Willowholt Logs

The Rescue of Fhen -- January 1995
The solitary Thicket rescues Fhen of the Willowholt from the Preserver valley to the west of his home tribe.
Winnowill Visits the Willowholt (Part 1) -- 1/24/95
Winnowill and a party of Chosen arrive on a visit to Willowholt.
Winnowill Visits the Willowholt (Part 2) -- 2/2/95
Winnowill tells a story to Joy and Pwyll.
Winnowill Visits the Willowholt (Part 3) -- 2/2/95
Winnowill tries a strange sending on Woodhawk, apparently intending to addict him to her contact.
Winnowill Visits the Willowholt (Part 5) -- 2/3/95
Rillwhisper confronts Winnowill about what she tried to do to Woodhawk; Winnowill and her party depart, along with Joy and Pwyll. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 2/0/95
Winnowill Visits the Willowholt (Part 5b) -- 2/3/95
Duskshadow decides not to go to Blue Mountain with the Gliders; Joy does decide to go.
Rillwhisper Visits Lostholt -- 2/4/95
Rillwhisper rides to Lostholt to warn Cutter about Winnowill's recent visit. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 2/0/95
The Rescue of Talek (Part 1) -- March 1995
Brightfire and Strongbow recruit Rillwhisper, Silversong, and Fhen to rescue Talek from the Preserver valley.
The Rescue of Talek (Part 2) -- March 1995
Talek's rescue party fights with the apparently mad Keshah and the valley Preservers to claim the wrapstuffed Talek -- and winds up rescuing Brightstar of Wolfhaven in the process as well.
The Rescue of Talek (Part 3) -- March 1995
Rainfire catches up with the Talek rescue party, but is overcome by the valley's sopoforic flowers.
The Rescue of Talek (Part 4) -- March 1995
As Chitter also catches up with the Talek rescue party, Strongbow succumbs to the valley's flowers, but is rescued and healed before the Preservers capture him. The rescue party regroups outside the valley.
The Rescue of Talek (Part 5) -- March 1995
Talek's rescue party returns to the Willowholt; Strongbow's wolf Lashpaw dies.
The Rescue of Talek (Part 5b) -- March 1995
Talek's rescue party returns to the Willowholt; Strongbow's wolf Lashpaw dies; Brightfire is deeply baffled by Woodhawk's resemblance to Strongbow, until Woodhawk shows her the one easy way to tell him apart from the archer. Same log as 'The Rescue of Talek (Part 5)', only from Brightfire's point of view.
The Howl for Lashpaw -- 4/2/95
Rillwhisper and Strongbow Howl for the passing of Strongbow's wolf Lashpaw at Willowholt.
Winnowill Vs. Joy -- 4/20/95
In Blue Mountain, Winnowill messes with the vulnerable mind of the visiting Joy of the Willowholt -- or as the Gliders call her, Zanleah.
Playing With Dusk in the Snow -- 4/24/95
Rillwhisper, Strongbow, and Trollkiller play a bit with Dusk in the snow at Willowholt.
The Ailing Archer -- May 1995
Strongbow suffers a fever at Willowholt.
Heart-to-Heart Chat -- May 1995
Rillwhisper has a heart-to-heart with Strongbow, before sending him home to Lostholt.
Rayek at the Festival (Part 2) -- 11/3/95
With the aid of the Little Palace in Savah's chambers, Brightfire heals Rayek's wounded ankle--and grants him the greater gift of sorely needed rest.
Rayek at the Festival (Part 1) -- 11/3/95
Rayek and the elves from the Palace arrive in Sorrow's End.
Sar at the Festival -- 11/5/95
At the Festival of Flood and Flower in Sorrow's End, Strongbow provides a bit of backup and Ember provides a bit of worry as Rillwhisper has a word with Sar about whether he has in fact slain the cub of Jasmael.
Rayek at the Festival (Part 4) -- 11/5/95
Rayek ventures out into the Festival, but is overwrought by the healers' combined presences. Ynderra, Leetah, and Trollkiller try to comfort him, but Leetah flees; Trollkiller remains to give Rayek an in-depth massage while Ekuar and Ynderra slip out.
Rillwhisper at the Festival -- 11/5/95
Rillwhisper at the Festival of Flood and Flower. Much dancing, two Recognitions.
Talek at the Festival -- 11/5/95
While Talek has a word with Rhentagoth at the Festival of Flood and Flower, Ynderra playfully amuses herself with Startoucher's company and Cutter and Spidersilk amuse themselves with the pole-balancing game.
Rayek at the Festival (Part 5) -- 11/6/95
Rayek kicks Trollkiller out of Savah's quarters.
Rayek at the Festival (Part 6) -- 11/7/95
Rayek apologizes to Trollkiller, and asks Cutter to relay apologies to Leetah and Lursa, but Cutter refuses.
Rayek at the Festival (Part 8) -- 11/8/95
Just before returning to the Palace, Rayek tells the story of the High Ones' coming to the cubs of the Gathered Tribe.
Cubsending -- 11/9/95
Locksending together at the Festival, Rillwhisper and Strongbow indulge in a bit of make-believe: hunting ravvits, but as cubs.
Council on the Gliders -- 11/12/95
Rillwhisper holds council on what to do about recent events in Blue Mountain, and who should go with Jasmael to look for Gerren.
Dreams Out of Fire (Part 1) -- 11/28/95
Strongbow suffers an involuntary exposure to some of the more interesting hallucinogens around Willowholt -- and a resurrection of his memory of slaying Tash.
Dreams Out of Fire (Part 2) -- 11/30/95
Rillwhisper tells Dawn to apologize to Strongbow and Moonshade, and never to burn shrooms in a fire again.
Dreams Out of Fire (Part 3) -- 12/2/95
Rillwhisper brings Strongbow's new wolf-cub to him, and tries to get him to talk about what happened to him.
Dreams Out of Fire (Part 4) -- 12/5/95
Strongbow and Moonshade argue over whether she should stay with him at Willowholt, or return to Lostholt.
Dreams Out of Fire (Part 5) -- 12/7/95
Immediately after Moonshade leaves the Willowholt, Rillwhisper comes to check on Strongbow.
Dreams Out of Fire (Part 6) -- 12/8/95
Rillwhisper coaxes Strongbow out into the Willowholt for food, swimming, and wrestling with Trollkiller.
Where Has Moonshade Gone? (Part 1) -- 12/15/95
Rillwhisper and Strongbow arrive at Lostholt -- only to discover that Moonshade has not returned to the Holt as she'd promised.
Where Has Moonshade Gone? (Part 2) -- 12/15/95
Rillwhisper guards Strongbow's dreams, and the two chat about Bearclaw as Cutter arranges his plans for the search for Moonshade.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 1) -- 12/28/95
Woodhawk has a bad dream that something's happened to Rillwhisper.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 2) -- 12/28/95
At Blue Mountain, Trollkiller, Jasmael, and Dawn encounter Sar -- then Trollkiller senses Rill is in danger, and sends to Woodhawk that they are coming home.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 3) -- 12/29/95
With the return of the party that went to Blue Mountain, the Willowholt holds council as to who goes to search for the missing Rillwhisper.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 4) -- 12/31/95
In Doreel's remote forest, Rillwhisper is discovered and healed by Doreel and his small trollish helpers -- and mistaken by Doreel for one of his original group of elves.

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