Signalboosting Search for NC and SouCon Players

This is for all my peeps out there who used to play MUSHes with me back in the day, and in particular if you used to play on either NC (PernMUSH) or SouCon.

I’ve been approached on Dreamwidth by a user with the handle chanter1944. They’re anxious to re-establish contact with friends from NC and SouCon—prompted pretty much by this stupid ongoing pandemic, and just wanting to check in and find out if these folks are okay.

Chanter1944 says they’re the player of the following characters:

  • Alina, green Kirienth’s rider on SouCon
  • Lor, blue Larileth’s rider on SouCon
  • Lorany, blue Larileth’s rider at Ista on NC (later transferred to SouCon)
  • Mellayne, blue Duresketh’s rider at Fort on NC

Here are the folks they’d really like to get in touch with if possible:

  • Tasayli at Telgar, a.k.a Shasta and Khysta at SC
  • Birgitte, gold Sililith’s at High Reaches on NC
  • Brees, greenrider at Ista, a.k.a K’rien at SC
  • Jascela at Ista on NC (was possibly Lorany’s mentor?)
  • Dellany, Ellery, Lyss, Danica, Eilidh, Kylia, and Reye, all at Ista on NC
  • Jantyr at Ista on NC
  • Rosmyn at Igen and then SC, who was also Laynard, Jasmyn (sp?) and multiple SC characters
  • I’sai, bronze Taralyth’s at Telgar on NC
  • Alaner at Ista, who was also at SC
  • Juliri at Telgar, a.k.a K’sem at SC
  • Ajatha at High Reaches, a.k.a. Rajazad at SC
  • Jantha at Fort, a.k.a. Juniper at SC

If any of my readers of this blog ( or my Dreamwidth) have a history on either NC or SouCon, and you know how to get in touch with any of these players, please let me know and I’ll relay over to chanter1944.

Alternately if you know how to get in touch with any of these folks, please relay the word that chanter1944 on Dreamwidth is looking for them, and identify the above mentioned alts. (Or, if you’re reading this on Dreamwidth, talk to .)

Thanks all! Hoping I can help this person out. :)