Seafarer Logs

Seafarer Meeting 1/28/02 -- 1/28/02
Brainstorm meeting to settle the final details needed for the group to come on camera (last names of various characters, home city-states, an overall name for the Seafarers' people, and other details), and to set a date for initial RP.
Tiana's Compassion -- 2/2/02
Worn down by several consecutive nightmare-ridden nights on top of his desperate concern for his crew, an exhausted Captain Vardeus discovers much to his shock that his sharp-tongued second in command is not without her concern for him when the situation warrants it. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 11/30/01
Battle on the Vastdeep -- 2/2/02
On the same day that Tiana confronts the exhausted Vardeus, the Windrider sights land -- but before the ship and her ragged crew can reach it, they are overwhelmed by a fearsome sea monster. And though none of them realize it while many of their number are lost overboard -- including the Captain -- their battle is witnessed and even aided by two beings not of their kind...
Strange Find Upon the Shore -- 2/3/02
A delirious Vardeus awakens the morning after the Windrider's battle with the sea beast, to find a being he believes to be his little sister come to help him -- while the elves Raven and Flashfire are greatly amazed by the strange humans they've found upon the shore near the Raft Holt.
What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate -- 2/5/02
Vardeus regains his wits long enough to boggle at the strange furred creature he finds just outside the tent in which he lies -- but wanders again into delirium as Maerro awakens and tries to take over communicating with the wolf-creature and the strange point-eared girl who comes to join them. And, while Maerro is aghast at what he hears his Captain mumbling in his delirium, he is equally horrified at the conclusion the strangers seem to draw from it as well...
Kephissa Falls In With the Elves -- 2/6/02
Unlike her Captain and his cabin boy, Kephissa has a bit more luck communicating with the bizarre pointed-eared strangers she finds have saved her and her crewmate Valnek from the battle with the sea monster.
Language Lessons -- 2/7/02
On Dancer Beach, Quietharm and Kephissa exchange rudimentary vocabulary in both their languages, which allows Kephissa to relay that she and the crew of the Windrider were on a "Big Raft" that sunk in the "Big Water" -- and allows Quietharm to relay that she will help look for others like Kephissa.
Quietharm Brings News -- 2/8/02
Vardeus, still wounded and weak in Raven's tent, is visited by another of the strange Little People who brings him news that causes him both joy and despair: two of his crewmates are alive, but the Windrider has sunk...
Vardeus Among the Raft Elves -- 2/9/02
As several of the Raft Elves finally overcome their shyness and approach the big wounded human in their midst, Vardeus is introduced to a strange game involving balls of dye, several words of the Little People's language, and the realization that he is on an island -- and still hurt enough that he must rely upon his hosts for aid in finding Kephissa and Valnek.
Somewhat Less Strange Strangers -- 2/9/02
Kephissa encounters the journeying Xhosa and Shelbor -- and discovers as she does that this strange land in which she is marooned has inhabitants that look much more like she's accustomed, as well as the pointed-eared variety.
Things in Common -- 2/9/02
Trying to exchange words with each other, Kephissa and Xhosa discover that both can ride a horse; Kephissa manages to relay to the other human woman that she has come across the water, and has lost several of the others with her.
Yet More Strange Strangers -- 2/10/02
Kephissa encounters another human woman, Coralfire, who shares more words with her -- but she also gets her first exposure to elfin magic, as she sees the Glider Areelia for the first time.
Lessons Exchanged, Lessons Learned -- 2/10/02
Vardeus is awakened from a nightmare by Quietharm -- and while he struggles to avoid thinking of the implications of his having called out for Tiana in his dream, he discovers for the first time that one of the 'Little People' is not actually so little, and that she has an astounding talent with rock; he astounds Quietharm, by demonstrating the art of writing; and he must break the news to Maerro that the Windrider has sunk.
Kephissa Gets Good News -- 2/11/02
Quietharm returns to Kephissa with news that elates the human woman: Vardeus and Maerro are alive, and with others like the little 'Qytharm'. The human woman and the she-elf decide that Kephissa should build a raft, so that she and the wounded Valnek can be reunited with their crewmates.
Lessons and Ministrations -- 2/11/02
A restless Vardeus up at night receives a look at the rest of the island, more lessons in the tongue of the 'Little People', his first introduction to why 'elfs' are not exactly fond of his kind, a chance to bathe and shave and eat, tending of his still-healing ribs, and new clothes, all at the hands of a most unlikely source indeed: Shay'la, the Underworlder who has come to live among the Raft Elves.
Another Unwelcome Guest -- 2/12/02
The night after Shay'la makes her overtures to him, Vardeus discovers much to his excitement that Kephissa and Valnek are alive... but when Tamaris of the Underworld arrives on the Raft Elves' island, he also discovers that it is possible for someone to be only slightly less unwelcome among his strange little benefactors than he is himself.
An Ebbing of the Spirit -- 2/15/02
Though he is wonderstruck to discover that there is another human on the Raft Elves' island -- Coralfire -- the exhausted Vardeus is acutely vulnerable to his own restlessness and guilt and anxiety for his crew, and he breaks down in front of Quietharm and Flashfire.
Hurt That's Meant to Heal -- 2/16/02
Already severely embarrassed at himself for breaking down in front of Quietharm and Flashfire, Vardeus finally comes across Splash, the Raft Elves' reclusive healer -- and is badly shaken all over again by how she chooses to go about finally mending his broken ribs.
Accord Reached in Song -- 2/16/02
Not long after he flees Splash's clearing, Raven comes across the shaken Vardeus high on the cliffs of the island; elf and human reach a closer accord, and Raven makes shrewd observations about much of Vardeus' personal troubles, as they discover a mutual inclination towards song.
Night Frights -- 2/19/02
Arnos catches Tiana having a nightmare, and gives the acting Captain of the crew a bit of comfort.
Lessons and Discoveries -- 2/22/02
Vardeus and Coralfire exchange a few words of Vraeyan and elfin, in an effort to better communicate -- leading to Vardeus's discovery that Coralfire was raised by an elf; Quietharm offers to accompany the restless Captain, when he resolves to set out soon from the island in search of his missing people.
Making Overtures -- 2/23/02
After days of surreptitiously observing the campsite of humans upon the beach by the Vastdeep, Wayfound of Lostholt comes out of hiding to reveal herself to the astonished Tiana and Arnos and offer them the fruits of her hunt--but even as they marvel at the strange small child-woman, Arnos swiftly seizes the chance to learn the newcomer's words.
Coconuts and Hopes -- 3/1/02
Vardeus and Coralfire expand upon each others' limited vocabularies, as the Captain frets about the absence of Arnos, his crew's linguist; Coralfire offers her aid in finding his missing people.
Summoned by Song -- 3/1/02
Wayfound discovers that Arnos, the human best able to communicate with her in the camp of those stranded upon the beach by the Vastdeep Water, has another captivating skill: making music.
Lessons at the Waterfall -- 3/2/02
At the waterfall on the Raft Elves' island, Vardeus and Coralfire continue their exchange of vocabulary and manage to learn a bit more about one another in the process.
Offers of Aid -- 3/4/02
Much to his surprise, both Shay'la and Stormchaser offer their assistance to the increasingly agitated Vardeus, who is found by the elves when he stalks the island by night.
Plans at Long Last -- 3/8/02
Though others on the island have already given him offers of assistance in getting him reunited with his crew, Vardeus is floored and then overjoyed when Raven gives him what he needs the most: an offer of transportation, by way of her raft; at the same time, the Captain is equally floored by what he learns of the intelligence of Raven's bond-friend Chatter.
Lost Companions Found Again -- 3/13/02
Vardeus, Maerro, and a sizeable contingent from the Raft Elves arrive on Dancer Beach, where they meet up with Xhosa and Shelbor of the Olbar tribe... and, much to Vardeus' joy, Kephissa and Valnek; Raven pledges her further aid to Vardeus, as the Captain shares with her his plans to continue the search for the rest of his crew and what may be left of his ship.
Council by the Campfire -- 3/19/02
Vardeus and Kephissa learn more from both the humans and elves that have aided them thus far: what the local word for a dog is, that Xhosa claims kinship with her gods, and that some elves have the ability to fly. Meanwhile, Vardeus resolves to set off to the north in search of the rest of the crew.
A Joyous Reunion -- 3/21/02
Scouting ahead of the rest of their motley band on the beach, Vardeus, Kephissa, and Raven come across the wreckage of the Windrider at last--and much to their joy, Tiana, Arnos, and the rest of the surviving crew.
Sharing Song and Dance -- 3/22/02
While the crew of the Windrider rejoices over being reunited with their missing Captain and other crewmates, Coralfire of the Olbar tribe and Wayfound of Lostholt are drawn into their vigorous merrymaking--and their music-making as well.
A Night for Misunderstandings -- 3/23/02
Leafshimmer and Starwind of Briarholt make some tentative overtures to Vardeus, Tiana, and Franni -- but as Starwind comes to be social with the strange lost humans, he inadvertantly causes the Captain and the Second to confront the feelings they're harboring towards one another, though neither Vardeus nor Tiana quite understands what the other is feeling...
A Night for Revelations -- 3/25/02
Late into the night after Starwind's visit, a wakeful Vardeus comes to a decision with the help of Raven -- and Kephissa does her best to guide her cousin into reaching a similar decision. But not until Vardeus comes and finds Tiana do the two of them make an astonishing discovery, and at last admit their feelings for each other.
A Happy Awakening -- 3/25/02
[NOTE: This is a backscene, which takes place IC after "A Night for Revelations", roleplayed in late March 2002.] The morning after their discovery of their betrothal to one another, Vardeus and Tiana wake joyously in one another's arms. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 4/14/02
The Captain's Delight -- 4/13/02
While Mosstracker and Lighteyes of the Briarholt look bemusedly on, Vardeus exuberantly shares with Coralfire the news that he and Tiana are betrothed.
Sharing the Good News -- 4/18/02
Giddy about their impending betrothal, Vardeus and Tiana share the news of what he has all unknowingly managed to accomplish -- their discovery of their love of one another -- with Starwind of Briarholt, while Arnos chimes in with some lingual assistance.
Tefin Meets the Captain -- 6/11/02
Tefin of the Go-Backs ventures to the Vraeyan camp in search of Wayfound, the fascinating Wolfrider he's met in the nearby woods, and learns that her tales of a camp of strange humans from another land are true when he meets Vardeus, the Vraeyan captain.
Death Upon the Vastdeep Beach -- 6/15/02
Humans and elves join together in battle as the camp occupied by Vraeyan and Olbar humans and elves of three different tribes is assaulted by a pack of magically twisted wild dogs -- and even in the wake of death in the combat, the battle's aftermath brings results that shock everyone in the camp.
A Grisly Examination -- 6/20/02
Vardeus and Wayfound stand witness as Tefin conducts a gruesome examination of the wrapstuffed corpse of one of the beasts that attacked the camp -- and confirms for the Captain that not only was the beast shaped by elfin magic, it was shaped on purpose.
Startling Discoveries -- 6/24/02
Anxious to find out as much as he can about what sort of elf might have created the monsters that attacked the camp, Vardeus questions Shay'la about the Underworlders -- only to make several astounding discoveries about the elves in the process.
Keeping Watch and Making Plans -- 6/24/02
While Wayfound takes a turn at keeping watch over the Vraeyan camp by night, Tefin joins her in the trees; the two elves share a little of their childhoods with each other, and Tefin promises to accompany Wayfound back to Lostholt.
Gifts of Farewell -- 6/27/02
Vardeus, Wayfound, Tefin, and Shay'la compare notes on human beliefs in gods, on the naming customs of the Vraeyans and the elves, and on the usefulness of writing... until Shay'la informs Vardeus that it is time for her to take her leave of the camp, and presents him with gifts to bid him farewell.
Tiana's Little Secret -- 6/30/02
In the midst of the preparations to move the camp and set out for the distant Olbar village, Vardeus and Tiana have a quiet morning moment alone -- in which Tiana does not divulge a little secret to her husband.
Matters of Mating -- 7/8/02
Deeply torn over both Shelbor and Torgan having asked her to be their mate, Coralfire finds that the need to choose between them is not helped in the slightest by both men expressing grudging reluctance to abide by her decision no matter who she chooses.
Calm and Storm -- 7/14/02
While the Vraeyans camp at Two Rivers, Tefin introduces Wayfound to one of the humans' games from their homeland. As they play, the elves marvel over the thought of the humans' many villages and their worship of their gods.
Anger of the River Spirit -- 7/15/02
While the Vraeyans are camped by a junction of two rivers en route to the village of the Olbar tribe, the Glider Wakua comes to investigate them -- and the encounter turns out rather violently for all involved.
A Little Singing Practice -- 7/17/02
When Wayfound slips out of the Vraeyan camp to try to surreptitiously practice singing, Tefin and Arnos come after her and encourage her to make music with them--but much to the human's consternation, the two elves turn to him for clarification on the meaning of the Vraeyan word 'buggered'!
Coralfire's Dilemma -- 7/21/02
Courted by both Shelbor and Torgan, the anxious Coralfire seeks out the advice of Vardeus on what to do; meanwhile, Shelbor and Kephissa ponder what might happen between the humans and elves as the numbers of each race increase across the land.
Of Babies and Gold -- 7/28/02
Wayfound and Tefin chat with young Maerro of the Vraeyans about human babies and how Vardeus took him under his wing.
Meeting the Tall Ones -- 8/4/02
Wayfound's parents Rillwhisper, Trollkiller, and Woodhawk, along with Cutter and several other members of the Lostholt tribe, come with Wayfound to meet her Vraeyan friends Arnos and Maerro.
The Worries of a Father-To-Be -- 8/17/02
Vardeus frets at the patient Coralfire about his impending fatherhood, and whether he will be able to raise children in the strange new land in which his people have found themselves.
The Blessings of Kelthes -- 8/18/02
Much to the relief, delight, and surprise of the entire camp, Tiana finally gives birth -- to two children, a son and a daughter -- while Xhosa takes on the task of calming down the frantic Vardeus.
The Capture of Doreel -- 10/6/02
Rillwhisper and the rest of the Lostholters with her, as well as Tefin and the humans Arnos and Maerro, at last infiltrate Doreel's grove to confront him on the matter of the monsters running wild over the land -- only to be forced to fight and subdue him when they discover someone else in the grove who send-howls for their help.
The Captain Takes a Rest -- 10/13/02
With autumn falling over the camp, Vardeus comes down with a minor illness; Tiana, tending her husband, shares his wonder at the vast age of some of the elves, and an awed theory about the nature of the Little People.

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