Shenner Logs

coruscant: interlude, with music

Unlikely Gathering, Unlikely Gift -- 1/7/00
Shenner unexpectedly bumps into Luke in the spaceport on Coruscant -- only to discover that General Solo has gone missing again and that Luke is deeply anxious over his missing friend. But her attempt to give her Jedi friend a chance to share his worry with her leads to surprising results: a drinking contest with rather unlikely participants and an even more unlikely prize...

caspar: domesticity is pretty much bliss

Classroom Surprise -- 1/23/00
Shenner shows up for the first day of a new class at the University of Caspar--only to discover to her profound shock that it's being taught by none other than Paul.
A Cryptic Prediction -- 1/28/00
Shenner is absolutely flabbergasted that Poguala has given her five lightsaber gems as the prize for their drinking contest on Coruscant--but when Luke and Poguala show up at the Sandbar on Caspar, the musician's attempt to return the gems so that Luke can get them into more appropriate hands is thwarted when Pogs seems certain that Shenner will know who to give them to when the time comes.
A Night for Revelations -- 1/29/00
Anxious over how to break the news to Webb that Paul is one of her teachers at University this term, Shenner makes a formal dinner date with her Marine -- only to discover while she's waiting what's recently become of an old friend from the New Republic.
Daring Young Jedi and Flying Machines -- 2/12/00
Shenner, two of her bandmates, and Webb meet a young woman who claims to be a friend of Luke Skywalker -- while Luke himself is participating in a swoop race in Plaxton City's Black Krayt Swoop Arena.
Aftermath -- 2/18/00
When a battered Webb comes staggering home to the apartment they share, Shenner discovers to her horror that he's been involved in a clash between Force-users.
The Past's Cold Shadow -- 2/25/00
An old friend and companion in peril comes to look Shen up on Caspar -- and introduces to her a possible explanation for the suffering she underwent on the disastrous expedition to Mandalore.
Scuba, Smelt, and Sharks -- 3/2/00
As an early birthday gift--as well as a subtle way to help her confront the water phobia she's suffered ever since Mandalore--Webb takes Shenner scuba diving at Hideaway Beach.
Namesakes and Outlandish Notions -- 3/28/00
The dubiously auspicious occasion of having the offspring of acquaintances named after him prompts Webb into two rare things: allowing himself to get ever so slightly drunk, and trying to encourage Shenner into considering buying a new place to live along with him.
A New Journey to Come -- 4/17/00
Determined to settle for her own peace of mind whether she really is sensitive to the Force, Shenner takes Webb out into the woods in search of Jairen so that the three of them may share a meal--and so that Shen may ask her beloved and her sword-teacher to accompany her to Tatooine in search of Luke.
Wartime Proposal -- 5/27/00
Horrified by the news that a third Death Star has appeared in the galaxy, restless and nervous after not seeing Webb for several days during her freshman year finals, Shen finally declares her feelings to her Marine--and the two of them broadside one another with the idea that they could get married.

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