Signalboosting Search for NC and SouCon Players

This is for all my peeps out there who used to play MUSHes with me back in the day, and in particular if you used to play on either NC (PernMUSH) or SouCon.

I’ve been approached on Dreamwidth by a user with the handle chanter1944. They’re anxious to re-establish contact with friends from NC and SouCon—prompted pretty much by this stupid ongoing pandemic, and just wanting to check in and find out if these folks are okay.

Chanter1944 says they’re the player of the following characters:

  • Alina, green Kirienth’s rider on SouCon
  • Lor, blue Larileth’s rider on SouCon
  • Lorany, blue Larileth’s rider at Ista on NC (later transferred to SouCon)
  • Mellayne, blue Duresketh’s rider at Fort on NC

Here are the folks they’d really like to get in touch with if possible:

  • Tasayli at Telgar, a.k.a Shasta and Khysta at SC
  • Birgitte, gold Sililith’s at High Reaches on NC
  • Brees, greenrider at Ista, a.k.a K’rien at SC
  • Jascela at Ista on NC (was possibly Lorany’s mentor?)
  • Dellany, Ellery, Lyss, Danica, Eilidh, Kylia, and Reye, all at Ista on NC
  • Jantyr at Ista on NC
  • Rosmyn at Igen and then SC, who was also Laynard, Jasmyn (sp?) and multiple SC characters
  • I’sai, bronze Taralyth’s at Telgar on NC
  • Alaner at Ista, who was also at SC
  • Juliri at Telgar, a.k.a K’sem at SC
  • Ajatha at High Reaches, a.k.a. Rajazad at SC
  • Jantha at Fort, a.k.a. Juniper at SC

If any of my readers of this blog ( or my Dreamwidth) have a history on either NC or SouCon, and you know how to get in touch with any of these players, please let me know and I’ll relay over to chanter1944.

Alternately if you know how to get in touch with any of these folks, please relay the word that chanter1944 on Dreamwidth is looking for them, and identify the above mentioned alts. (Or, if you’re reading this on Dreamwidth, talk to .)

Thanks all! Hoping I can help this person out. :)

A few ancient sketches

I’ve been very slowly going through an assortment of random old things from one of the upstairs bookshelves, trying to decide what I wanted to keep and what I didn’t. One of the things in this assortment was a “sketch diary” type notebook, dating from the era of the original Murkworks, during that short span of time when I was playing around with colored pencils and trying to figure out how to draw.

I only had sketches on the first three pages of the notebook, which just goes to show you how far I got with that attempt at drawing. Since I haven’t touched the thing since–and we’re talking well over 15, maybe over 20 years here–I decided to recycle the sketchbook.

But not before scanning in the sketches. I wanted to keep them for posterity, particularly since they’re mostly attempts at drawing Two Moons characters. And I wanted to share them here!

(Editing to add: Dreamwidth readers, you’ll want to click over to to actually see the pictures. The plugin I’m using for rendering galleries doesn’t play well with being crossposted to Dreamwidth, sorry about that!)

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Some housekeeping updates

Point of interest in case anybody wanders by here, since I don’t update this site very often (most of my activity is over on

I’ve done a bit of under-the-hood site maintenance, due to a couple of plugins I have been using on this site being deprecated and/or outright vanishing off of the plugins repository.

This has impacted three things here on the site:

One, my Contact page no longer has a form on it. But I do mention my email on that page, so if you really want to get in touch with me, you can do that.

Two, I have swapped over to using a different Flickr plugin to show stuff from Flickr. This impacts a small number of old posts here, but also my Great Big Sea Pictures. Visually, things should only look slightly different, but work the same general way: click on a thumbnail, it’ll take you over to the actual picture on Flickr.

And three, I’ve done some rejiggering of the custom code on my Roleplay Logs archive. Way back in ye olden times before this site was hosted on WordPress, I whipped up custom PHP to organize those logs and show you all the various sets of them. When I pulled the site into a WordPress install, this necessitated me taking that PHP code and making a custom plugin out of it.

The problem with this: WordPress doesn’t natively let you run PHP on posts or pages, so I’d been using another plugin to allow for the execution of that PHP on the pages in question.

However, since that plugin vanished off of, I felt it was appropriate to rejigger the code so that the actual site pages would no longer need PHP in them directly.

This has meant I got to teach myself how to do shortcodes today! Which basically means I still have the pages calling the logs PHP, but there’s an intervening layer now between “page” and “PHP code”. I.e., a shortcode, a short string that basically tells WordPress “okay now go find the code in the plugin that handles this shortcode, and do the right thing as a result”.

So that’s fun. :)

Anybody notice anything looking wacky, do please let me know!

Decloaking to note a few new log tweaks!

I don’t often post to this site (which would be for those of you reading this on LJ and Dreamwidth) anymore, but wanted to stick a post up to make a note that I had to do some overhauling of how my RP logs archive works. That, for those of you who haven’t visited this site in a while, is this page over here. Updates to WordPress as well as the operating system on our server required me to make sure that the PHP I’ve been using to organize my logs database was working correctly.

Which I’ve done. But since I’ve also been in a mind to revisit the logs archive in general, thanks to getting caught up on the current EQ storyline and chatting with Dara and our friend James (a.k.a. Flashfire from our days on Two Moons), I found a few logs that had broken links. Those have now been fixed. I also added one new log from 2004, Meeting Akira, in which I was playing Ynderra of Lostholt meeting Akira of the Cat Elves.

The other logs I tweaked, as well as that log, can be seen as recent updates on my New Logs page.

I’ve still got a pretty sizable backlog of RP logs I never posted from assorted MUSHes. I may amuse myself with posting more.

Wayfound logs

Here are some Wayfound logs as well, since as I mentioned, the Wolfbringer’s daughter is just refusing to leave me alone. Bear with me, folks, I’m going to be posting logs for a while, I think!

“Tefin Meets the Captain” has Wayfound introducing Vardeus to Tefin, a fascinating Go-Back she’s met in the nearby woods; in “Keeping Watch and Making Plans”, Tefin finds Wayfound on watch over the Vraeyan camp by night, and the two elves share something of their childhoods with each other and make plans to head to Lostholt; “Of Babies and Gold” is a log fragment in which Wayfound and Tefin hang out with the human youth Maerro and the baby Jorrico, and learn a little about human babies and Maerro’s own history.

More Seafarer logs!

Because I’m totally on a nostalgia trip for the Seafarers, and because Wayfound and Arnos still aren’t leaving me alone, I’m on a major log-posting kick today. All of these are logs out of my long-unposted backlog. Hope those of y’all who were in on the Seafarer RP with me will enjoy! userinfodamara, userinfostickmaker, userinfossha, userinfoanimenathan, and most especially userinfosyn, these are for you! (Any other former Seafarers actually reading this, sing out, crew! I miss you!)

“Council by the Campfire” shows Vardeus and Kephissa learning quite a few things from the humans and elves helping them, while making plans for finding the rest of the crew; “A Joyous Reunion” is the log of Vardeus and his party finally finding the rest of the crew; Vardeus shares with Coralfire the news of his betrothal to Tiana in “The Captain’s Delight”; in “Coralfire’s Dilemma”, Coralfire shocks Vardeus by seeking out his advice on what to do about her love life.

This one’s for the Willowholters

Here’s a log that takes place shortly after the destruction of the Willowholt, when Rillwhisper, her lifemates, and their young cub Wayfound, along with a few other tribesmates, have been taken in at Lostholt. And Wayfound, who is growing up fast, has to go and ask her “Fur-Father’s Advice”–because there are certain matters at which Trollkiller’s expertise is absolutely unparalleled!

Seafarer Log posted

This is mostly for the amusement of my fellow veterans of Two Moons MUSH! Since I went and merged my archive of TM logs with the rest of my roleplay logs, I’ve been absorbed in re-reading a lot of the best of the lot–especially the ones involving Wayfound and the Seafarers. So I got into the mood tonight to pull out a few of the ones I never posted and add them to the archive. I may do one of these a day for a while and see if I can get more of them caught up.

Tonight’s log is “Calm and Storm”, a quiet little scene between Wayfound and her soon-to-be Go-Back lovemate Tefin, who’s introducing her to a Vraeyan version of chess.