Faanshi Logs

decision: faanshi prepares to leave haven

Shadow of the Past -- 1/2/02
Tyler seeks out Faanshi in Bordertown's Sylvan temple, anxious to thank her for saving his life -- even as a truly unusual Varati woman with whom Tyler has an obvious past inadvertantly happens across them both, and is furious to find Tyler in Haven.
An Uncertain Future -- 1/2/02
Anxious to learn whether she still wishes instruction in healing, Faanshi visits the apartments of the Rashid Clan to seek out the Imphada Kerani and spends brief time with Kerani's husband and son.
Salmalin's Declaration -- 1/3/02
Salmalin returns to Atesh-Gah after an inexplicable absence of several weeks -- and shocks Faanshi by declaring that he has fallen in love with her.
The Healer and the Herb-Seller -- 1/5/02
The Mongrel Davrik attempts to win Faanshi over by likening her to the Ushasti, when they encounter one another just north of the Rialto... but despite Davrik's efforts, the horrified shudra refuses to purchase any herb that might deal out death if used awry, or even to accept it as a gift.
Healing... and Farewell -- 1/24/02
Faanshi happens across the tail end of a fight involving Tyler, Asusena, and Salmalin -- which has resulted in Salmalin's being badly wounded. As she heals him, the shudra tells him at last about her decision to leave Haven.

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