Faanshi Logs

deliverance: among the armies of the varati

Sarazen is Summoned Forth -- 1/19/99
Khalid Atar, God-King of the Varati people, takes time out from his war upon the Empyre to fence with one of his Warlords -- both with words, and with weaponry. [NOTE: This scene is incomplete, having never been finished, but is posted here for posterity.]
Sentinel of the Dawn -- 1/20/99
The young halfbreeds Faanshi and Kiera, drawn out by a winter's dawn, meet for the first time in the midst of the Varati army.
The Doom of Lycenae -- 1/21/99
The young shudra Faanshi and her heart-mother Ulima, along with the countless hosts of the Varati and the citizens of the Empyreal city of Lycenae, learn firsthand of the power and might of the God-King Khalid Atar.
A Glimpse of Freedom -- 1/21/99
In which Faanshi once more meets Kiera -- and Kiera offers her a tantalizing chance at escaping the control of her master.
Deliverance, Part I -- 1/22/99
Kiera Khalida gains the leave of the God-King to find and bring to him Faanshi, Ulima, and Hashim of Clan Sarazen... but Kiera and the Agni-Haidar and Akhunds that accompany her discover that the Warlord of Clan Sarazen has gone mad... and that he has beaten Faanshi badly.
Deliverance, Part II -- 1/25/99
Healed of her injuries, Faanshi is brought before Khalid Atar along with Ulima and Hashim, and the God-King makes his decrees on all their fates: Hashim is to die, and Faanshi and Ulima are to join Clan Khalida.
Getting Acquainted -- 1/28/99
Over the making of new clothes for Faanshi and the sewing of other garments, Faanshi, Ulima, and Kiera discuss what Faanshi's new duties in Clan Khalida will be... and the old wise-woman lectures both young halfbreeds on things young women of the Varati should know.
The Capture of Murako -- 2/7/99
As the Varati army settles into a new location, Faanshi and Ulima discover that during her daily absences, Kiera has managed to acquire herself a new slave... and that the naraki in question has been tortured.
The Hand of Compassion -- 2/8/99
Troubled by the state of Kiera's new naraki, Faanshi makes tentative overtures to the man now called Murako, even as Ulima begins to show signs of illness.
The Hand of Friendship -- 2/8/99
(Prose written by Faanshi, a companion piece to the log "The Hand of Compassion".) Faanshi seeks the advice of her heart-mother in how to deal with Kiera's troubled new naraki... and begins to find ways to reach out to him.
War's End, Worry's Beginning -- 2/12/99
While Empyrean envoys go about their business in the camp of the Varati armies, watched by the curious Kiera, Faanshi confides in her new mistress her worries about her heart-mother's apparently failing health.
The First Small Step -- 2/17/99
As Empyrean envoys visit the camp of the Varati to sue for peace with Khalid Atar, another Empyrean -- Aurora -- strikes up a conversation with Faanshi that proves to amaze the young shudra, for it involves her magic.

duty: in the halls of atesh-gah

The Motives of Slavery -- 2/21/99
In Atesh-Gah in the city of Haven, as Ulima must rest from the trials of the march of war, Faanshi finds herself in the middle of growing discomfort between Kiera and her Mongrel naraki Murako regarding his continued presence in her keeping.
Of Peach Cobbler and a Butterfly Hunt -- 3/2/99
Out on a spring morning by the fountain of Atesh-Gah, Faanshi witnesses the new seneschal Farouk conversing with Rabi, Mahisi of Faisal; she also witnesses, and converses with, a small child on the hunt for butterflies.
The Atman and the Empyrean -- 3/3/99
Faanshi makes the acquaintance of an amiable young Atman, Niamh. But she does not find him nearly so startling as another person she meets: Zada, the tiny adopted Empyrean daughter of the Agni-Haidar Kaimakam Zuhayr.
The Sparring of Her Betters -- 3/3/99
Faanshi witnesses a verbal sparring match between Seneschal Farouk and a female Nabi, Madirakshi -- and then between Farouk and the Foreign Minister Kiral.
Discoveries and Strange Conversations -- 3/4/99
By the fountain in Atesh-Gah's grounds, Faanshi meets the halfbreed Timin, the beloved of Kiera; she meets the Atman Siba, who seems astonishingly interested in the possibility that Faanshi might be worthy of joining the Atarvani; and she discovers, from Kiera, that Kiera has found out that the Empyrean Cassius Augustin is her father.
Orcinus Atlanteans in Khalid Atar's Court -- 3/4/99
Faanshi gets an opportunity to see Atlanteans for the first time as delegates of the Orcinus Decemvirate -- Kuronbo, Shinjukou, Yoritomo and their graisha ward Elania -- attend a court of the God-King in Atesh-Gah.
Faanshi's First Sylvan -- 3/9/99
Much to Faanshi's amazement she discovers that not all of the shudra denizens are Varati; in fact, one of them is a Sylvan, and most pleased to make her acquaintance.
A Concubine's Compassion -- 3/10/99
Faanshi happens across the Empyrean captive Cassius Augustin, who has been made naraki in Atesh-Gah, and even as she tries to reach out to the man in her own small way the same idea is carried out by one of loftier rank -- Khalid's concubine, Hepzibah.
The Calling of a Healer, the Choosing of a Queen -- 3/11/99
Sent to the God-King's throne room for the humble task of polishing the lamps, Faanshi and Ulima are called by their God-King to a more urgent duty... and bear witness to Thalia's acceptance of duty of her own.
The Healing of Prince Kuronbo -- 3/13/99
Faanshi is escorted by those who witnessed the Khalid's order to her to the chamber where the stricken Kuronbo lies -- and the young shudra's attempt to heal the Atlantean Prince causes a number of surprises for all who are present.
A Moment With Her Mistress -- 3/24/99
Kiera and Faanshi get a quiet moment alone, and speak of the missing Murako, Ulima's poor health, the nightmares Faanshi has suffered as a result of healing Kuronbo... and the coming marriage of Khalid Atar.
The Joining of Fire and Air -- 3/25/99
As witnessed by one humble halfbreed shudra, the momentous union of Khalid Atar and his chosen consort Thalia Tritonides of the Empyreans unfurls in the heart of the Varati kingdom, Ushas-Gah in Masada.
An Interruption to Grief -- 4/8/99
Faanshi's attempt to quietly mourn the death of her heart-mother is thrown awry by the apparent popularity of the fountain near the courtyard of Atesh-Gah.
The Trouble With Puppies -- 4/30/99
A small puppy Faanshi has befriended by her surreptitious healing efforts around Atesh-Gah manages to get her in trouble when he brings her to the attention of the scribe Rabi... and the tailor Ranjeet.

determination: faanshi ventures into haven

The Search Begins -- 5/3/99
Faanshi commences a search to locate the missing Kiera and Murako... and makes disturbing discoveries about both their whereabouts when she ventures into the Rialto; equally disturbing, however, is an old beggar's discovery of -- and gossiping about -- her power.
Little Lost Healer -- 5/4/99
Having gotten herself lost in Haven after her encounter in the marketplace with the old beggar who had fingered her as a healer, the exhausted Faanshi is discovered by two men who take the opportunity to escort her home.
Quoth the Raven -- 5/7/99
An attempt of Faanshi's to practice her power on a wounded creature on the streets of Haven near Atesh-Gah has astonishing results.
Pennies from Heaven -- 5/7/99
On a bread-buying expedition into the Rialto, Faanshi has another odd encounter with a winged creature -- the raven companion of the Herald StormBearer, who recognizes her.
Trouble in Bordertown -- 5/8/99
Faanshi's tentative night venturing into Bordertown quickly enlightens her as to the danger of that part of Haven -- but fortunately, she encounters a sympathetic winged stranger, who reminds her oddly of Kiera...
A Friend Found Again -- 5/9/99
Having heard rumors of the return of Thomas Murako to Haven, Faanshi summons the courage to find him in the Gem Inn. While she is visiting him, Thomas makes her a startling offer.
Healing by Chance, Compassion by Design -- 5/14/99
Faanshi heals a wounded Empyrean woman just outside Atesh-Gah... and afterwards, finds herself the recipient of unlooked-for aid from a young vaisya man.
Eye of the Beholder -- 5/17/99
Under instruction by Kiera to return to Thomas and acquire answers to certain questions before she will allow her to go to Avalon, Faanshi returns to the Gem Inn to seek out Thomas Murako again -- only to find when Woodchuck arrives on the scene that the Mongrel and the Sylvan seem to have a disturbing habit of commenting repeatedly upon her beauty, no matter how hard she tries to convince them to do otherwise, and that furthermore, Woodchuck seems to have a habit of leaping to distinctly embarrassing conclusions regarding her and Thomas Murako in general.
Death in the Rialto -- 5/27/99
Too late to save her life, Faanshi stumbles across the chaos resulting from the attack on Jelara by an assailant with a poisoned blade -- and as the mortally wounded Empyrean woman dies, Faanshi inadvertantly brings herself to the attention of a Delphi healer as well as an Empyrean Praetor.
The Sixth Surah, Once More -- 5/27/99
Hearing of Faanshi's condition some hours after the Empyreans returned her to Atesh-Gah, Sevilen takes it upon himself to ascertain that she is well.
Winged Hatred, Winged Hope -- 6/1/99
In the Rialto, Faanshi finds herself approached by a mysterious stranger with an equally mysterious proposal... caught up in an altercation between an Empyrean child and a Varati merchant... enlightened as to how, outside Atesh-Gah as well as within, some people will vehemently refuse her healing touch... and unexpectedly befriended by Craft.
Thievery, Turmoil, and Change, Part 1 -- 6/3/99
Faanshi witnesses Thomas interceding when a Mongrel pickpocket tries to rob an Empyrean nobleman in the Rialto -- and afterwards discovers that StormBearer, a Herald she recognizes, was not only responsible for delivering Thomas's letter to Kiera but has a letter in reply he intends to deliver to her and Thomas.
Thievery, Turmoil, and Change, Part 2 -- 6/3/99
(Continues the scene in the previous log.) Faanshi receives a stern questioning from the Shakir of Clan al'Samar about her mistress -- but she also receives word from Kiera, via the Herald StormBearer, that she will be permitted to go to Avalon with Thomas Murako.
A Quiet Farewell -- 6/3/99
Just before she departs Atesh-Gah to join Thomas Murako's company at the Gem Inn, Faanshi finds herself receiving a quiet farewell from Sevilen. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 6/6/99

destiny: faanshi journeys to avalon

Ride to Freedom -- 6/4/99
Faanshi meets up with Thomas Murako and the Herald StormBearer at the Gem Inn; as the company led by Murako prepares to set out for Avalon, the shudra gets her first taste of riding on a horse, and to her surprise, discovers a woman who respects Varati ways among the Mongrel throng. And as the journey progresses, StormBearer makes a surprising revelation to Thomas.
A Woman's Place -- 6/4/99
As the company makes camp the first night of its journey, StormBearer tells a tale with another surprising revelation about his history; Faanshi begins to develop a friendship with Thomas's Hand, Milane -- but also is cowed when Thomas starts, in her shudra's eyes, to seem more and more like a Warlord. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 6/6/99
A Restless Night -- 6/4/99
Later on the night of the company's first stop along its journey, Faanshi and StormBearer become better acquainted by the campire, and Faanshi discovers that the Sylvan possesses the same gift that her heart-mother had done: clairvoyance.
Two of a Kind -- 6/5/99
Later still on the company's first night of camp, Faanshi discovers that her features bear an astonishing resemblance to those of Milane. (Note: This is a partial scene.) Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 6/6/99
The Measure of Greatness -- 6/9/99
Concerned by her having withdrawn from interacting with him, Thomas seeks Faanshi out during a stop for the night on their journey, and begins to allay her new fears towards him as well as share a few admissions with her.
Ambush in Avalon -- 6/10/99
Just outside the city of Arcillium, the party led by Thomas Murako is ambushed by renegades -- with several drastic consquences.
One More Healing -- 6/15/99
The morning after the ambush outside Arcillium, Faanshi is called upon to do a final healing -- of Thomas.
Turning Point -- 6/16/99
(Prose.) As there is crisis in Avalon and the place is unsafe for her, Thomas arranges to return Faanshi to Haven -- and Faanshi goes back carrying the beginning of certain changes in her heart. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 6/21/99

danger: plague in the streets of haven

An Odd Chance Encounter -- 7/14/99
Faanshi has a passing -- and unsettling -- encounter with Nefer Maat Al'Samar while on a visit to the old city garden.
An Odder Chance Encounter -- 7/15/99
Once again in the city garden, Faanshi makes her first acquaintance with the young Mongrel thief Tybio.
A Third Chance Encounter -- 7/20/99
Yet again in the old city gardens, Faanshi meets Teliko, an Atlantean who seems drawn to the young shudra healer's dog.
Too Close a Healing for Comfort -- 7/21/99
Faanshi discovers Tybio seriously ill in the Rialto -- and even as she attempts to put forth her power to chase the sickness out of him, she comes to the attention of a Delphi mage.
Hair of the Dog -- 7/21/99
When she crosses the path of the Imphada Nefer Maat al'Samar a second time, Faanshi learns that sometimes what rouses her power as an illness can sometimes be elusive--like an allergic reaction to a wet dog.
Looking for the Lowly -- 7/22/99
In search of the mysterious branded healer TempestTouch who had once given her cryptic hints about those in Haven who could use her help, Faanshi goes to the Siren's Song -- and discovers StormBearer while she's there.
Riot Among the Tents -- 7/29/99
When Faanshi tries to listen to the voice of her conscience and lend her aid to the stricken refugees in the Tent City, her hold on her power gives way beneath the sheer number of ailing Empyreans and Mongrels she meets -- and a small riot results.
A Most Peculiar Gentleman Caller -- 8/11/99
Banished from the Tent City until such time as she can control her magic, Faanshi discovers that someone considers her worth consulting on the plague that has struck Haven when she receives an astonishing visitor in Atesh-Gah: Cassius.
Questions of Faith -- 8/21/99
Faanshi encounters a strange young Varati woman within the grounds of Atesh-Gah, who challenges her to think in new ways about her repressed attachment to Thomas Murako as well as her faith in the God-King and what he did for her.
Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth -- 9/1/99
Even as the Nabi Devaki exercises a stern and cruel supervision over Faanshi in the Tent City, and as a majority of the refugees reject the young halfbreed's assistance, Maat demonstrates to Faanshi that those who outrank her are not always entirely unkind.
Contradictions in Mercy -- 9/4/99
On the night that riots sweep the streets of Haven, the metalworker Amar beseeches Atesh-Gah for assistance in healing the direly wounded Jasira--and the help they receive demonstrates the stark differences between two healers, the Nabi Devaki... and the halfbreed Faanshi.
The Mischief of the Mind -- 9/9/99
Seeing Sevilen again for the first time in many weeks, Faanshi discovers that not only has that particular vaisya been concerned for her welfare -- but that what seems to be her overactive, exhausted imagination is capable of conjuring up a quite alarming twist to that concern.
A Sudden Unsought Music -- 9/9/99
As if one unsettling experience with creatures of the male persuasion per day was not enough, Faanshi, while on laundry duty within the Tent City, encounters a kindly... and alarmingly charismatic... bard.
Rhetoric, Rats, and Riots -- 9/16/99
Faanshi is party to a whole lot more than she bargained for when she goes to the Rialto to listen to a speech by Thomas: she finds herself in the middle of another riot when a flood of rats is unexpected released into the crowd, heals the badly wounded Provost (and comes to the attention of an Empyrean who praises her magic)... and meets a young woman who profusely thanks her for being a friend of Murako.
Tears of the Innocent -- 9/25/99
The halfbreed healer's second encounter with Lyre Talespinner proves a massive surprise to Faanshi in more ways than one, as the Mongrel bard not only serenades her... but freely comforts her in her grief over the death of two friends.
His Memory Given Honor -- 9/28/99
In the old city garden, Faanshi meets an Empyrean woman associated with Avalon -- but she also learns news both terrible and strange from the Domina Ianthe. Terrible, for the death of Faanshi's new friend Craft... and strange, for the inexplicable behavior of the Mongrel bard Faanshi had met in the Tent City...

delight: the festival of holi

The Revels of Holi -- 10/1/99
Khalid Atar favors His people with His presence and His holy fire as the Varati people celebrate their God-King's birth at Atesh-Gah -- as witnessed by Faanshi, who finds herself amazed at the transformation of the normally stoic, reserved people she serves.
Battle of the Kites -- 10/2/99
The wonders of Holi continue for Faanshi, as she witnesses a grand battle such as only the Varati could hold on the beaches of Haven: a battle of magnificently constructed kites.
A Dream of Angels -- 10/5/99
Faanshi is among the throng witnessing the wedding of Ranjeet and Shahar -- though in the midst of it all she gets an unsettling question from the curious Sylvan Woodchuck, pertaining to Thomas Murako...
The Comfort of a Kindly Ear -- 10/6/99
Not all things during Holi are strange and startling, as a flustered Faanshi discovers when a friendly Empyrean of rotund physique takes a maternal interest in her woes and wonders.

devotion: magic study, magic crisis

An Audience with the God-King -- 10/20/99
In search of permission to join the Ushasti priestesses, Faanshi is called in for the audience she has arranged via the Seneschal Archana -- her audience with the God-King, Khalid Atar.
Ballad of the Morning -- 10/23/99
On their third meeting, Lyre Talespinner shows his swiftly growing attachment to Faanshi by bringing her a flower, the finished songs he has promised her -- and a straightforward declaration that he loves her.
Of Dogs and Daggers -- 10/27/99
Sometimes, even the everyday things around Atesh-Gah can seem a trifle odd to the eyes of an innocent halfbreed shudra.
A Second Acarya Found -- 10/28/99
On another encounter with the Arch-Magus Samein in the city park, Faanshi tentatively accepts his gruff offer to oversee her training pending a suitable arrangement with FallingStar... and, reminded of Ulima, tentatively attempts to bend her power towards easing the aches of age from him, as she had once done for her beloved heart-mother.
An Enlightening Lesson -- 11/2/99
Faanshi has a lesson in healing with FallingStar, and her Sylvan teacher manages to gently shock her with some of her unorthodox approaches in the education of their art -- and Faanshi manages to startle her teacher in turn with the word that another has expressed interest in her training.
Joining Forces -- 11/10/99
FallingStar and Samein officially join forces as Faanshi's teachers as Faanshi worries over an inexplicable wavering in her control over her power.
In the Wake of the Storm -- 11/12/99
When the storm in the aether strikes Haven and wreaks havoc amongst its mages, Faanshi collapses near the shrine of Ushas and is found and gently tended afterwards by an equally rattled Samein.
The Darkening of Sight -- 11/14/99
Faanshi and Samein locate the other of their triad of healers, FallingStar, now that the aether storms and the earthquake have passed -- but they also discover that the Sylvan healer has not come through these crises unharmed.
Search and Rescue -- 11/16/99
Desperate to find some trace of Lyre in Haven following the earthquake, Faanshi braves asking an Agni-Haidar for news of Bordertown. Then she braves Bordertown herself, only to discover that Lyre has been wounded while contributing his own efforts to the restoration of the city.
Lesson in the Library -- 11/18/99
Samein summons Faanshi to visit him in the library in Delphi, where he gives her first alarms and then intrigues her with a tome on the topic of Anatomy.

darkness: bloodshed in clan behzad

Entering Behzad -- 11/24/99
Under the cover of darkness and the borrowed name of 'Yamineh', Faanshi is escorted into the closed Clanhall of Behzad with the help of the Ushasti priestess Devi.
The Healer and the General -- 11/28/99
One last duty must Faanshi perform on her first night in Behzad's Clanhall: meet in secret with the Nayaka Numair, make herself known to him, and heal him of the damage he has sustained by the 'purifying' showers the Warlord has had set up.
The Lioness Visits Behzad -- 12/15/99
Unafraid of defying Sakhr's edict that all who enter his hall must go through the showers, Shahar arrives in state to survey Clan Behzad's state of crisis for herself -- and takes a moment as she does to surreptitiously convey to a halfbreed shudra that her efforts in the benighted Clan are not unnoticed.
Motives of Mercy -- 12/27/99
While she had not expected to know who else Ranjeet and Shahar had planned to send in to help Clan Behzad, Faanshi does meet one who comes in entirely on her own: Kerani, a junior priestess of Ushas... and a healer.
The Final Purification -- 12/29/99
The Warlord Sakhr of Clan Behzad brings the desperate situation in his Hall to a head at last as he launches a scheme to achieve the ultimate purity of his Clan -- and his Nayaka Numair at last rises up in revolt, while a frantic Faanshi must contribute her power to healing Behzad women and her wits to helping them flee the clash between their menfolk.

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