Faanshi Logs

division: choices of duty, choices of love

Honor for All Eternity -- 1/4/00
Faanshi has finished her duty to Clan Behzad, but Clan Behzad -- at least in the person of its new Warlord -- is not entirely finished with her. And much to her amazement, the Imphadi Numair does her much honor.
Quest for a Song -- 1/4/00
Summoned outside Atesh-Gah, Faanshi gets caught up with her mistress Kiera -- but gets a glimpse of Kiera's recent reputation amongst the Empyreans as she does so, and also witnesses an Empyrean bard asking her mistress if he might write a song about her.
An Urgent Reunion -- 1/4/00
Unable to find her beloved hound and the Mongrel bard who's been caring for him in her absence, Faanshi has spent much time looking for Kosha and Lyre -- only to find the bard once again in need of the aid of her magic.
Gestures of Affection -- 1/6/00
At FallingStar's herb-shop, where Lyre has been sleeping off the aftermath of his healing, FallingStar and Samein begin to learn of where Faanshi's been for the last several weeks -- and of the Mongrel bard with whom she's become enamored.
Tenderness by Firelight -- 1/6/00
While keeping a gentle vigil over the convalescing Lyre, Faanshi for the very first time finds herself brave enough to ask the Mongrel bard something of the nature of his feelings for her... and he finds enough bravery to answer her. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 2/5/00
The Court of the Panther and the Bard -- 1/7/00
Once again serving during a formal Court in Atesh-Gah, Faanshi witnesses the confirmation of Numair as Warlord as Clan Behzad -- and a startling request made to Khalid Atar by Gaelius, an Empyrean bard.
The Maharani's Strange New Pet -- 1/26/00
Faanshi discovers, much to her shock, that the new pet hawk brought by the bard Gaelius to Thalia is in fact her very own mistress -- Kiera, trapped by the full moon in her hawk form.
A Fragile New Accord -- 2/1/00
Kiera's transformation back to her natural form in Thalia's chambers, witnessed by Amipal, Ishani, Thalia -- and a shyly hopeful Faanshi -- results in the Maharani's making a shocking suggestion to the halfbreed wind-mage... and the two of them reaching a tentative peace.
The Perils of Emotion -- 2/3/00
Faanshi and Samein have their first serious clash over their differing opinions as to her adherence to Varati traditions, her obedience to her mistress Kiera -- and whether or not she has a will of her own; heartbroken by the argument, the shudra receives rough comfort from Kiera, and a promise of assistance from an entirely unlikely source, an old Atarvani priest.
A Different Kind of Teaching -- 2/4/00
Gaelius finds a Faanshi sorrowing over her recent conflict with Samein, and surprises her greatly by offering to replace him as a teacher -- but in teaching her how to heal her own soul, rather than in how to heal by magic.
The Capacity to Be Cruel -- 2/6/00
The Arch-magus Samein attempts to resolve the recent conflicts he's had with Faanshi regarding her mistress Kiera, as well as Faanshi's own position within the Varati people in general, by taking a drastic step in the Rialto -- and terrifying Faanshi in the process.
A Touch of the Mother's Comfort -- 2/12/00
During her grieving over the shattering of her accord with Samein, Faanshi receives comfort from an unexpected -- and familiar -- source, and discovers as well that the women who revere Ushas are surprisingly aware of her...
Audience With the Minister -- 2/23/00
Ranjeet Khalida questions Faanshi about her last explosive encounter with Samein, and although the Foreign Minister is kind enough to her, still it proves a grueling experience for the young shudra...
The Vanished Light Behind Her Eyes -- 2/28/00
While Kashtaritu and Lailah work through turmoil of their own, a Faanshi heartbroken over what has transpired between her and Samein is discovered by Gaelius and Thalia -- and those two unlikely personages attempt to do what they can to give the young halfbreed some comfort.

deference: entering the maharani's service

The Blood That Gives the Gift -- 3/13/00
Her latest mission of mercy into Bordertown leads Faanshi to discover that she is not the only healer who engages in such forays -- and that there is a healer in Haven of incredible power.
Terms of Service -- 4/5/00
Faanshi is called to Thalia's quarters to discuss with her how the halfbreed is to serve her new mistress -- and to Faanshi's surprise, this even includes the honor of dining with the Queen.
A Warlord's Stern Regard -- 4/24/00
Much to her surprise, Faanshi learns on a spring day in the courtyard of Atesh-Gah that if his whim so dictates, a Warlord of the Children of Fire may talk to anyone he chooses -- even a halfbreed shudra healer.
In Service of Messala -- 5/1/00
Faanshi is discreetly called upon to bring her magic to the aid of the Warlord of Clan Messala, who is concerned that his meeting with a very different sort of healer might well have gone awry.
A Little Morning Ruckus -- 5/15/00
Faanshi stumbles across trouble yet again in the Rialto when a young Sylvan is chased into her path by merchants keen on stealing a mysterious item in his possession -- and he is wounded in a headlong collision with her loyal dog.
A Meeting of Like Minds -- 5/16/00
Faanshi's second encounter with the reckless young Sylvan Prying-Eagle reveals to her that they may well have something deep in common.
Even a Shudra Must Expound -- 5/18/00
It seems that the artisan Saleem has not forgotten his previous encounters with Faanshi, when they cross paths once again in the courtyard of Atesh-Gah -- and the vaisya artisan, astonishingly, decides to question the healer as to why she chooses to help those who are not Varati.
Mercy Goes Not Unseen -- 5/19/00
Yet another surprise for Faanshi, this one as she stumbles across the preparations of the Ushasti for a ceremony to worship the Dawn Mother -- and afterwards, as a kshatri Kanya priestess makes of her a stunning request.
The Right to Walk Tall -- 5/19/00
Her forays through Bordertown have not, Faanshi discovers, gone unnoticed by a certain infamous winged healer who considers Bordertown hers; meanwhile, Prying-Eagle somehow manages to happen into the young shudra's vicinity again, and once more leaves her thunderstruck.
Comfort for a Child -- 5/20/00
A small Varati child proves to Faanshi that not all of the Children of Fire shy back from allowing a halfbreed healer give them aid.
A Matter of a Box -- 5/21/00
The Sylvan merchant Mighty-Oak and a Mongrel henchman attempt to close in on their quarry Prying-Eagle and the mysterious box in his possession -- by cornering Faanshi. Fortunately for Faanshi, Prying-Eagle and the Mongrel woman Laena are not far away...
A Talk by the Shrine -- 5/22/00
Kerani, the young Ushasti healer Faanshi met in the midst of the crisis at Clan Behzad, finds her once again by the shrine of Ushas and in her own gentle way attempts to reach out to the halfbreed maiden.
The Healing of Morgan -- 6/2/00
Venturing into the Empyrean quarter to try to help a lost little Empyrean boy find his way home, Faanshi stumbles across a confrontation between an angry Deus and the infamous young masseur Morgan -- and though the even more infamous Cynara happens across the scene, the Lady of Thorns leaves the healing of Morgan to the young shudra, once the young man is knifed.
Bringing Home a Wayward Daughter -- 6/16/00
Faanshi finds a young street urchin -- a Varati by the name of Delilah -- and upon discovering not only that the girl has been sleeping on the streets but is also gifted with clairvoyant magic, immediately arranges to bring her to Atesh-Gah. And there, they are found by Ranjeet Khalida, who discovers something more about the girl that shocks both Faanshi and the lost child she has brought home...
Angel of Night, Dove of Morning -- 7/18/00
Faanshi has a second encounter with the infamous young Empyrean masseur, Morgan, as he harvests nightshade in the old city garden -- and, entirely unknowingly, unnerves him as he senses within her the selflessness of her spirit.
In the Darkest Hour of the Night -- 8/3/00
On a rainy, cold night, after waking in the midst of a nightmare and praying desperately at the shrine of Ushas, Faanshi encounters Warlord Sumai out and about as well... and the Warlord tells her things she had never dreamed she would hear from a kshatri warrior, especially the Warlord of a Clan.
Garden Tussle by Night -- 8/5/00
An audacious Mongrel in armor, an incensed Empyrean girl and her Mongrel companion who get into a scuffle with him, and an amiably sardonic darkling all combine to make Faanshi's attempt to get home in the middle of the night far more eventful than the gentle young healer would like.

desperation: searching for sylvans

Flame of Spirit, Dust of Dreams -- 8/7/00
The Varati ritual of Invoking the Flame, meant to honor the eternal light of Ashur Masad, is witnessed by Faanshi--and infiltrated by Sylvans who spread havoc through the ceremony by dream-inducing dust. Faanshi herself is affected, much to her shock, but that's not nearly as shocking as being rescued by Warlord Sumai.
Trial for a Shudra, Trial for a Race -- 8/8/00
The morning after the ruined ritual of Invoking the Flame, after she has spent the night in the care of Clan Messala, Faanshi is summoned before Thalia and Amipal -- and is terrified not once, but twice as she is given an order that makes her blood run cold... and then is on hand when a wounded messenger arrives with dire news.
Advice from Her Acarya -- 8/9/00
Just after her audience with Thalia and Amipal, reeling from the order she has been given as well as the dire news received from Masada, Faanshi seeks out the advice of her teacher FallingStar about how to begin to find the Sylvans responsible for violating the ritual of Invoking the Flame.
On Cracked Cups and Vexing Veils -- 8/9/00
Faanshi's third encounter with the Mongrel Tyler, at a wee hour of the morning in the Rialto, results in a shattered cup of kaffe, a small exertion of her healing powers, and an alarming amount of interest from Tyler in what lies beneath her silken veil.
Challenge to Propriety -- 8/11/00
The Mongrel Tyler keeps crossing Faanshi's path in the oddest places--and this time, she comes across him while he's sleeping in the Old City Garden.
Not Quite the Sylvan She Had in Mind -- 8/26/00
Faanshi has her first meeting with the Sylvan Sunset Tide--who startles her not only by being a sailor, but also by possessing wood-shaping talents, and even more so, by possessing interest in her background.
Healing the Healer -- 9/11/00
After throwing herself obsessively into the task of seeking out the Sylvans who could report to the Varati about who violated the ritual of Invoking the Flame, Faanshi succumbs to a winter fever. Fortunately for her, though, she's taken in by the kindly Sylvan sailor Sunset Tide.
Aid and Comfort -- 9/12/00
The ailing Faanshi is given further tending and care by the concerned Sunset Tide, as he looks after her in his quarters near the docks of Haven. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 9/27/00
Reporting In Again -- 9/20/00
Recovered from her illness, Faanshi reports back in to the Kaimakam Amipal Chandrima in Atesh-Gah, and receives new instructions on how to proceed with her search for the Sylvan miscreants who violated the Varati ritual several weeks past.
The Worry of a Friend -- 9/20/00
Delilah finds Faanshi immediately after her meeting with the Kaimakam, and is much relieved that the shudra healer is intact -- while Faanshi is much surprised that the kshatri seeress is so relieved to see her so.
A Lead at Last -- 9/22/00
In the blacksmith BroadShoulders, Faanshi finally finds one who can give her information about the Eyotajolon and possibly the Sylvans she seeks... as well as, to her astonishment, a second person who once knew her very own father.

deprivation: the passing of lyre talespinner

The Vision of Loss -- 9/30/00
Delilah seeks out Faanshi with news of a dire vision -- of the death of someone male whose loss will break her heart.
Seeking Out the Healer -- 10/6/00
The Sylvan Elder Tanith brings someone to Atesh-Gah in need of Faanshi's talents, and even though she has been devastated by the news of Lyre's death, the healer must rise to the challenge of healing the miniature wings of the graisha Trina.
FallingStar to the Rescue -- 10/6/00
FallingStar finds an exhausted, griefstricken Faanshi in the Rialto, and upon learning from the shudra of her conviction that Lyre has died, the Sylvan immediately takes her student back to her herb shop to look after her.
Reaching Out to a Friend -- 10/11/00
Deeply concerned about her shudra friend, Delilah slips away from her Clan Messala guards to come and find the grieving Faanshi in her teacher's herb-shop, and see how she fares.
Another Love Lost -- 10/11/00
At FallingStar's herb-shop, newly startled by a resemblance to Lyre she had never before noticed, Faanshi faints in front of Prying-Eagle just as the young Sylvan comes to the shop in search of aid finding his lost love, Sarasvati.
The Simple Needs of Life -- 10/13/00
While struggling to pull herself together enough to attend to the simple need of walking her dog, Faanshi encounters Starfang in the park -- but also encounters a Sylvan stranger who needs both of the healers to help him.
The Storm and the Dove -- 10/15/00
Though she is still shattered within over the death of her beloved Lyre, Faanshi still has pending business with the God-King -- and finds him in a terrifyingly angry mood when she is finally summoned before him to explain her request for an audience.
A Dove Among the Lions -- 10/19/00
Faanshi is called in for arguably the most important healing task with which she has ever been entrusted in Atesh-Gah: the mending of several badly burned Agni-Haidar warriors who has been caught in the unleashing of Khalid Atar's wrath upon Cassius Augustin and the Shakir Shahar.
Sorrowed Grief, Sudden Guilt -- 10/23/00
The impetuous Tyler makes an appearance at A Moment in Thyme, but immediately turns concerned when he finds a Faanshi flustered and grieving, and entirely too upset by his casual flirtations.
One Last Refrain -- 10/23/00
In the smallest hour of the night, as she sleeps in the shelter of her teacher's herb-shop, Faanshi experiences something that might be a dream... or something greater. Either way, it is an answer to her desperate prayers for strength and peace...
The Gratitude of a Lion -- 10/23/00
Much to Faanshi's astonishment, she discovers that the fearsome Agni-Haidar -- or at least, one of them -- can acknowledge well-performed duties from humble persons such as she.
Beneath a Warlord's Face -- 10/23/00
Back in Atesh-Gah, Faanshi encounters a wildly distraught Delilah, and learns from her that the source of her consternation is the young seeress's Warlord -- Sumai.
A Ceremony of Death -- 10/25/00
Faanshi, along with Starfang and a handful of others on Haven's beaches, witnesses a shocking ritual: the ceremonial execution of Katya of the Najada, sent into the arms of their god by her own husband.
Repaying a Debt -- 10/26/00
Anxious to do the Sylvan Sunset Tide a good turn for his aid of her, Faanshi brings him victuals to his dwelling down by the docks -- and agrees to have a real meal with him, when she can.
Healing in the Morning Rain -- 10/28/00
Unaware that she is watched all the while by the raven graisha QuickWing, Faanshi tries to sing in a quiet spot of the old city garden -- and is happened across by the cat-graisha Hunts-the-Truth, as well as the irrepressible Tyler. Who finally finds a way to get her veil off...
The Totem of Her Soul -- 11/1/00
Faanshi visits the smith BroadShoulders to tell him that Khalid Atar has not yet summoned her to bring him -- and not only does she learn as she does that like old Tanith, BroadShoulders also once knew her father, she receives a Sylvan name from the smith as well.
The Wake for Lyre Talespinner -- 11/5/00
A gathering of Mongrels, Sylvans, and others of the lesser folk of Haven is held in honor of the passing of Lyre Talespinner--and those who have organized the wake encourage Faanshi out of the shell of her grief about her lost love to join them.
The Shudra Becomes a Teacher -- 11/6/00
Faanshi takes her next official step in trying to gain confidence in herself as a healer: giving a lesson in meditation and control to the Ushasti Kerani.
A Startling Audience -- 11/7/00
The Messala shudra Asha is badly shocked when she witnesses Faanshi singing on the stable roof one morning, but much to Faanshi's equal shock, the young Agni-Haidar Kedar is not wrathful at her apparent lapse in propriety.
The Wrath of Messala -- 11/11/00
In Bordertown, Faanshi is waylain by a mad Mongrel who has kidnapped Delilah -- and the wrath of Clan Messala rises up swiftly, courtesy of Sumai and his warriors, to punish the miscreant who has dared violate her person.
A Little Beach Adventure -- 11/19/00
Faanshi once more encounters the gladiator Mongrel Tyler, ecstatic over his recent victory in the Games -- but their conversation on the beach turns to an unexpected mishap as the Mongrel's impulsiveness nearly gets him drowned.
Dandelion Wishes -- 11/27/00
Crowned champion of the Arena Games, Tyler tries to share his glee over his victory with Faanshi when the two meet in the city park; however, what progress he makes encouraging her to wish on a dandelion is lost when he frightens the halfbreed too badly by trying to kiss her.
A Pleasant Little Interlude -- 11/29/00
In a rare moment of nothing more than simple, enjoyable conversation and companionship, Faanshi shares her promised meal with Sunset Tide.

divergence: new duties, new loves

The Hunt Begins -- 12/2/00
A Varati with nefarious motives waylays Faanshi -- but Mehul is waylain in return by the unexpected guileless and innocence of the healer he has been plotting to use to his own murderous ends.
Honor For the Dead -- 12/3/00
Out on a summer morning in the Rialto, Faanshi finds singing Mongrels, friends to greet--and a confrontation between one of the Agni-Haidar and Hounds who guard a monument to their fallen comrades.
The Calling of the Voices -- 12/4/00
Thalia presents Faanshi with a startling new duty to carry out in her name: to serve as the unofficial Voice to the Sylvans for the Varati, while she orders a drunken, disgraced kshatri to hold the title 'officially' for the appeasement of her Court.
The Understanding of Souls -- 12/9/00
Profound sympathy and understanding -- along with the beginnings of potent attraction -- bloom between Faanshi and the clanless Varati Mehul as the each of them learns of the griefs and suffering the other has sustained in life.
Katas and Colors -- 12/16/00
Anxious to soothe Faanshi of the new tensions put upon her by her new duties from the Queen, Mehul takes her out to the gardens by the fountain of Atesh-Gah and teaches her a new form of meditation.

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