensive list!

These are the accounts in active use. You should try these first if you’d like to find, friend, or message me on social media:

  • Dreamwidth - My Dreamwidth journal, which is my replacement for LJ, and which receives mirrored posts from here
  • Facebook - My personal Facebook account
  • Facebook Author Page - My Facebook author page
  • Flickr - My Flickr account, where I'll periodically post photos before they get archived here
  • GitHub - My GitHub account
  • Goodreads - My author profile on Goodreads
  • SoundCloud - My SoundCloud, where I periodically post little snippets of me doinking around musically. You can also find the Three Good Measures tracks there!
  • Twitter - My Twitter account
  • YouTube - My YouTube account, with a small number of videos there. Look for Le Vent du Nord and De Temps Antan!

I also have presences on these sites, but they’re ones I’ll be deleting in the near future:

  • Google+ - My Google+ account (at least up until I finally delete it, since G+ is going away)
  • Livejournal - My LJ, which was my original blogging site
  • Tumblr - My Tumblr. I don't actually do much on that site, but it's mirroring posts from here for now.

Feel free to message me on any of those platforms.

Contact Me Directly

If you’d like to just contact me directly without going through social media, you may email me at my address. Which is, like most of my social media accounts, ‘annathepiper’. (I’m not linking to it or setting it up as a contact form or mailto link here, sorry! This is a spam prevention measure, not because I don’t like you.)