Faanshi Logs

diligence: aiding the voice to the sylvans

Clan Temjin Arrives -- 1/1/01
Faanshi happens to be on hand when two traditionalist sons of the Warlord of Clan Temjin arrive in Atesh-Gah -- and clash with the liberal Kerani and her husband Geridan.
Spreading the Word -- 1/4/01
When Faanshi and Mehul drop by BroadShoulders' forge to bring the word of the new Varati ambassador to the Sylvans, they are met by the owl graisha Trina... who is of a different kind of interest entirely to Mehul...
Blossoming Fancies, Blossoming Love -- 1/5/01
Faanshi and Mehul share more stolen moments of tenderness in the gardens that surround the fountain at Atesh-Gah; as they do, the shudra discovers how ardently Mehul has begun to feel for her, and she for him...
Laying the Groundwork -- 1/10/01
First with Mehul and then with Salmalin, Faanshi tentatively begins to consider what must be done to carry out Thalia's wishes and tell the Sylvans in and around Haven that there is a new Voice for them among the Varati.

despair: loved ones lost, loved ones discovered

On Fresh-Bathed Dogs and Flowers -- 1/25/01
Mehul endeavors to give Faanshi every comfort he can for the loss of her friend Delilah: fresh-picked flowers, loving attention to grooming Kosha... and a promise to hunt down the one who took Delilah's life.
An Exchange of Ministrations -- 1/29/01
When Salmalin returns in a badly battered state to Atesh-Gah, Faanshi must rouse herself out of her grief over the murdered Delilah to attend to the Voice -- and receive a little consolation in return.
The Ambushed Aegian -- 1/31/01
Already out in Bordertown on a mission to heal a Mongrel bootmaker's daughters, Faanshi is intercepted by a frantic Tyler who gives her yet another healing to accomplish: the healing of the badly broken wing of his Empyrean companion Gabriel.
Unexpected Gratitude -- 2/1/01
Much to her consternation, Faanshi awakens in the Palladium -- and discovers that it is not impossible for a pureblooded man to fervently thank her for a major act of healing. At least, if the man in question is Empyrean.
The Protection of the Hunter -- 2/2/01
When Faanshi returns to Atesh-Gah after her adventure with healing the Empyrean Gabriel, Mehul impresses upon her at last how much he longs to keep her safe when she must go out into the night to heal.
Turnabout Concern -- 2/3/01
Faanshi discovers that Salmalin is rather more observant than he often seems -- and that he is just a trifle concerned about the nature of the relationship she has established with the mysterious Mehul.
Kerani Checks In -- 2/5/01
Anxious to resume her studies of the healing arts with Faanshi, the Ushasti Kerani seeks out the shudra and arranges the resumption of her lessons, discreetly encouraging Faanshi to make decisions for herself -- and discreetly amused and intrigued at the presence at her side of a Varati man who is obviously taken with her.
Strange Requests -- 2/11/01
Not every Atarvani is loathe to turn to a halfbreed for assistance -- as the eccentric Zafir demonstrates, when he seeks Faanshi's aid for his lack of sight, and for the teaching of his gifted sister.
The Beginnings of Rapport -- 2/12/01
While healing him of small injuries, Faanshi discovers to her amazement that Salmalin has ceased to drink -- and that he seems to find her, of all people, hard. In the process, the Voice and the shudra reach a state of accord they have not yet experienced...
Sorely Needed Comfort -- 2/16/01
Anxious to soothe her battered heart and soul, Mehul wholeheartedly bathes Faanshi in his love and consolation when her sorrows begin to keep her from her meditations.
A Hint of the Past -- 2/28/01
Another attempt of Salmalin's to make contact with the local Sylvans goes badly wrong -- and even as Faanshi heals him of serious wounds, she learns something shocking about his history.

dipavali: lanterns and lights

Parade of Lights -- 3/20/01
The Varati hold their great lantern parade through the streets of Haven, a spectacle that many turn out to witness -- and in the middle of it all, Faanshi carries out the Queen's command and leads the group that carries the black wyvern lantern for Clan Khalida.
The Death of Night -- 3/22/01
At the behest of Clan Behzad, Faanshi reluctantly attends the gladiator games held in honor of the Dipavali Festival -- and saves the lives of the warriors Fenimos and Rashaka after their brutal battle is done.

distance: among the ettowealona

The Misplaced Dove -- 4/2/01
Many hours after falling victim to the poisons unleashed upon the Dipavali revellers at Atesh-Gah, the delirious -- and amnesiac -- Faanshi is found by Soft-Feather, who takes her to be tended by his people... and who is unaware that Mehul, whose darker inner self is roaring up from within him, has tracked him and Faanshi to the lands of the Ettowealona.
The Felling of the Hunter -- 6/8/01
Faanshi and Mehul's idyll among the Ettowealona is broken when Soft-Feather and Geridan Kentari Rashid come to their camp with the intent to capture and execute Mehul -- leaving Faanshi to discover only now that the man she's loved has committed horrific crimes, and she is not comforted to discover from Mehul himself just before they put him to death that their accusations are true.

daring: becoming an ambassador

A Solemn Escort Home -- 6/11/01
Driven into numb shock by the execution of her beloved Mehul, Faanshi determines that she must return to Haven; however, the warrior Geridan offers her escort home, and his lady Kerani offers gentle ministrations to the shudra who has trained her own magic in the past.
The Maharani's Wisdom -- 6/13/01
In the company of Geridan of Clan Rashid, Faanshi reports to Thalia in her Court--only to be deeply confused when her Queen realizes that Faanshi is not at all well.
Answer to a Prayer -- 6/14/01
Faanshi goes to the Temple, driven into despair by her burden of grief for all of the loved ones she has lost, and there she strives to pray for strength and guidance -- only to receive an answer to her prayer directly from the God-King Himself.
A Thicket of Honor -- 6/25/01
Faced with the hostile ire of Wind Runner and the wary neutrality of the Sachem WolfEyes, Faanshi struggles through trying to persuade the Apisachi that she means them no harm... and to find a way to convince them that Salmalin al'Sar must be permitted to leave their territory safely.
A Return of Tears -- 6/25/01
In one of the caves of the Apisachi camp, Salmalin begins to learn something of what has befallen Faanshi since he last saw her... and Faanshi, moved by his solicitude, finds herself finally able to shed tears for Mehul's death.
A Lesson in Swimming -- and Something More -- 7/3/01
While the two of them await another opportunity to speak with the Sachem WolfEyes, Salmalin attempts his own brand of comfort to the sorrow-stricken Faanshi: teaching her how to swim.
Lessons She Must Learn -- 7/25/01
Faanshi must convince the skeptical Vayu, the former Varati Minister of Foreign Affairs fetched to the Apisachi Camp, that she is not completely hopeless as the Voice to the Sylvans... and she must do it by standing up more than she has ever done to kshatri men, as she catches Salmalin and Vayu fighting.
A Sharing in Song -- 7/31/01
Faanshi discovers that though most of the Apisachi are disdainful of the "stonewalkers" who are visiting them, the blind musician ShadowEyes is willing to reach out to a shy and wary stonewalker maiden and share with her a Sylvan song.
Pushing Into the Light -- 11/28/01
Tanith finds Faanshi taking solitude in the Sylvan temple in Bordertown, and the ancient Sylvan seeress's sage advice begins to guide Faanshi toward a new resolution within her heart.
Death Brings a Reunion -- 12/30/01
Faanshi has an unexpectedly violent reunion with the gladiator Tyler, whom she has not seen in months, when she finds him washing up ashore on the beach of Haven -- and when he kills his companion in a fit of delirium.

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