Rayek Logs

Ktai Returns to the Palace -- 5/12/04
After her extended absence from Rayek's side, Ktai returns to the Palace, unsure what awaits. What she finds is more than she dared hope. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 4/16/04
Tears of Joy -- 5/13/04
What starts as a seemingly innocent enough evening meal turns into a serious discussion between Rayek and Ktai... in which the Glider maiden explains that while she's hopelessly in love with him, she won't try to force him to love her back. When he admits that it is... nice to have her near, her tears of happiness confuse him... until she shows him what they are made of.
The Airwalker's Recognition -- 5/20/04
Rayek, accompanied by Ktai, Ekuar, and Silverfox, arrives in Sorrow's End on a quest to locate the Little Palace--only to find something else entirely.
Resisting the Call -- 5/21/04
In which Rayek and Mierin meet alone in the Sun Village following their Recognition--and resist the call it makes upon them both.
A Temporary Truce -- 5/22/04
In which Rayek and Mierin talk again, argue, and run to Savah for help; in which new visitors arrive in the Sun Village, exhausted from their travels; and in which a temporary truce is called between the airwalker and the Underworlder maiden he has Recognized.

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