Cat Elf Logs

Glider Fight -- 8/5/96
Ktai returns to the Palace from Sorrow's End; Ktai fights with Azeure and Alorn over Eveshka, causing Rayek to intervene though he does not know the cause of the Gliders' argument. But he does call for it to end, when Eveshka collapses from the strain of her sending, and he shocks Ktai when she tries to flee the scene.
Winnowill Visits the Palace (Part 2) -- 9/11/96
Rayek grudgingly consents to turn the Scroll of Colors for Winnowill, but warns her not to harm Ktai.
Kidnapping Ktai -- 10/21/96
Sar tries to kidnap Ktai back to Blue Mountain.
Astral Seduction (Part 1) -- 10/28/96
While Rayek is under the influence of a medicinal flower of Rigar's, Winnowill attempts to entice his spirit to hers.
Astral Seduction (Part 2) -- 10/29/96
Concerned about Sar and what mischief he might cause, Sothel arrives at the Palace, to find Ktai unable to see Rayek, though she can see everybody else.