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mehlani's 15th turn: the gift wars

jorenan-knife-gift.txt -- January 1998
While Kassima presents Caitria with a Turnday gift particularly suited to the Herder's profession, Jorenan puts himself into the competition of Mehlani-gift-giving, in his own subtle fashion.
belt-knife-fiasco.txt -- January 1998
When both Jorenan and Sandar inadvertantly wind up giving her belt knives -- though Sandar also gives her a finely woven basket -- Mehlani's ability to handle all of the attention she's been getting from young males leads her to another bout of sobbing in the Records Room... and another encounter with K'star.
nightsong-gift.txt -- January 1998
On her fifteenth Turnday, Mehlani receives a lovely ribbon from Ro, and marks from K'tyn -- but K'star and E'rian present her with a gorgeous black mare named Nightsong, with whom 'Lani falls immediately in love.
first-kiss.txt -- 1/23/98
Mehlani receives a potent reminder that young green dragons can have powerful effects on their riders when E'rian, in the grip of Milleniuth's first proddy cycle, not only throws himself at her feet to serenade her, not only presents her with a bouquet of flowers and another wrapped gift, but also bestows upon her her very first kiss.
v'dan-serenade.txt -- 1/25/98
V'dan, green Chymeth's rider, proves to the startled surprise of Mehlani, Maylia, Emlyn, and a host of other denizens of the Living Caverns that he's infinitely more scary than E'rian when under the influence of a proddy dragon -- but nobody is quite so horrified as Kassima, the target of V'dan's E'rian-inspired display of affections.
serenade-III.txt -- 2/5/98
K'star -- unknown to Mehlani -- tries his hand at seeing how she reacts to serenades by drafting V'dan's young cousin Wally to sing to her, and then finding her 'by chance' shortly afterwards... though as it happens, Kes gives 'Lani the more valuable gift of demonstrating he understands some of her more embarrassing problems.
proddy-lani.txt -- 3/2/98
Mehlani's general state of confusion over her assorted Troubles With Boys is pre-empted when her green firelizard Rianet goes proddy -- and Mehlani finds herself unexpectedly not minding wandering around singing, in a skirt, in the Lower Caverns. She finds herself not minding even less being flirted with by E'rian...
proddy-lani-1a.txt -- 3/2/98
(This log immediately follows proddy-lani.txt.) Delighted by the bizarrely sweet and responsive state in which he's found Mehlani -- whose green fire lizard Rianet is about to rise -- E'rian gallantly escorts her off to the Records Room, privately hoping to take advantage of the situation. But E'rian doesn't count on being stymied by no less than six fire lizard hatchlings Impressing the girl he's trying to kiss, nor on his brother's dragon distracting his dragon so that E'rian must flee the scene... leaving K'star to be floored in turn by proddy Mehlani.
proddy-lani-2.txt -- 3/3/98
Visiting Telgar Weyr, Devlin has his turn to discover what having a proddy fire lizard does to Mehlani... and green Veyath, another proddy green creature at Telgar, rises. K'star's brown Indyth is left in the lurch... and Mehlani, still proddy, sorely tempts the stoic resolve of the flight-addled Kes afterwards.
fall-kes-losthat.txt -- 3/5/98
Much to Mehlani's dismay, K'star loses his beloved battered hat when he wears it instead of a proper flight helmet into Threadfall.
m'kla-heart-attack.txt -- 4/2/98
While several riders are hiding out in the Records Room drinking and hiding from the proddy Jehrina, Mehlani frets to Ro about the possibility of brown Indyth in Leilanth's flight... and M'kla suffers a heart attack.

mehlani's 16th turn: mehlani stands at telgar weyr

leilanth-flight-1.txt -- 4/4/98
Leilanth rises for her first flight at Telgar Weyr, much to the general awe of young spectators gathering, and the relief of bronze riders who had been trying to drink away their nervousness over the proddy Weyrwoman. Part 1 of 3.
leilanth-flight-2.txt -- 4/4/98
Following Leilanth's flight, A'lex's mother Ximena gets far too much information for her delicate sensibilities about her son's love life, and A'lex and Kassima proceed from a shouting match to a drinking match, making Weyr youngsters ponder whether they're in love; meanwhile, Duskfire Wingriders S'lah and Sh'roun smuggle a drunken K'star into the inner caverns on a Secret Mission. Part 2 of 3.
leilanth-flight-3.txt -- 4/4/98
Mehlani is amazed when she finds a tipsy Ro in the hot springs pondering Sandar as a good place to lean on -- but she's even more amazed to find the inebriated K'star drowsing in her cot; after Ro and Kailia get in their own share of startling M'kla's young son Myshel, Ro helps Mehlani haul the tottering K'star back up to his Weyr.
aftermath.txt -- 4/5/98
The morning after Leilanth's flight, Mehlani discovers to her horror that rumors have begun to fly about the Weyr regarding exactly what she and Ro did in K'star's weyr the night before; K'tyn gets protective; Mehlani and Ro tearfully worry over what K'tyn, not to mention Ro's father R'gan, will do; Mehlani and Ro are comforted by Asrai, who strives to introduce the two innocent girls to a few facts of life.
aftermath-2.txt -- 4/5/98
Ro is harassed by brown rider T'gota, who takes the rumors circulating the Weyr about Ro and Mehlani and K'star as license to bother the girl -- but T'gota is flattened by Ro's father R'gan, and much to the horror of both girls, R'gan seems ready to flatten K'star and his friends as well.
turnday-gifts.txt -- 4/6/98
Mehlani receives some more comfort about her situation from N'kshar and Jayna; Mehlani and Ro discuss how to take their safety into their own hands, and are advised by Kassima, who also bestows Turnday gifts upon them both; later, Sandar gives Turnday presents to Mehlani, Ro, and Jayna.
jorenan-chat.txt -- 4/7/98
Mehlani and Jorenan discuss the recent spate of rumors surrounding her, R'gan's determination to have her and Ro sent away, and the dismaying possibility of Jorenan's having to be posted elsewhere once he is promoted.
sahra-birth-news.txt -- 4/8/98
Mehlani receives the news of the birth of her niece Sahra, daughter of her brother Fahloran and his weyrmate Siara; Jorenan asks Mehlani what she wants to do with her life, in a manner of speaking...
apology.txt -- 4/8/98
K'star's wingmates S'lah and Sh'roun apologize to Mehlani for their prank, and unwittingly reveal to her more than they'd intended; Mehlani daydreams in the middle of an effort to help Jayna and others sort rags in the living cavern.
remo-meeting.txt -- 4/9/98
Mehlani meets a young man named Remo, and has a quiet chat in the hot springs -- only to discover that Remo, like a disturbingly large number of other young men at Telgar, seems drawn to her.
bathing.txt -- 4/13/98
While bathing in the Weyr hot springs, Mehlani receives advice on K'star from Kassima, despite Kassima's unlikeliness as a source of romantic experience; Mehlani also converses with Jorenan, who wins himself a hug from the girl.
kes-turnday.txt -- 4/14/98
Traders visit Telgar Weyr, and one of them bargains with Kindre and Kassima... while in the meantime, anxious to assure K'star that she isn't angry with him over the incident the night of Leilanth's flight, Mehlani turns the tables around for once, and gives Kes a present for his Turnday.
jorenan-confession.txt -- 4/16/98
Jorenan startles Mehlani in the kitchens by asking her how she feels about him -- and Mehlani is devastated when it seems that her reply wounds the young Baker deeply.
devlin-comfort.txt -- 4/16/98
Shortly after Jorenan's startling revelation, a distraught Mehlani is comforted by another young man in her life -- Devlin.
jorenan-kiss.txt -- 4/17/98
Jorenan, having already startled Mehlani once by confessing his feelings for her, startles her all over again by kissing her in the kitchen -- and asking her to kiss him back.
jorenan-fl-flight.txt -- 4/20/98
Jorenan's green fire lizard rises -- but unfortunately, at the same time as another green, with distressing results.
nraith.txt -- 4/27/98
As Mehlani frets over her conflicting feelings over Jorenan and K'star, bronze Nraith and green Lysseth indulge themselves in getting Mehlani to scritch them; Nraith demonstrates his particular affection for Mehlani, and 'Lani winds up fretting to Ro as well.
mehlani-search.txt -- 4/28/98
Mehlani is Searched by Kassima and green Lysseth for Leilanth's clutch.
search-2.txt -- 4/28/98
Mehlani dazedly tries to take in her new position as Candidate, as Sandar is Searched, and later, she finds herself congratulated on her new status in the Telgar living cavern; Mehlani's fire lizards find themselves charmed by N'var, bronze Palineth's rider from Igen Weyr; Kharty and Aurian are Searched.
search-talk.txt -- 4/29/98
Mehlani finds herself discussing her Searching with Ofira, Ro, Saskia, Kailia, and others, while more and more Candidates continue to pour into the Weyr; Jayna is Searched.
dragon-washing.txt -- 4/30/98
Fahloran and Siara come to Telgar Weyr to congratulate Mehlani on her being Searched; Mehlani and several other Candidates are drafted to aid in washing Lorieth and other dragons, and several Candidates receive their first informal lecture on the nature of dragons and mating flights; Mehlani continues to be befriended by Saskia.
remo-firestone.txt -- 5/1/98
While breaking firestone as her Candidate duty of the day, Mehlani is found by Remo; she tells him she has been Searched, and Remo reveals that it had been he who left the flowers on her cot not long before Lysseth had Searched her; Remo and Mehlani discuss what color dragon would suit her, and whether she should let herself "get in trouble" a time or two.
inspection.txt -- 5/6/98
A surprise inspection of the Candidate Barracks is unnerving enough for the youngsters caught in its sweep, including a Mehlani exhausted by the breaking of firestone -- but a surprise inspection that includes a proddy Kassima is all the more alarming.
socializing.txt -- 5/8/98
In the aftermath of yet another of Lysseth's risings, Mehlani tries her hand at socializing with her fellow Candidates, is witness to Aurian's impression of Kassima, recipient of a kiss on the cheek by the all-too-angelic Asher, and volunteer to assist in the washing of blue Vidarth.
hair-prank.txt -- 5/9/98
When Mehlani and Aurian fall prey to the wave of pranks sweeping through the Candidate Barracks, the two young women are forced to resort to cutting their hair short... and causing the rest of the Candidates to have to have their hair cut as well when no one will confess to the deed of wrecking theirs while they slept.
teamwork-lesson.txt -- 5/10/98
Several of the Candidates are gathered together in the central Bowl for a teamwork exercise supervised by the Weyrlingmaster.
arki-training.txt -- 5/11/98
K'tyn and Erdrick catch Mehlani exhausting herself trying to train her firelizard Arki to have a calmer temperament.
imuna-confrontation.txt -- 5/12/98
A stressed and exhausted Mehlani receives some concerned attention from Areena, Aurian, and Ptodek -- but also receives some of fellow Candidate Imuna's ire before her firelizard Arki and Ptodek intervene.
hat-teasing.txt -- 5/15/98
Mehlani gets a gentle form of teasing for once as some of the Candidates who are friendly to her -- like Aurian -- give her mischief about her beloved hat.
jorenan-chat-II.txt -- 5/22/98
A chat with Jorenan in the kitchens leads Mehlani to discussing Asher's assault on her hair, why she hasn't kissed anyone since she and Jorenan had indulged in that very activity, and why she hasn't seen much of K'star lately, even as Candidates trying to steal bubbly pies distract Jorenan from the quiet havoc he's wreaking in 'Lani's head.
proddy-lani-II.txt -- 5/24/98
Mehlani manages to baffle a fellow Candidate, not to mention Master Ofira and a rider or two -- and a distinctly bemused Jorenan -- when she dazedly deals with her four greens all going proddy by gulping down an entire glass of wine.
egg-touching.txt -- 5/27/98
Despite the fact that she's got four proddy firelizards, Mehlani dutifully shows up when she and the rest of the Candidates are permitted onto the Sands to touch Leilanth's eggs.
rianet-flight.txt -- 5/27/98
When Mehlani's green Rianet rises and the young Candidate flees to the Records Room to hide, Jorenan finds his resolve sorely tested upon his discovery of 'Lani in the grip of the effects of her green caught by her own bronze.
arki-flight.txt -- 5/28/98
Mehlani's second experience with proddiness, four times stronger than her first experience had been, finally comes to a violent end when her vicious green Arki rises to mate.
erdrick-gift.txt -- 6/1/98
Brooding anxiously over the question of whether K'star is still interested in her leads Mehlani into having several assurances heaped her way over the oiling of firelizards... into Asher insisting she should take off her hat... and into Erdrick bestowing upon her a fine crystal mug.
aurian-galleries.txt -- 6/3/98
Mehlani and Aurian have a bit of girl-talk in the Galleries, when Aurian finds her shy friend alone there playing the pipes.
group-serenade.txt -- 6/3/98
Anra's delight in visiting her older sister at Telgar Weyr takes something of a knock when she is the witness to not one, not two, but six boys serenading Mehlani in Telgar Weyr's living cavern.
lani-hatching.txt -- 6/3/98
The appointed hour finally arrives, with Mehlani's family hastening to Telgar Weyr to see whether she will Impress like her father before her...
post-hatching.txt -- 6/3/98
After the Hatching, in which neither of them Impressed, Mehlani and Ro seek out quiet comfort in one another's company in the beasthold.
beasthold.txt -- 6/4/98
Jorenan, Ro, Fahlina, and Erdrick find Mehlani and twenty firelizards hiding in the beasthold, and get an eyeful of what Mehlani can accomplish by way of cleaning chores when she's trying to ignore a hangover and emotional turmoil...
ex-candies-springs.txt -- 6/4/98
Several of the former Candidates who failed to Impress in the Hatching try to distract themselves by gathering to chat and relax in the Weyr hot springs; Mehlani is cosseted by a veritable horde of her family's firelizaards, and receives some concerned advice from Kassima.

mehlani's 17th turn: the baker or the rider?

mehlani-return.txt -- 6/29/98
Armed with gifts for the Telgar Weyrlings courtesy of Kassima's odd relations, Mehlani returns to the Weyr after a long vacation to Greystones Hold.
proddy-k'nan.txt -- 7/16/98
Not even the fact that she's mending one of K'star's shirts can save Mehlani from the alarming behavior of the proddy greenrider K'nan.
proddy-eyr-ro.txt -- 7/18/98
Mehlani gets an eyeful of young love or at least young hormones in bloom in Telgar Weyr: N'var's coming to see Jessalyn, Aurian bemoaning the state of her rather tumultuous relationship with her fellow Weyrling A'ser, and E'rian proving that even when not trying to court Mehlani, he is deeply alarming when his dragon is proddy.
jorenan-love.txt -- 7/19/98
Jorenan confesses his love to Mehlani, prompting the girl into the abrupt realization that she must decide how to balance her affections between him.... and K'star.
girl-talk.txt -- 7/21/98
Still floored by Jorenan's confession of love to her, Mehlani relays news of what has befallen her to the astounded Ro and Aurian, while several newcomers to the Weyr find themselves under the baleful regard of a proddy Kassima.
kassi-flight.txt -- 7/22/98
While green Lysseth rises (much to the relief of the Weyr at large), Mehlani and Jorenan find themselves dealing with the effects of the flight and their attraction to one another in the Weyr's beasthold.
saskia-chat.txt -- 7/23/98
Mehlani bumps into Saskia while taking a ride on her mare; the two young women discuss Saskia's being appointed as Rennick's assistant, and Saskia offers 'Lani an surprising insight upon her situation with Jorenan and K'star.
kes-love.txt -- 7/23/98
After many nervous hours of waiting for K'star's Wing to return to the Weyr, Mehlani frets for a time in the lower caverns, and finds herself discussing love with Aurian and Kassima; then, called in by his cousin at Mehlani's request, K'star finds her at last, and Mehlani reveals to him what has transpired between her and Jorenan...
shipfish.txt -- 8/14/98
While her green firelizards occupy themselves with yet another round of proddiness, Mehlani finds herself hauled off to an impromptu party on Shipfish Island, where she is treated to a number of songs by Harper Carrell, encouraged to do a song herself, and deluged in questions about the rumors circulating the Weyr about herself, Jorenan, and K'star.
gannon.txt -- 8/19/98
With her green firelizards' risings over this time around, an exhausted Mehlani is happened upon in the Records Room for once by somebody who is neither K'star nor Jorenan: solemn young Gannon, who expresses his concern for her bedraggled state.
gannon2.txt -- 8/20/98
Another encounter with Gannon in the Records Room leads to yet another expression of concern on Gannon's part for the flit-ridden Mehlani -- but also to an odd encounter with a young woman and her sock-filching firelizard.
tiaryn-meeting.txt -- 8/25/98
A quiet interlude in the Records Room allows Mehlani to meet a young lady named Tiaryn and get caught up on the status of her aged rider friend L'mis.
ro-bathing.txt -- 8/27/98
Mehlani and Ro take on the hot springs, getting into a water-tussle with bronze Prometh, reminding K'tyn in no uncertain terms that they've grown up now, and socializing a bit with Jorenan, Tiaryn, the new Telgar Weyrleader M'hryn, Aurian, and a newcomer to the Weyr named Nathan.


  1. These logs were contributed to my archive by Kassima.

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