More Seafarer logs!

Because I’m totally on a nostalgia trip for the Seafarers, and because Wayfound and Arnos still aren’t leaving me alone, I’m on a major log-posting kick today. All of these are logs out of my long-unposted backlog. Hope those of y’all who were in on the Seafarer RP with me will enjoy! userinfodamara, userinfostickmaker, userinfossha, userinfoanimenathan, and most especially userinfosyn, these are for you! (Any other former Seafarers actually reading this, sing out, crew! I miss you!)

“Council by the Campfire” shows Vardeus and Kephissa learning quite a few things from the humans and elves helping them, while making plans for finding the rest of the crew; “A Joyous Reunion” is the log of Vardeus and his party finally finding the rest of the crew; Vardeus shares with Coralfire the news of his betrothal to Tiana in “The Captain’s Delight”; in “Coralfire’s Dilemma”, Coralfire shocks Vardeus by seeking out his advice on what to do about her love life.