Great Big Sea Pictures

If you hang around me for more than five minutes, you will inevitably hear me rhapsodize about Great Big Sea, one of my all-time favorite bands, a lively quintet out of Newfoundland up until they broke up in 2013. I still love ’em to death, not only because their two lead singers were drop-dead gorgeous, not only because of their high-energy folk music, but because they inspired me to resume playing music myself after a long dry spell. I play the guitar because of them. I have a bouzouki because of them. For these things alone, I’ll always love my B’ys. So in their honor, I keep these photos up for viewing!

Great Big Sea is an extremely widely photographed band, and there are a number of photo sites dedicated to them on the Net, as well as any number of collections of photos from shows all over the place. My collection is comparatively very modest, and mostly contributed to by folks who kindly gave me permission to use their pictures.