Cat Elf Logs

Meeting Akira -- 6/2/04
Ynderra of Lostholt has gone on walkabout south to Cat Elf territory, in search of her long-lost lifemate Kai as well as her twin sister Myriel. She doesn't find either--but she does find the Cat Elf hunter Akira, who escorts her into his tribe's Holt and makes her welcome. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 3/3/04
Chat With the Cat Chiefs -- 6/3/04
Kaer and Rahna, chiefs of the Cat Elves, come to meet a stranger that their tribesmate Akira has brought into their encampment: a wandering Wolfrider, Ynderra of Lostholt, who is in search of her half-Cat-Elf lifemate Kai, his mother Jeela, or her own twin sister Myriel. None of her loved ones are among the Cat Elves... but Rahna is intrigued indeed by the magic the visitor offhandedly displays when healing her own feet.
The Process of Healing -- 10/12/04
Various elves are in the process of recovering from the battle, some still in rougher shape than others, and Winnowill is among those looking in on them. A party from the Cat Elves arrives on the scene as well.

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