David Logs

The Farmboy and the Big City -- 6/17/00
In which the young musically-inclined Mongrel wanderer David luckily falls in with new friends -- Sebastienne and Sarra -- on his very first day in the city of Haven.
Making Friends and Influencing Customers -- 6/19/00
On a late-night shift at the Pantheon, David involuntarily riles the temper of a pretty blonde Empyrean harper when he admires her instrument.
A Bit of Empyrean Blood -- 6/20/00
A scant week after setting foot in the city of Haven, David discovers while he's working the tables at the Pantheon that at least one Empyrean in Haven--rather disturbingly akin to a particular Domina he'd left behind in his home village--finds the hints of Empyrean blood in his appearance intriguing.
A Voice Like Ambrosia -- 6/22/00
Empyreans come and go each day in the Pantheon, but one takes brief notice of David when the young Mongrel waits on him at his table--and David fleetingly senses something a little strange about the dominus' voice.
Scooped Up By a Dream -- 7/10/00
Much to his general shock, David is waylain by the cyprian Jorianne outside the Pantheon--and she whisks him away from his work and singing with the other Mongrels employed there to show him, at the Siren's Song, her own unique kind of music. Adult Content
Song of Shadow -- 7/25/00
David's second encounter with the Empyrean Madelyne proves far less disconcerting, as the two of them come across one another in the dark of the night in the city park on a mutual search for a quiet place to make music -- and Madelyne sings a song unlike any David has ever heard.
Dance Upon a Cloud -- 8/19/00
David's friends from the Pantheon haul him off to the Siren's Song for an exercise in whiskey and music -- much to the delight of a sailor who happily contributes whiskey to the efforts, and to the amusement of Laena and Nox, who take the opportunity to parry with one another in a dance.
Walking a Lady Home -- 8/31/00
Out for a stroll on his day off from the Pantheon despite the bitter chill of the winter in Haven, David quite literally bumps into a young Mongrel naraki; as he walks her home, he is cheerfully oblivious to how sweetly engaging Embla finds him.
Just Another Pantheon Night -- 11/1/00
It's just another night on duty for young David at the Pantheon, as Morgan and Deianyra dine together and discuss matters far above an innocent Mongrel's head--but to David's chagrin, Deianyra seems to be one of those odd Empyreans who occasionally actually asks the likes of him to think. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 12/1/00
The Wake for Lyre Talespinner -- 11/5/00
David and his friends from the Pantheon join a gathering of Mongrels, Sylvans, and other humble folk of Haven for a wake held to honor the passing of the Mongrel bard Lyre Talespinner.
A Baffling Altercation -- 11/6/00
Out on his frequent rambles around the city, David tries to intervene when he comes across an Atlantean beset by a pair of thugs; much to his confusion, however, the Son of Water does not seem to want or need his help.
Boys' Night Out -- 11/13/00
David's compatriots from the Pantheon haul him off for a night of violence at the Coliseum, provided for their entertainment by a pair of lethal warrior women.
Honor For the Dead -- 12/3/00
Out busking on a summer morning in the Rialto, David and his Mongrel friends find an enthusiastic audience for their music--and a confrontation between one of the Agni-Haidar and Hounds who guard a monument to their fallen comrades.

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