The Murkworks Mush

“Do I know about the Murk?! That’s first year stuff!” — Rod Rescueman, Twice Upon a Time

the murkworks mush

(as set up by anna of the murkworks)

Everybody needs a hobby, and MUSHing is one of mine. But only the most truly obsessed MUSH geeks run their own MUSH. Being a truly obsessed MUSH geek, and living in a household full of computer geeks who have gone and put up our own Internet site simply because we have other things we ought to be doing instead, I am of course running my own MUSH.

Murkworks MUSH is named for my RL household, which is in turn named for “the mysterious Murkworks” where nightmares are made, in the animated film Twice Upon a Time. It’s a very amusing little flick, and the residents of Murkworks recommend it highly. Various bits of the MUSH will contain references to the film.

My MUSH lives at 4201, and is a small private hangout spot for my friends and friends of theirs. Anyone wishing a permanent character on the MurkMUSH needs to contact me about it first. Since I like to keep the game small and friendly, I need to have some idea of the people who join. If I know you via other MUSHes, certain message boards, Livejournal, face to face, or otherwise, chances are I’ll let you onto the MUSH. :) But I do need to know you!

roleplay on murkworks mush

While the MUSH as a whole does not have a dedicated roleplay theme, some smaller areas of the game will be set aside for roleplay purposes. We have two roleplay stages sometimes used by players who want to do scenes involving characters from other games (usually when those characters are in situations that can’t be effectively RPed on their home games, e.g., the home game is down, or the characters are in a location not built on the home MUSH).

We also have roleplay playgrounds, intended to be dedicated areas for ongoing RP. Or at least we would, if anybody actually wanted to open one. ;)

In order to maintain the laid-back nature of my MUSH, new playgrounds may be opened up on Murkworks as desired by the players of the game, as long as they abide by my general game policies. I am not looking to host full-blown mini-MUSHes on Murkworks; we don’t have the bandwidth for it, the hard disk space, or regular enough backup procedures!

Players desiring to make a new playground on Murkworks MUSH should keep in mind these policies:

  1. Check ‘news building’ for pointers on building public roleplay areas.
  2. If your playground is based on a theme from books or movies or such, be sure to give credit where credit is due and document your sources. Also, if you are roleplaying a theme for which the original author has specifically forbidden MU*-type games, please don’t ask me to host your playground. An example of a theme that falls into this category is Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar books.
  3. If you want your playground advertised in the MUSH news, send me a short blurb about it to put into this file under ‘news ‘. Playground creators are responsible for creating their own web pages as well as information areas on the MUSH itself as they see fit.

some other relevant portions of murkworks mush news


There are only two general policies on Murkworks MUSH, and these are:

  • If you’re here, I am trusting you to behave yourself, treat my MUSH nice, and be well-behaved and considerate to your neighbor… and to possess enough clues to figure out what all this means without me having to spell it out for you.
  • I want roleplay here to be as low-key and rules-free as possible. The rule of thumb to follow is, roleplay is the group creation of a story… and should not depend on code aids or impartial arbitrators which often detract from the drama of what’s going on — or the melodrama, depending on your tastes. ;) What code is installed on this game will be primarily things which relay useful information (such as +finger or +sheet), or which save time (like +join, as opposed to wandering around through many rooms looking for people), or which provide good shorthands for what would otherwise require long and awkward command strings. Past that, you’re on your own, folks – roleplay it out.


Building guidelines for Murkworks MUSH are basically focused on the general idea that I’d like building to be kept lean and mean; I don’t want this game very large, so as to conserve disk space on our system. With this in mind, the following are my guidelines for building on the MUSH:

  1. I will not tell you how to build here; more thorough individuals than I have written up far better guidelines on how to build on a MUSH. See ‘news code’ for pointers to where to find the MUSH manual; if you’re interested in in-depth help, check that out. I will ask that rooms in a public roleplay area have appropriate @descs on them; exits connecting these rooms should have @succ, @osucc, and @odrop messages on them.
  2. You may build what rooms you want, but please only build what you need. If a room is not going to be roleplayed in very often, consider whether you really need it; if you don’t, consider using the RP stages instead.
  3. Link your area to the Back Porch (#2) so that people can get to it and you won’t have your rooms giving you messages about being floating.


TinyMUSH 3.0 is the result of converging the development paths of TinyMUSH 2.2 and TinyMUX. It was designed to be a stable, efficient, highly-configurable, feature-rich code version, offering users a full array of 2.2 and MUX features, as well as substantial enhancements to functionality and performance.

TinyMUSH 3.0 is under active development, and is the standard supported version of TinyMUSH for the forseeable future. The primary developers are Lydia Leong (“Amberyl”), David Passmore (“Lauren”), Robby Griffin (“Alierak”, as of 3.0 beta 18), and Scott Dorr (“Myrddin”, as of 3.0 beta 23).

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