Kevlan Logs

kb-party.txt -- 1/30/96
A beach party celebrating the marriage of Kevlan and Bernadette.
kb-vacation.txt -- 3/21/96
Kevlan and Bernadette take some time out from work.
nightmares.txt -- 6/13/96
Bernadette begins to have more violent nightmares, worrying Kevlan deeply.
nightmares-2.txt -- 6/13/96
Kevlan, worried about Berni's nightmares, talks with Kaylin as he and Berni also prepare to go to Maxim's Planet.
tc-chat.txt -- 8/27/96
After helping the wounded Rhianna with her latest cut, Tamber is cornered by his concerned coworker Cee, and he agrees to come by her quarters for a chat.
tamber-drunk.txt -- 10/24/96
During a chat with Rhianna in the Den on Level Three, Tamber has an experience he hasn't undergone in some time: he gets drunk.
maxwell-talk.txt -- 12/13/96
Kevlan is asked by Maxwell to be Deputy Guildmaster during Vyana's leave of absence.
aralan-complaint.txt -- 12/14/96
Aralan lodges a protest against Vyana with Kevlan.
kev-kesya-talk.txt -- 12/15/96
Kesya advises Kevlan about his troubles with Bernadette, and his new job working for Maxwell.
maggie-talk.txt -- 12/15/96
Kevlan seeks the advice of medic Maggie about Bernadette; Maggie advises Kevlan also to get an assistant for his duties as acting deputy Guildmaster.
berni-emerge.txt -- 12/16/96
Bernadette sneaks into the Ranges behind Kevlan's back; Kevlan tries to talk to Alexandra about his problems, learns where Berni's gone, and after contacting her, discovers she's broken her arm.
berni-broken-arm.txt -- 12/18/96
Kevlan gets Berni to the Infirmary to get her broken arm treated by Quinn; the encounter is witnessed by Tayden.
berni-assist.txt -- 12/19/96
Kevlan coaxes Bernadette to the DGM's office with him, hoping that helping him with his paperwork would be good for her.
kev-recruits.txt -- 12/22/96
After an argument with Bernadette about her encounter with Azaria on the Hangar Floor, Kevlan drops by the Recruit Lounge.
shana-search.txt -- 12/22/96
After being missing for a week, CS Shana t'Matari is brought in to the JPF, seriously wounded, while Yelira Dal Rin has a fight with recruit Daline.
tance-newsled.txt -- 12/22/96
Tance causes a mild uproar in the Hangar when he asks for a new sled; Bernadette gets furious when she's insulted by Azaria; Tance and Kesya discuss whether he is 'partner material'.
berni-nightmare.txt -- 12/23/96
Kevlan catches Bernadette having a nightmare, while walking in her sleep.

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