My Former MUSHes

This being the roster of games I’ve played on over the years.

current games

I am more or less retired from MUSHing these days. I say ‘more or less’ because I no longer participate on any RP-based MUSHes, but I can still be semi-regularly found on my personal social MUSH.

former games

These are games I used to play on extensively, but where I don’t play any longer.


I was a player on the first incarnation of AetherMUSH until it closed its doors on 2/14/02. At that point Aether was the newest of the games on which I’d participated, or at least in terms of how long I’d been there. All versions of Aether were originally-themed, drawing heavily on sources of world mythologies for the universe in which its characters reside, and Aether II was set a generation after Aether I.


CrystalMUSH was almost a natural progression from PernMUSH, as it’s another Anne McCaffrey universe — and it just screamed at me to play an Elvis Presley clone, Kevlan Sharr. ;) I also played three other characters there, and had a good long run of roleplay on this game. Many of my old compatriots still play there.


PernMUSH was my second MUSH home, on which I got started one day largely because Two Moons was down, and a lot of our wizards hung out there. ;) I played PernMUSH long enough to see my bronze rider turn from a fresh-faced youth into a seasoned rider with seven children, and watched the two oldest of those children get to be almost as old as F’hlan was when I started playing him.

Star Wars MUSH

Thanks to the Great Harrison Ford Filmfest of January 1997, as well as the re-release of the Star Wars trilogy, I flung myself headlong into Star Wars MUSH fandom, with the happy result of getting to play Han Solo on Star Wars MUSH for a good long run of three years. Also known as ‘SW1’, this is the oldest of the Star Wars-themed games.

Two Moons MUSH

Two Moons MUSH was my first and best-loved MUSH home, thanks to my Elfquest fandom. I served there pretty much throughout my entire MUSHing career as part of the Two Moons staff, and ran three tribes as well: the Willowholt, the Scattered Tribe, and the Seafarers.

other mushes

These are a few other MUSHes on which I have shown up briefly.

  • GarouMUSH
    A game based on White Wolf‘s werewolf roleplaying game. Very story-intensive.
  • SouCon MUSH
    The sister MUSH to PernMUSH, SouCon covers the Southern Continent of the Pern depicted on PernMUSH.

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