Kevlan Logs

tyron-fight.txt -- 1994
Kevlan attempts to leave Ballybran after giving Final Disclosure to Class 2004; Bernadette introduces herself; Kevlan witnesses a fight between Tyron, Michael, and Elissa.
galahad.txt -- May 1994
Kevlan -- with some assistance from Tamber and Jerrik -- explains to Elissa how he got nicknamed 'Galahad'.
confession.txt -- June 1994
Kevlan confesses his feelings for her to Elissa, while Bernadette labors with her own feelings for Kevlan.
tyron-fight-2.txt -- 6/21/94
Kevlan cuts off two fingers in the Ranges, and witnesses another fight between Tyron and Michael.
tamber-song.txt -- 6/22/94
Tamber and Bernadette try to cheer up Kevlan by singing to him, after the fight in the Hangar between Tyron and Michael; Sean admits to Tamber that his actions with Diamond's crystal were a bluff.
elissa-confession.txt -- 6/24/94
Kevlan's witness of Elissa's confession of love to Michael.
berni-confession.txt -- 6/30/94
Features the admission of Bernadette's feelings for Kevlan, to Tamber, as well as Talia's latest observations on the nature of young Galahad. Passing mentions of hostility of Tance Vokrim to Kevlan. (RP date approximate.)
hangar-song.txt -- 6/30/94
Bernadette follows up with Kevlan about what he meant by his comparison of flying a sled to dancing - and Kevlan sings to Bernadette in the hangar. Later, Bernadette comes down with the symbiont illness. (RP date approximate.)
crash.txt -- July 1994
Kevlan crashes his sled - but why? wonder the hangar techs? There was no storm, and Galahad's sled purrs like a kitten...
tance-fight.txt -- July 1994
Tance Vokrim, after extensive woundings from his last trip into the Ranges, is hostile to Kevlan and Bernadette in the Hangar.
sabotage.txt -- 7/22/94
After her fight with Elissa, Bernadette is wounded in the Ranges. She despondently seeks out Kevlan and is led gently by him to the Infirmary, where Morgan attends Bernadette's wounds. (RP date approximate.)
sabotage-2.txt -- 7/30/94
Kevlan, after Bernadette's injury, goes into the Ranges and is himself injured by a mysterious malfunction of his cutter.
sabotage-3.txt -- August 1994
Kevlan Sharr is nearly attacked by Tance Vokrim; he learns about Adriana's name change to Kael, and the sabotage of his cutter; he defends Bernadette against unwanted flirtation, and, when she confesses her feelings for him, sings to her in response.
kevlan-hurt.txt -- 12/12/94
When Yelira del Rin brings in a suspiciously familiar carton of blues, Tamber and Michael realize that the crystals are in fact Kevlan's -- and Michael heads out into a storm to find and rescue a Kevlan who's been left wounded and unconscious on the site of his blue claim.

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