so what’s MUSHing, then?

Short form, MUSHes are one form of MUDs, which are in general multi-player, text-based online games, kind of like Everquest before there was Everquest. If you want to know more, go read the four-part Frequently Asked Questions About MUDs and MUDding List.

my MUSH characters and their stories

Though I am no longer MUSHing at all, needing all my creativity for my writing, I still maintain information on all the MUSH characters I’ve played over the years. You can get an idea of what I’ve done, where I’ve done it, who I’ve done it as, or even check out my old roleplay logs at any of the following links:

my mush

I run a very small MUSH on, used primarily for social purposes. Anyone I know via other means is generally welcome to stop by and say hi; check out my page about the Murkworks MUSH if you’re interested.

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