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Choose which MUSH you're searching for.


Here, choose the particular section of the logs you want to search for. This is based on the log sections on my logs page, most of which are by character, but a couple of which are by miscellaneous logs from a given MUSH which don't feature any of my own major characters.

roleplay date

Enter a desired roleplay date in the format YYYY-MM-DD. For example, if you want to find a log that was roleplayed on March 12, 1998, enter 1998-03-12.


If you'd like to find logs featuring a certain character, enter that character's name here. If you are searching for a character who had an underscore in their name on the MUSH the log was played on (e.g., Paul_Nighman or Han_Solo on Star Wars MUSH), use a space instead of the underscore.

how to match searches?

Here, specify whether you want to match against all of the above search criteria (i.e., 'search for this thing, this thing, this thing, and this thing'), or any of them ('search for this thing or that thing or that thing').

do the search!

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