That robot video I promised

As I found out shortly after I yoinked this video off my iPhone, I didn’t actually manage to get proper footage of both of the cats closing in on this little guy… but I did at least get about a minute or so of the robot making cute noises.

So here it is, y’all, this little video snippet of the most unusual guest that came to Turkey Day at the Murk this year–and as it happens, this is the first video I’ve ever managed to take with the phone, too. Props to userinfodpawtows, userinfoepawtows, and userinfoypawtows for bringing him, and giving me a chance to get comfier with what my iPhone can do!

Cute, ain’t he? I was totally convinced the little guy looked like something that should be wandering around a Star Wars set. He even made R2-D2 noises. <3