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caspar: enter the jedi, enter the empire

lando-standoff.txt -- 1/1/99
Shenner inadvertantly discovers that the news of the recent attack on Princess Leia has prompted investigation from an unexpected quarter, when she stumbles across a standoff between her boss, her boss's husband -- and Lando Calrissian; later, she's mollified somewhat by bumping into her Horansi friend Kaein, who has a new furry companion of his own.
ball-acceptance.txt -- 1/8/99
While some of the Sandbar's patrons try to figure out what to do with a kitten, Shenner grudgingly informs Ambassador Thistleborn that she'll be playing at the upcoming Imperial ball -- but only at the behest of Avy Laarken.
ball-arrangements.txt -- 1/11/99
Chantinelle Thistleborn finds Shenner rather intractable towards the whole idea of the upcoming Imperial ball when she tries to discuss arrangements for it with the young bard.
webb-bartalk.txt -- 1/14/99
In the midst of fretting over the upcoming ball, Shenner discovers that there are circumstances which can drive her normally sober Marine friend Jonathan Webb to drink.
troy-fight.txt -- 1/15/99
Troy discovers how to send Shenner from 0 to cranky in sixty seconds flat: imply that she needs to have a man in her life.
gavin-meeting.txt -- 1/28/99
As she attracts the attention of a couple of young men with nefarious intentions in the Sandbar, Shenner also comes to the attention of another man: Gavin Hollister, who warns her of her potential danger.
surprises.txt -- 1/30/99
Shenner surprises Lando Calrissian with a tidbit of news for him he hadn't known -- and Lando surprises Shenner with an invitation; later, Gavin surprises the young musician with a revelation of his own.
bork-meeting.txt -- 2/3/99
Another way to get Shen to go from 0 to cranky in sixty seconds flat: try to imply that she is in need of protection. As a stranger who overhears Shenner's conversation with Ariani discovers...
shen-gavin-argue.txt -- 2/14/99
Stopping in the Sandbar after a fencing tourney for her school, Shenner has the opportunity to apologize to Troy for earlier crankiness at him -- but also to turn around and clash with Gavin Hollister, as the man once more presses her on the matter of the two men who have been following her.
war-news.txt -- 2/18/99
News of the Imperial fleet massed in orbit over Caspar comes to the staff of the Sandbar -- and Shenner receives a call from Major Gavin Hollister, who to her surprise not only offers her his help but asks for hers as well.
war-troubles.txt -- 2/19/99
Shenner discovers what the recent Imperial buildup in Caspar space has brought about for Chantinelle Thistleborn... and gets some results from a covert attempt to help Gavin Hollister get off the planet.
shen-gavin-kiss.txt -- 2/21/99
With the threat of war looming over the planet, the musicians of the Sandbar throw everything they have into their music -- and Shenner inspires Morrison into making an offer to record her music. Later, Gavin's arrival in the bar leads to something that shocks both Shenner and the Major: they kiss.
shen-gavin-kiss-2.txt -- 2/22/99
[Continued from previous log.] Profoundly shaken by what has transpired between them, Shenner and Gavin retreat to Rekkie Sheldon's house; there, Shenner finds herself pouring out her heart to Gavin, all the more when she realizes she cannot leave the planet with him.
jairen-chat.txt -- 3/14/99
Jairen drops a hint to Shenner about coming by to check out her fencing practices at school -- which only serves to whet her curiosity about the swordsman. Another encounter with Athena turns into an unexpected opportunity for her to indulge that curiosity -- though talking to him doesn't prove to be as enlightening as she'd hoped.
kyle-meeting.txt -- 4/5/99
As Shenner, Ariani, Emma, and what's left of the Sandbar's band turn the bar into a civilian refugee haven, Shenner discovers that even in the midst of a war, some people manage to miss out on current events.
arms-delivery.txt -- 4/6/99
Webb brings the Sandbar and its defenders and civilian refugees a gift of sorely needed weaponry. Shenner, Ariani, and the rest heartily approve, though one Marine under Webb's command does not...
battle.txt -- 4/9/99
Exasperated by being told one too many times that she is 'too young', infuriated that the Sandbar is about to be destroyed, Shenner finds a way to participate in a battle between the CDU and the Empire, and finds herself wounded for her trouble.
battle-aftermath.txt -- 4/9/99
[NOTE: This log takes place immediately after battle.txt.] As the Casparian forces are trapped inside Trinumvera Base, the wounded Shenner is reported to Jonathan Webb -- and Shenner finds that her impulsive stunt of joining in on the battle gets startling results; later, she discovers to her deep annoyance that Stalh is inside Trinumvera Base.
liberation.txt -- 4/22/99
Operation Nova, the battle to retake Plaxton City, commences. Shenner finds herself fighting alongside Aidon Semmes and Jairen Windchaser, two friends she'd not been able to locate during the course of the war -- and at the end of it all, Jairen makes a pronouncement that leaves the young musician thunderstruck.

caspar: swordplay and song

sword-gift.txt -- 5/6/99
While a man calling himself 'Alfoxden' attempts to volunteer the services of himself and his resources to the efforts to rebuild the Sandbar, Jairen shows up to present his new 'Initiate' a training sword -- and alarms everyone in the Sandbar when he promptly tests her reactions with it. Even clashing swords in the bar, however, aren't enough to keep the bartender's little sister from swooning over her favorite actor...
jair-jedichat.txt -- 5/26/99
Shenner discovers that sometimes asking outright is the best approach to knowledge -- and also discovers that Jairen seems utterly unfamiliar with a fairly basic tenet of galactic history: Jedi.
sandbar-mischief.txt -- 5/27/99
Another appearance by Jairen in the Sandbar during one of the Womprats' nightly performances features the swordsman taking the opportunity to put the band's vain young drummer in his place -- and proving to Shenner that he dances as well as he fights.
storm-swordfight.txt -- 5/31/99
In the middle of yet another vigorous thunderstorm sweeping over Plaxton City, an unusually cheerful Shenner discovers it is actually possible to startle Jairen; later, Shen and her sword teacher work out on the bluffs overlooking the city.
pallando-offer.txt -- 6/4/99
Ernie Pallando makes a surprising offer to Shenner and her fellow Womprats, much to the interest -- and amusement -- of the five musicians.
tamis-talk.txt -- 6/12/99
Prompted by Jairen's queries into her personal research -- and the interruption of a stranger in the Sandbar -- Shenner drops a few hints to Jairen for once about her recent past, rather than the other way around.
jairen-revelations.txt -- 6/13/99
Shenner learns a few more facts about her sword-wielding friend, his culture, and his homeworld -- including a fact or two that deeply startle her -- even as Jairen grows moody and homesick.
square-swordfight.txt -- 6/17/99
Jairen's impromptu decision to test Shenner's improving sword skills in a very public place winds up dismaying an innocent bystander, alerting several Square guards paranoid about security following the assassination of Admiral Taylor the day before -- and infuriating Shenner, when the swordsman unexpectedly leaves her to the mercy of said guards.
jairen-argument.txt -- 6/18/99
Furious at his desertion of her in the middle of a ring of angry security guards the night before, Shenner gets into an explosive argument with Jairen in the Sandbar -- and horrifies herself at what she finds herself admitting to him.
webb-argument.txt -- 6/18/99
Fleeing her argument with Jairen in the Sandbar, Shenner heads up to the bluffs that surround the city -- only to find herself running headlong into Webb, who winds up disturbing and disheartening her all over again.
jair-ariani.txt -- 6/18/99
Following his argument with Shenner, a shellshocked Jairen receives advice on what to do about it from the person on Caspar who arguably knows the young musician best.
webb-visit.txt -- 6/20/99
Worried about Shen after their argument, Webb stealthily drops by her apartment that night, to find the musician drunk and lonely... and in no shape to really grasp disturbing news he's brought her about current events in the Caspar military.
webb-visit-2.txt -- 6/20/99
Webb's continued presence in Shen's apartment the morning after his visit leads the soldier and the singer to expressing unaccustomed tenderness to one another, before duty once more intrudes. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 6/24/99
jairen-gift.txt -- 6/21/99
Still moody over her recent encounters with Jairen and Webb, Shenner discovers to her shock that Jairen hasn't been idle since their argument when the swordsman by way of apology announces his intentions to take her lessons in a new direction -- and presents her with an amazing gift.
luke-fountain-square.txt -- 6/25/99
Shenner discovers to her delight that Luke Skywalker has returned to Caspar, though she has some mild concern at the purpose that's brought him to the planet; in the meantime, a reprensentative of Troy McTavish presents her with a potential gig, but reveals that even McTavish's droids have his way of finding good ways to needle her.
shen-webb-date.txt -- 6/30/99
Webb's following through on his promise several months back to help Shenner with her swimming skills on Hideaway Beach turns into an opportunity for a powerful attraction to blossom between soldier and singer. Part 1 of 3.
shen-webb-date-2.txt -- 7/8/99
Not wanting their marvelous night together to end, Webb walks Shenner home -- but plans to watch holovids go awry as the two of them get distracted by rather more urgent activities. Part 2 of 3.
shen-webb-date-3.txt -- 7/11/99
The morning after Shen and Webb's swimming date, Webb demonstrates to Shenner that the surprises of the night before are not quite yet done as he makes a confession that alarms her deeply. Part 3 of 3.
space-slug.txt -- 7/13/99
Five days after their night together, Webb draws Shen in the Fountain Square -- and the two wind up spending another night together, discovering that the powerful attraction between them is a more potent force than even the redoubtable holographic... er, 'masterpiece' called The Space Slug of Ardon K'ar.
nightmare-therapy.txt -- 7/18/99
A recurrence of her old Mandalore nightmares jolts Shenner awake -- but this time she is in Webb's arms, and she finds Webb a surprisingly effective antidote for bad dreams.
Conflict at the Carnival -- 9/15/99
Shenner, Webb, and Jairen join up for an excursion into the carnival being held in Plaxton City to celebrate the city getting back on its feet--only to have their outing turn to conflict when the thief Wil, still nursing a potent grudge against Jairen, leads a coordinated attempt to get revenge upon the swordsman.

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