Willowholt Logs

Trollkiller and Midnight's Chat -- 1/1/00
Midnight comes to Trollkiller to ask permission to help search for missing Willowholt tribesmates -- and the two also wind up discussing past history involving Winnowill and Woodhawk.
Finding the Missing Chieftess -- 1/2/00
Trollkiller, Midnight, and Wayfound, while searching along with Woodhawk and Rainfire through the remnants of the flooded Willowholt for missing tribesmates, finally find the Preserver Fallberry -- and the wrapstuff cocoon containing Rillwhisper.
Calmwind Helps Out -- 1/4/00
Calmwind, anxious about the way Wayfound is holding up during their sojourn in the Mountain, goes to have a chat with the youngster's Fur-father about letting her participate in the searches.
News of Disaster -- 2/4/00
Rillwhisper and Wayfound bring the news of the destruction of the Willowholt to Cutter and Nightfall at Lostholt, prompting Cutter to offer immediate aid to the displaced Willowholters.
The Recognition of Midnight and LeafFall -- 2/24/00
Tsoran and Midnight head to Ravenholt on a quest to see if any missing Willowholters have made it to that Holt -- only to have an entirely new complication thrown into Midnight's life when he meets eyes with LeafFall, the Ravenholt chieftess.
Into the Snake's Lair... Again -- 2/28/00
Cutter and Strongbow arrive at Blue Mountain to check on the fates of the Willowholt elves and are invited in by the Lord herself.
Planting a Seed... -- 3/2/00
Cutter has a short talk with Rillwhisper which is quickly sidetracked by a conversation with Zyreen and Windkin. Cutter attempts to make Zyreen aware of her chosen Lord's likely actions...
Brooding in the Grotto -- 3/2/00
Dejected that the destruction of their Holt is likely to tear her tribe apart, especially with the all-too-powerful lure of the deceptive safety of Blue Mountain to seduce the Glider-blooded elves of Willowholt into Winnowill's reach, Rillwhisper broods to Cutter and Strongbow, and to Aroree as well. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 3/10/00
Chieftess No More -- 3/3/00
(Note: IC backdated to the journey of the Willowholters out of Blue Mountain to Lostholt) While Cutter and Strongbow escort what's left of her destroyed tribe to Lostholt to accept them into the Holt, Rillwhisper -- much to the dismay of her anguished lifemate Trollkiller -- yields to the demands of the Way, and unties her chief's lock to show her respect to Cutter. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 3/30/00

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