Shenner Logs

mandalore: into the abyss

mandalore-1.txt -- 1998
Their romantic interlude on Caspar abruptly brought to an end by Dane Noth and Kairne contacting them to begin the expedition to Mandalore, Shenner and Paul take the two warriors onto the Hawk's Wing; en route to their destination, Shenner is astonished to learn of the depth of Dane Noth's regard for her, as well as his offer to instruct her in languages. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 9/11/97
mandalore-2.txt -- 1998
The Hawk's Wing arrives on Mandalore, and Shenner begins to become extremely unsettled by the clear evidence that she is far out of her league; later, Paul tries to assure her, as does, in his own way, Dane Noth. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 10/23/97
mandalore-6.txt -- 1998
(Continued from previous log.) In the grip of the growing tensions of their Mandalore mission, Shenner and Paul each suffer bad dreams. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 11/18/97
mandalore-9.txt -- 1998
Stymied by finding a branch tunnel blocked by a cave-in, Paul, Shen, and the three Mandalorians resume their trek down the main tunnel; Urio'kosh vanishes before they can catch up with him; Paul takes a bad tumble, and they eventually escape the tunnels to find Urio'kosh waiting for them. Urio confronts the exhausted Shenner about her presence on the expedition. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 1/20/98
mandalore-10.txt -- 1998
The party moves on through valley and grassland; Shen fears that Paul will send her back rather than allowing her to continue on with them; the group reaches a bizarre stone marker at a cliff, and they discover what they must do to succeed at this marker's test... Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 1/27/98
mandalore-12.txt -- 1998
While the party is camped at the hot springs, Shenner awakens from a nightmare in the middle of Paul's watch, and the Corellian coaxes her to take a soak in one of the pools; Shenner, unwilling to burden Paul with the need to comfort her just because she had a nightmare, allows herself only a kiss and an embrace or two before she returns to her tent. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 2/10/98
mandalore-13.txt -- 1998
The party discovers that the statue that stands in their campsite has surprising influence on how they'll proceed upon their journey; Shenner is struck by a strange bout of panic and hides it from the rest of the group. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 2/5/98
mandalore-14.txt -- 1998
After five days' further trek into the jungle, Kairne and Dane confess that they once hunted and killed Jedi; the party is attacked by disturbingly mutated creatures, and Kairne and Paul are both wounded -- Paul badly, much to Shenner's alarm. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 2/10/98
mandalore-15.txt -- 1998
The travellers finally reach the crypt they've sought, after two days spent allowing Paul to regain something of his strength; getting into the crypt proves to be another in the string of challenges that has thus far plagued the party; Shen and Paul are separated from their companions when they fall into a trap... and Shen discovers to her further alarm that Paul is not immune to fits of panic. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 2/24/98
mandalore-16.txt -- 1998
Once Shen and Paul escape from the trap into which they'd fallen, they discover another challenge: a mysterious glowing orb that seems to take control of Urio'kosh... and then Shenner. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 3/24/98
mandalore-17.txt -- 1998
Shenner discovers to her dismay that a gap in her memory apparently goes along with delusional behavior on her part in the orb room and that she has been deprived of her blaster; the party then moves on to a new room, only to discover that the challenges of earth and fire they've just conquered are about to be followed by a challenge of water. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 3/31/98
mandalore-18.txt -- 1998
The party escapes the chamber of water, only to face a chamber of air; later, after a far too brief rest, they press on into what appears to be a massive library. And Shenner, troubled by what happened in the orb room, begins to fear she's going mad... while Paul grows increasingly guilty for having let her come with him on this dangerous journey. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 4/23/98
mandalore-19.txt -- 1998
Within a hall filled with warriors' armaments and weaponry, Shenner is plagued by what seems -- at least to the rest of the anxious party -- her worst delusional behavior yet, which gets her sedated by Paul and the others; in the meantime a surprisingly important set of armor fires off a vehement argument between the Mandalorians, but also proves to be part of their route into the next chamber to explore. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 4/28/98
mandalore-20.txt -- 1998
Shenner, Paul, Dane, Kairne, and Urio'kosh discover a most disturbing dead body within an ornate bedchamber -- and Shenner's temporary rational calm vanishes as the place and its deceased occupant prove to be the worst trap they've encountered yet. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 5/10/98

calamari: shenner goes into hiding

busking.txt -- 1/7/98
On the streets of Coral City, Shenner finds herself singing a new song she's written -- about Paul and Mandalore -- and also finds a Horansi, who startles her with his generosity.
mon-mothma-meeting.txt -- 1/8/98
Once more busking on Coral City's streets, Shenner is called in to meet with none other than Mon Mothma herself, who is curious about the young bard -- and who has a proposition for her.
wounded-nelun.txt -- 3/21/98
Shenner has her second encounter with the ragged wanderer Nelun, who demonstrates to her that he is still suffering from whatever odd mental affliction has gripped him... and who winds up being badly wounded when fleeing Shen in the grip of a fit of fear, forcing the girl to haul him back to her flat to tend him.
wounded-nelun-2.txt -- 3/29/98
While trying to patch up the wounded vagabond Nelun in her tiny flat in Coral City's Market District, Shenner finds in Nelun's battered body and his delirious ravings disturbing hints about his identity.
sinjon-healing.txt -- 4/20/98
Suffering withdrawal symptoms from the stimulants to which she's gotten herself addicted over recent weeks, and desperate to find Nelun -- who has disappeared again -- Shenner unexpectedly encounters Sinjon Teague for the second time... learns to her horror that Paul is back on Calamari... and finally breaks down and begs the Horansi Jedi to help her sleep.
sinjon-healing-2.txt -- 4/24/98
A deeply disoriented Shenner wakes up to discover that Sinjon Teague has completely redecorated her apartment; the Horansi also gravely informs Shenner that she has been gravely ill, that she might die if she does not seek out the aid of Luke Skywalker, that he has rented out a new apartment to which she can move, and that Paul has "gone away", prompting the girl to buckle in a torrent of tears.
stalh-III.txt -- 5/6/98
Safely settled into the new apartment Sinjon has rented for her, Shenner returns to the city gardens a few days later -- and bumps into a man she'd encountered on Etti IV, with less than cordial results.
stalh-tarroc.txt -- 5/8/98
Shenner has another encounter with Stalh in the Coral City square -- and not long after, she meets Commodore Tarroc D'agor, who'd witnessed her last encounter with the former Imperial officer.
tarroc-II.txt -- 5/9/98
Commodore D'agor finds Shenner once more in the city square, and offers the girl a place to stay on the NR base if she needs it... disturbing Shen without her really knowing why.
mon-mothma-II.txt -- 5/14/98
An NR attache locates Shenner and takes her to see Mon Mothma, prompting Shen to make certain confessions to the Council Leader about why she hadn't kept in touch with her as she'd promised; Shenner also discusses with the Council Leader her encounters with Nelun and Stalh.
lando-reunion.txt -- 6/16/98
Shenner unexpectedly bumps into Lando Calrissian, and, remembering the man from his presence on Palanhi during the attempted rescue of Han Solo, Shen finds herself confiding in the upstanding businessman -- from whom she learns of Luke's capture by the Empire; she also meets Bec Ga'lec, however, and finds the Lieutenant rather more daunting than Calrissian.
shen-leanna.txt -- 7/7/98
On a particularly bad night in which Shen is sorely missing the absent Paul, she encounters a young woman wrestling with the problem of whether to marry the man she loves -- a Corellian -- and Shen finds herself handing Leanna unexpected advice.
two-songs.txt -- 7/9/98
Shenner sings two songs in Calamari Square for Howie Darklighter, Jindra Langri, Lando Calrissian... and Princess Leia. Shen also finds herself anxiously asking Leia about the welfare of Luke, having found out about the young Jedi's return from Imperial imprisonment.
jindra-talk.txt -- 7/10/98
Just after performing for a small group of NR personnel in the Square, Shenner has a private talk with Jindra Langri about the causes of amnesia... reluctantly admitting to missing a month or so out of her life.
stalh-confront.txt -- 7/15/98
Stalh finds Shenner once more, accuses her of ruining his career and his impending marriage, and threatens Shenner with dire consequences if she tries to interfere with any of his actions again -- much to the confusion of Shenner, who has no idea what the raving lunatic is talking about.
nelun-reunion.txt -- 7/22/98
Shenner's next encounter with the vagabond Nelun proves dangerous, as Nelun is arrested. But the skiff which is intended to transport Nelun to the local police station crashes, and in the resultant chaos, Shenner is wounded -- and Nelun overhears her deliriously murmuring about Paul.
nelun-reunion-2.txt -- 8/16/98
Shenner wakes up in the medical center to discover two surprises: a cleaned-up Nelun waiting anxiously at her bedside... and Nelun asking her who 'Paul' is.
avy-reunion.txt -- 8/25/98
Two days after the crash of the skiff, while combing the city looking for the once-again vanished Nelun, Shenner unexpectedly bumps into someone who remembers her from her time on the Alderaan: Avalyshaar Laarken, the former President of Caspar. And later, Shen finally finds Nelun again...

caspar: old friends, new challenges

aidon-meeting.txt -- 9/4/98
Just after the arrival of Avy Laarken's ship on Caspar, Shenner's first venture out to get a look at the place leads her to an encounter of a discomfiting soldier -- who claims to know someone with the same last name as Shenner.
first-night.txt -- 9/4/98
Shenner sits in with the band at the Sandbar, meets a Marine and a pair of Barabels who approve of her presence in the place... and discovers that one disturbing Corellian is also on Caspar even as she has no idea that an even more disturbing Corellian has come in to watch her sing on stage.
drunk-shen.txt -- 9/4/98
[Note: This log takes place immediately after first-night.txt.] Drunk and trying to have a private moment on the beach where she and Paul had their last undisturbed romantic encounter, Shenner is interrupted by Aidon Semmes -- and as she's provoked into attacking the man, they are interrupted in turn by Morganna Tazecks. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 9/6/98
shen-webb-beach.txt -- 9/5/98
Shenner's second bout of moonlit solitude on the Hideaway Beach gets her a rather more sympathetic audience than the last one did: Jonathan Webb, to whom the young musician warms swiftly as she discovers his artistic talents and possession of knowledge new and fascinating to her.
webb-zyst-argue.txt -- 9/9/98
Webb and a commissioned officer have a personality clash while Shenner and the Sandbar musicians fill the bar with music; Shenner, after, sympathizes with her new acquaintance.
bombshells.txt -- 9/11/98
Shenner experiences a day full of bombshells: discovering Princess Leia is on Caspar... being offered a job by Aidon Semmes and rejecting it... asking for and receiving a job from Avy Laarken as one of the Sandbar's musicians... discovering someone who seems to know Jessalyn Valios... and discovering from the scarred woman who'd found her drunk on the beach that Paul is also on Caspar.
valak-leia-fight.txt -- 9/12/98
Shenner discovers and then some that there is a Dark Jedi present on Caspar when she quite literally stumbles across him attacking Princess Leia in the Fountain Square; following the attack, Shenner finds herself thrust into trying to help the Princess even as a bounty hunter tries to make off with her in the midst of the chaos.
morrison-meeting.txt -- 9/15/98
Shenner meets Morrison Van Sen of the CSA, and is unmoved by his attempt to entice her off into CSA space.
drunk-paul.txt -- 9/16/98
Much to Shenner's profound dismay and alarm, she spots a thoroughly plastered Paul Nighman while she's singing on the Sandbar's stage -- and even more alarmingly, is spotted by him.
mineyur-meeting.txt -- 9/18/98
An arrogant young recruit to the Caspar Marines gets on Shenner's bad side in more ways than one.
webb-reassurances.txt -- 9/18/98
Troy McTavish solicits musical instruction from Shenner; a strange young woman pays ardent attention to the performances of the band; Webb gives Shen a bit of enlightenment about the state of diplomatic affairs around the Caspar system, and a bit of much-needed assurance about the condition of Princess Leia Organa-Solo.
kaein-meeting.txt -- 9/21/98
Shenner formally meets the young Horansi she'd last seen getting badly hurt by the mysterious stranger who'd attacked Leia in the square.
jessalyn-reunion.txt -- 9/22/98
Shen is unexpectedly reunited with Jessalyn Valios, but winds up having to curtail her conversation with the woman as duty and music call; later, Shen once more receives snide attention from Mineyur.
jairen-meeting.txt -- 9/23/98
An unusual individual with a sword engages Shenner in debate about the musical practices of his culture, and then piques her fascination with an equally unusual performance on her guitar; later, Shen narrowly missed being involved in a brawl in the Sandbar, but winds up witnessing its aftermath.
luke-help.txt -- 9/24/98
Much to Shenner's alarm, she stumbles across what looks like a second beginning Jedi battle in the fountain square... only to discover that one of the participants is none other than Luke Skywalker; Shenner asks Luke for his help with her damaged memory, and the Jedi begins to give her advice.
troy-proposition.txt -- 9/25/98
Troy makes a proposition to Shenner -- well, at least, one in regards to music.
luke-help-2.txt -- 9/25/98
Exhausted by trying to carry out Luke's advice about confronting her own fears, Shenner is firmly kept from singing in the Sandbar by the concerned band leader; Shen receives an odd gift from Jonathan Webb, and further advice and assurances from Luke.
jessa-sandbar.txt -- 9/27/98
Another encounter with Jessalyn Valios in the Sandbar leaves Shen unsure whether she's somehow disturbed her old friend by telling her of her attempts to speak with Luke.
namdhi-gift.txt -- 9/29/98
Jessalyn's next encounter with Shenner in the Sandbar results in the Jedi presenting her with a gift: a lovely alien harp. But it also results in Shenner allowing herself to reveal one small secret to Jessa: who gave her the necklace she constantly wears.
troy-lesson.txt -- 9/30/98
Troy receives a bit of musical instruction from Shenner; Shenner receives a bit more harassment regarding a certain Corellian from Morganna.
jairen-swordplay.txt -- 10/8/98
The mysterious Jairen impresses Shenner immensely for a second time, as he thwarts a pickpocketing attempt upon his person in the Sandbar.
confrontations.txt -- 10/11/98
Shenner finds out something of what's been preventing Luke from giving her further aid with her nightmare problems when she sees him clash with Ozzle in the Sandbar.
luke-sinjon-ozzle-fight.txt -- 10/12/98
Matters between the Jedi in Plaxton City come to a head as Shenner witnesses a duel between Luke Skywalker, Sinjon Teague, and Ozzle Olumpari; afterwards, the young bard is discreetly questioned by the Caspar Marines as to what she knows about the Jedi.
troy-lesson-2.txt -- 10/16/98
Shenner's second attempt to instruct Troy McTavish, and his learning that she intends to go to college, leads to his making unexpected commentary about Shen and the male gender.
sandbar-music.txt -- 10/16/98
An evening of music in the Sandbar: Shenner unwittingly sharply catches Jairen's attention with two of her songs, and a bar patron temporarily borrows the stage from Rekkie and the rest of the band for a performance of his own.
shen-aidon-argue.txt -- 10/17/98
In the Blue Nebula up on Kichnar Station, Shenner has another encounter -- and another argument -- with the former soldier Aidon Semmes.
webb-escort.txt -- 10/20/98
Marine Sergeant Jonathan Webb takes on the duty of escorting an inebriated Shenner home when he finds her wandering around his neighborhood; in the process, he gets a few glimpses into what makes the young musician tick.
chanti-spat.txt -- 10/21/98
After exulting in her triumph over Loren to the sympathetic Ariani, Shenner winds up having her mood soured by an unthinking remark about Princess Leia, courtesy of one Chantinelle Thistleborn.
aidon-disk-request.txt -- 10/27/98
Aidon Semmes, encountering the redheaded bard on Plaxton City's Hideaway Beach, continues his developing knack for shocking Shenner by making an entirely unexpected request of her.
aidon-disk-giving.txt -- 10/28/98
Shen goes up to Kichnar Station to fulfill the request Aidon has made of her; as he buys her a meal in the Blue Nebula, the former soldier makes several astute guesses about her history.
sandbar-singing.txt -- 11/19/98
Joining Rekkie and the rest of the musicians for their nightly performance in the Sandbar, Shenner discovers via surprising means that Sinjon Teague is in the bar that night, and also discovers a particularly appreciative audience for her music.
shen-trace-kiss.txt -- 11/20/98
Trace Dimitrik's second visit to the Sandbar results in Shenner discovering, to her dismay, that the torch she still carries for Paul Nighman isn't entirely proof against the charm of other Corellians.
chanti-apology.txt -- 11/23/98
Much to Shenner's surprise, Chantinelle apologizes to her for slighting Princess Leia, proving to the musician that an Imperial is quite capable of having a conscience.
bar-conversations.txt -- 11/24/98
A typical day at the Sandbar. Shenner gets to see Sinjon Teague again, and the Horansi Jedi gently questions her as to the state of her life and mental health; Chantinelle questions Avy about the possibility of the Sandbar catering a diplomatic function at the Imperial Embassy; later, a couple of young Marines are treated to a hangover cure, courtesy of Emma.
ball-invite.txt -- 11/25/98
A woman takes a shot at shocking Shen for once, as Chantinelle invites Shenner to perform at an upcoming diplomatic function in the Imperial Embassy, and a dismayed and flustered Shenner ponders the frightening notion of having to sing for a formal occasion; later, she discovers that Aidon has come planetside to hear her, as she and the rest of the band perform that night.
leia-rumors.txt -- 12/30/98
Upon hearing disturbing rumors of the demise of Princess Leia, Shen heads to the governmental district in search of answers from her boss; later, she has another encounter with the perplexing Jairen.

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