Cat Elf Logs

Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 11) -- April 1994
Clearsight encounters the Cat Elf Nofti while tending Blackmorn.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 13) -- April 1994
While keeping vigil over the sleeping Blackmorn, Clearsight is visited by Nofti, Sharq, and Kimos, and thanks Kimos for his aid.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 15) -- April 1994
Clearsight receives more visits from Skybow, Nofti, Savah, and Mender; Skybow and Mender heal Clearsight of her fire scars; Clearsight and Blackmorn meet DreamTide, Ruah, and Kalista, and see Shayilbey once more.