Roleplay Logs

newly posted logs

Even though I don’t roleplay much at all anymore, I still do occasionally post new logs to this archive as I have time to put them in. I’ve still got a lot of logs of various sections that need to be posted, so if you’re one of the folks who actually likes to visit my log archive every so often and would like to know which logs are recently posted, check out the page for newly posted logs.

old logs

missing logs

Back in 1998 had a huge hard drive crash — and I lost a bunch of my roleplay logs. I don’t expect to get back any of them, but just in case anyone is interested I have a list of the missing logs in my archive.

search my logs!

I have over a thousand logs in my archive. If you’d like to find a particular subset of logs — e.g., all of my Han Solo logs roleplayed in March of 1999, or all of my Faanshi logs with Mehul in the log cast, or whatever — you can do that on my logs search page.