How the Dawnguard plot should have ended

I’m not actually done playing the Dawnguard plot in Skyrim yet, but I did read ahead a bit on the wiki and I know what’s coming, in regards to certain important characters I’m about to meet and the origins of the prophecy that drives the whole plot to begin with.

And I have some opinions on how this should have impacted the end of this plot. Here, have a modified version of what I posted to my Discord earlier today! Credit to Dara for helping me think of this. <3

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In Which the Dragonborn Continues to Aid the Dawnguard

So far i’m finding that the plot for Dawnguard does not lend itself well to pausing and coming back to it later, the way Skyrim’s main plotline does. This may be because Serana is a required follower for a good chunk of this storyline, and if she’s immediately on hand urging you to do the next necessary thing, it does not seem narratively appropriate to blip back to Whiterun to hunt or craft or sell things!

Which means: I’ve made pretty fast progress through the main quests of this storyline. As of last night it looks like I have only three quests left in the main Dawnguard plot, though there are apparently side quests I could also do? We’ll have to see if the opportunity to do those arises.

Highlights and details behind the fold!

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In Which the Dragonborn Defeats Alduin

This is not my last Skyrim post—this is only the one in which I finish the main plot, and there is still the DLC stuff to play through, for Dawnguard and Dragonborn. Plus, chances of a second playthrough are high, as there’s still a lot of stuff in the game I haven’t done yet, just because I didn’t feel like those quests quite fit with this character as I played her.

But this is the one in which Alarrah does defeat the World-Eater, Alduin, and as such it’s definitely a milestone!

Details and screencaps behind the fold!

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In Which the Dragonborn Adopts a Child

So a big part of this session involved getting both Ulfric Stormcloak and General Tullius to agree to show up for the Graybeards’ peace conference. But I also did a bunch of side things, and I think most importantly for Alarrah’s general long-term life plans, I finally adopted Lucia, the orphan who’s been begging in Whiterun!

Highlights and details all behind the fold!

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