In Which the Dragonborn Goes to Volskygge

For this session, I had two main overall goals:

  1. Following up on the “Letter from a Friend” that advised me to go find “the source of power” at Volskygge
  2. Seeing if I could generate a new dragon to kill, to see if I could clear the dragon corpse haunting Whiterun

Main highlights as follows:

  • Let Lydia have a break, as I went up to Solitude to sell and craft some more stuff, and to buy more furnishings for Proudspire Manor
  • Got Jordis the Sword-Maiden to follow me over to Volskygge, since it was a moderate walk east of Solitude
  • Killed a Blood Dragon on the way
  • Encountered some Companions for the first time, surprisingly north of Whiterun
  • Also killed a couple of Forsworn
  • Found Volskygge and started to clear it out, but realized I was too overloaded already—and that Jordis really needed better armor anyway, so I blipped back to Solitude to get her better outfitted and drop off other things
  • Returned to Volskygge via fast travel to clear it for real
  • Several bandits and lots and lots of draugr in Volskygge
  • Found the Word Wall with the third word of Whirlwind Sprint
  • Killed the Dragon Priest Volsung and got his mask!
  • Fast traveled back to the Western Watchtower twice actually, because a Frost Dragon showed up the first time and guards got in my way while I was fighting it, and I accidentally hit one and pissed them off, oops, rollback time
  • Fast travel the second time to the Watchtower also triggered a dragon, but it never landed, so I didn’t fight it

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In Which the Dragonborn Goes to Geirmund’s Hall

The main point of yesterday’s run was the next part of the Forbidden Legends quest, but with the obligatory extra building and smithing and crafting on either side. Plus, more occurrences of the dead dragon corpse bug! Highlights as follows:

  • Before I went on the main quest, went to Heljarchen Hall first to do some building and make Gregor the official steward
  • Hoofed it with Lydia from Whiterun to head east for Geirmund’s Hall
  • Went towards Riverwood first which turned out to be the wrong way, and accidentally discovered a back way into Riverwood
  • Fought a giant who was just standing right there in the road
  • Killed another random Dark Brotherhood assassin
  • I think Lyds and I may have saved Talsgar the Wanderer from frostbite spiders? Go us!
  • Took a long looping road to the east before we swung back west towards our destination
  • Discovered a new bandit lair, Nilheim, but did not engage with it
  • Got attacked by a couple of cranky treasure hunters after we crossed a river
  • Cleared Geirmund’s Hall, in which we found the obligatory draugr, flooded chambers, a lot of mushrooms, a dead adventurer, the dead Archmage Geirmund, and the cranky draugr boss Sigdis
  • More recurring dragon corpse in Whiterun, I have definitely triggered some kind of weird dragon corpse bug

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In Which the Dragonborn Does a Whole Lot of Things Actually

This is a long one, so buckle up! Had multiple sessions yesterday, before and after dinner, and did a lot of things! Bought Proudspire Manor and the property where I could build Heljarchen Hall. Cleared out Raldbthar to get the second Aetherium Shard. Killed a whole lotta bandits. And kept having dead dragons drop on me in the middle of Whiterun!


  • Bought Proudspire Manor in Solitude finally, which let me become Elisif’s thane
  • Helped an extra person in Solitude because the “Assist the people of Haafingar” quest is buggy and wouldn’t clear even though I’d already helped five people
  • Went to Raldbthar to find Aetherium Shard #2, and killed a bunch of bandits, dwarven mechanisms, and Falmer
  • Once back in Whiterun, let Lyds rest up while I headed west to find the Sleeping Tree giant camp and clear it out, so that I could follow up on Ysolda’s interesting backstory
  • Went to Dawnstar to finally buy the property from the Jarl there, and have a place for housecarl Gregor to show up and be steward of; built Heljarchen Hall just a little ways north of Whiterun
  • Had amusing buggy behavior with dead dragons showing up right in the middle of Whiterun
  • Visited Windstad Manor to build a few more things and check on Valdimar, and killed more bandits
  • Walked all the way to Morthal while overloaded, but using Whirlwind Sprint to go faster (lol), and killed more bandits en route
  • Got a courier to bring me another “Letter from a Friend” with a clue about where to find another Word Wall
  • Sold some stuff at the apothecary in Morthal once I remembered the place doesn’t have a forge
  • Had a friggin’ ELDER DRAGON drop right on Morthal and kill me before I could get stuff dropped and actually fight it
  • Whirlwind-Sprinted my way to Solitude when I realized I could get there faster than Whiterun, and discovered the carriage there doesn’t work when you’re overloaded
  • Finally got unburdened by selling all my bandit loot and making armor to sell, and then bought a living room for Proudspire

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In which the Dragonborn Investigates the Arkngthamz Ruins

So I decided to go ahead and launch the quest to investigate the ruins of Arkngthamz–and in so doing, triggered a nice big juicy quest that’s going to have me popping into multiple Dwemer ruins, to aid a ghost named Katria who has some serious unfinished business to take care of!


  • Killed a dragon, like you do–but this time it was a named dragon, which was different
  • Found a shrine to Dibella as I hoofed it westward from Whiterun, and talked to a hunter there
  • Found an orc stronghold and had a conversation with an unseen guard who essentially told me to fuck off, and when asked how I could convince them to not make me have to fuck off, told me “go get us this shiny thing”–another quest I will be following up on later
  • Found the ruins of Arkngthamz, as well as the ghost of the adventurer Katria, who tried to warn me off lest Lyds and I die like she did, but who then asked to help us when we wouldn’t go
  • Investigated the hell out of Arkngthamz, killed a bunch of Falmer (the first time I’ve fought Falmer!) and a bunch of chaurus (first time I’ve fought these too), and made it down to the tonal lock where the tasty treasure was
  • Got out of the dungeons alive and with a boatload of loot, and Katria’s amazed pronouncement that after finding the first of the Aetherium Shards, there were three more she–er, uh, we–could find
  • Bonus epilogue: also played this morning and did a find a thing type quest for a guy in Whiterun, and raided a nearby bandit lair to recover his family sword

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In Which the Dragonborn Becomes Thane of the Pale

Decided to head back to Dawnstar last night, and finish up the necessary steps to become thane there. Plus, the obligatory selling, smithing, and hunting! Highlights:

  • Interacted for the first time with Dawnstar’s Jarl Skald and got a quest from him to go kill a giant
  • Killed the giant at Red Road Pass, and his mammoth
  • Helped out a ship captain by retrieving lost Fine-Cut Void Salts for him; killed a dragon on Eldersblood Peak again on the way to that
  • Helped out a mine owner by selling her some iron ore
  • Got declared Thane of the Pale, and got housecarl number four, Gregor, and permission to buy land
  • Killed a second dragon when fast traveling back to Whiterun’s Western Watchtower
  • Killed an assassin of the Dark Brotherhood who was apparently contracted to take me out
  • Killed some more bandits near Whiterun
  • Got my Glass Smithing unlocked

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In Which the Dragonborn Pursues a Lost Legend

So y’all may recollect that in my post about sorting out the nightmares problem for Dawnstar, I found a book called Lost Legends in Nightcaller Temple while traversing it with the priest Erandur.

Reading this book triggered a whole different quest. And in last night’s run, I started that!


  • Went up to the marshes north of Morthal to find a place called Folgunthur
  • Found Folgunthur dotted with previous dead adventurers and the obligatory bunch of draugr
  • Read up on exactly what the “lost legend” was, a powerful wizard murdered by his sons, who claimed his amulet and broke it into three bits, and caused enough havoc that the High King ordered all record of the family expunged from recorded events
  • Tracked through the dungeon to find the boss draugr, the first of the three murderous sons, and got the first amulet bit from him

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In Which the People of Dawnstar Get to Sleep Again

Finally made it back to Dawnstar to sort out that nightmares problem they’ve been having there! And got in some bonus draugr-killing action as well.


  • Took Lydia with me up to Dawnstar to do the Waking Nightmare quest, only to discover she couldn’t follow me on the quest’s main part anyway
  • Did a bonus “help a person out by finding a thing” quest, for the alchemist in Dawnstar, and got to kill a whole bunch of draugr, including one with an actual name

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In Which the Dragonborn Hunts Basement Skeevers

Last night’s Skyrim run basically continued the theme of “get more money so I can afford to buy Proudspire Manor in Solitude”. So I did more making of things, and selling of things, and hunting of things—and by “things” I mostly mean “bandits”. But also, basement skeevers!

Main accomplishments:

  • More hunting around Whiterun
  • Leveled up to 31, after doing enough smithing to roll me over
  • Also leveled smithing up high enough to pass 60, which meant I was able to unlock arcane smithing and be able to improve magical items
  • Took a Whiterun bounty on a bandit leader who turned out to be in the nearest camp out in the plains, so I didn’t even have to fast travel
  • Visited my property at Lakeview Manor to do more building there and have Rayya get animals and a bard, but also discovered the skeevers in the cellar

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In Which the Dragonborn Hunts for Fun and Profit

No particular goal to yesterday’s Skyrim playing, really; I wanted another break from the bigger quests, and to see what I could do about building a gold reserve to go buy Proudspire Manor. Plus, I wanted to use the elven bow for a while to hunt things and refill some of my soul gems. But even though I had no particular quest-related goal, I did have a few interesting encounters!

So what I wound up doing included:

  • Another hunting run in the plains around Whiterun
  • Encountered M’aiq the Liar
  • Encountered a jester-type character called Cicero
  • Additional smithing and potion crafting to sell stuff
  • Following up on a treasure map I’d come across to find a treasure near Riverwood
  • Killing another dragon (like you do, if you’re the Dragonborn)

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In Which the Dragonborn Acquires Azura’s Star

Yesterday’s Skyrim run actually covered multiple playing sessions, because I played a lot in the afternoon, and then late into the evening as well. The overall goal: getting Azura’s Star. Highlights include:

  • Headed to the Shrine of Azura just to check it out
  • Met her one remaining follower, Aranea Ienith, who was totally not surprised to see me and who told me to go talk to a mage in Winterhold about recovering Azura’s lost Star
  • Found the mage in Winterhold, who told me where to find the Star
  • Went to Ilinalta’s Deep to get the Star back
  • Took the Star back to the shrine, only to learn that it needed cleansing
  • At Azura’s behest, went into the Star to clear it out

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