Cat Elf Logs

The Airwalker Falls Ill (Part 2) -- 10/24/95
Windkin offers to take the wounded Lursa to Mender; Ktai takes the fevered Rayek to Rigar of the Cat Elves.
The Airwalker Falls Ill (Part 3) -- 10/25/95
The fevered Rayek tries an attempt to escape the Cat Elves, believing himself a prisoner; Rigar decides to tie him up to try to burn the fever out of him.
The Airwalker Falls Ill (Part 4) -- 10/26/95
Now lucid, Rayek discovers himself bound and makes another attempt at escape from the Cat Elf camp. He and Ktai fight a dreadclaw.
The Airwalker Falls Ill (Part 5) -- 10/27/95
Savah reaches Rayek by 'going out'; thinking he is hallucinating, the Cat Elves knock him out. Milar tries to treat Rayek's wounded ankle.
The Airwalker Falls Ill (Part 6) -- 10/29/95
Rigar refuses to heal Rayek, although he does heal Ktai; Telia gives Rayek a ride out of the jungles, and they, along with Ktai, catch up with Savah and Azeure.

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