Wayfound logs

Here are some Wayfound logs as well, since as I mentioned, the Wolfbringer’s daughter is just refusing to leave me alone. Bear with me, folks, I’m going to be posting logs for a while, I think!

“Tefin Meets the Captain” has Wayfound introducing Vardeus to Tefin, a fascinating Go-Back she’s met in the nearby woods; in “Keeping Watch and Making Plans”, Tefin finds Wayfound on watch over the Vraeyan camp by night, and the two elves share something of their childhoods with each other and make plans to head to Lostholt; “Of Babies and Gold” is a log fragment in which Wayfound and Tefin hang out with the human youth Maerro and the baby Jorrico, and learn a little about human babies and Maerro’s own history.

This one’s for the Willowholters

Here’s a log that takes place shortly after the destruction of the Willowholt, when Rillwhisper, her lifemates, and their young cub Wayfound, along with a few other tribesmates, have been taken in at Lostholt. And Wayfound, who is growing up fast, has to go and ask her “Fur-Father’s Advice”–because there are certain matters at which Trollkiller’s expertise is absolutely unparalleled!

Seafarer Log posted

This is mostly for the amusement of my fellow veterans of Two Moons MUSH! Since I went and merged my archive of TM logs with the rest of my roleplay logs, I’ve been absorbed in re-reading a lot of the best of the lot–especially the ones involving Wayfound and the Seafarers. So I got into the mood tonight to pull out a few of the ones I never posted and add them to the archive. I may do one of these a day for a while and see if I can get more of them caught up.

Tonight’s log is “Calm and Storm”, a quiet little scene between Wayfound and her soon-to-be Go-Back lovemate Tefin, who’s introducing her to a Vraeyan version of chess.

Site update

As of this writing, folks, the Lostholt, Scattered Tribe, Seafarer, and Willowholt web pages are back online after its unexpected hiatus thanks to our home server getting hacked. Very, VERY annoying. We hope it won’t happen again. Everything should be intact on the site, but if you happen to see anything that’s broken, do please drop me a line!

Site update

Every last Two Moons MUSH log on annathepiper.org has now been merged with the logs archive on the main Two Moons site, which is now available on the Browse Logs page over there. So if you’re looking for Lostholt, Willowholt, or Seafarers logs, or any logs pertaining to any character I’ve ever played, go look over there! The Lostholt, Willowholt, Seafarers, and general TM pages have been updated accordingly, as has the Sitemap.

Site update

Have added a couple new characters, Darkedge and Redstar, to the Members page; Nightfall and Redstar are now properly shown as helping Cutter OOC lead the tribe on the Intro page; Pike, Dewshine and Skywise have been given to new players, and Redlance returns to his last player.