Doreel Logs

A Most Unexpected Meeting -- 10/17/04
As Ynderra of Lostholt finally journeys northward again after her sojourn among the Cat Elves, she runs into the last elf she ever expected to see wandering alone on the savannah--Doreel, the once-mad Firstborn, who has caused so much turmoil for her tribe. And much to Ynderra's shock at herself, she finds herself agreeing to let the ancient elf travel along with her as she continues her quest to find her missing kin.
The Clear Skies of Sanity -- 10/19/04
Ynderra and her new companion--the no-longer-mad Firstborn Doreel--continue their travels northward across the savannah; as they journey, the two healers debate the merits of Timmain's ancient sacrifice that gave rise to the Wolfriders, and Derra begins to learn that the clarity of sanity makes this new, changed Doreel almost... friendly.
The Giving of Comfort -- 10/20/04
Ynderra catches Doreel having a nightmare, and as he starts awake, finds herself freely and willingly offering the troubled Firstborn soothing consolation.
Healing in the Rain -- 10/22/04
As they draw nearer to the World's Spine Mountains and take shelter from a thunderstorm, Ynderra discovers that Doreel has been deliberately ignoring a growing collection of pains caused him by the rigors of their journey--and she is moved to offer him healing, to grant him a measure of temporary peace.
A Challenge of Blood -- 10/24/04
When she and Doreel finally reach true forest following their journey across the Burning Waste, Ynderra discovers to her great fear and dismay that Doreel is not as stable of mind and soul as she had hoped--and she is forced to shoot him when he grows fixated upon removing her wolf-blood.

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