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In March of 1998 murkworks.net suffered a major hard drive crash which resulted in the loss of a good portion of my logs collection from the latter part of 1997 and early 1998. Listed here are what logs I know I had and lost. I do not count on getting any of them back, but if any of you folks out there might have old copies of these lurking on your hard drives and could contact me about them I’d be most grateful!

doreel lostholt sorrow

Doreel Finds a Daughter (Part 10) -- 10/29/96
Trouble wakes up believing that she is Niriah, and that Doreel is her father.


telgar-arrival.txt -- 11/8/97
Mehlani's first night at Telgar Weyr involves many more strangers than she is comfortable with, being called fetching to her face by a drunken green rider, meeting a kindred spirit in the Telgar beasthold, and arranging with Jehrina how she can better assist the riders settling in at the new Weyr.
encounters.txt -- 11/9/97
Once she settles down in the dormitory of the Telgar Weyr lower caverns, Mehlani begins to encounter the Telgar folk.
m'hryn-meeting.txt -- 11/19/97
Mehlani bumps into M'hryn of Ista in Telgar's lower caverns, and has her first taste of some of the rumors going round Pern about the Benden exercusion into Telgar; she also witnesses some strange behavior of J'cob's.
mooning.txt -- 11/21/97
Mehlani is formally introduced to Jorenan and Sandar, after she and Holl find and kill two tunnelsnakes under her cot; to Mehlani's mortification, Jorenan inquires of her what she likes to do for fun, and suggests several deeply alarming possibilities.
dragonnapping.txt -- 11/23/97
Melina's brown Rhonneth decides he likes Mehlani's scritches well enough that he's going to keep her. Fortunately for Mehlani, Rhonneth's rider doesn't take very long to discover this...
sholian-meeting.txt -- 11/24/97
Mehlani meets yet another young man of Telgar Weyr, this one Sholian, one of those entrusted with the daunting task of sorting out the Weyr's archive of Records.
babysitting.txt -- 11/25/97
Anxious to help out around the Weyr, Mehlani asks Telgar's Steward Rennick if he has any duties for her, but the duty that gets dropped in her lap is that of babysitting Jaeleka...
babysitting-2.txt -- 11/25/97
An exhausted Mehlani returns from the tunnelsnake-killing expedition that had interrupted her watch over Jaeleka, only to find that the younger girl has been fighting with Josiah and Silen; fortunately for Mehlani, the Weyrwoman comes to the rescue.
igen-visitors.txt -- 11/26/97
Mehlani receives unexpected visitors from Igen Weyr -- her brother Fahloran, his blue rider friend Siara, and later, Devlin, who insists on pulling her away from her self-imposed duties for some fun.
hot-springs.txt -- 11/28/97
During a restful interlude at the Telgar Weyr hot springs, Mehlani helps Maylia wash her green Tierth, hears startling tales of pranks played, and finds herself admitting to Kassima that she's been watching her cousins K'star and E'rian at their Weyrling drills.
turnover.txt -- 12/6/97
As Turnover comes to Telgar Weyr, several riders and Weyrfolk hold an impromptu skating party in the Bowl. J'lyn gets gloves for his Turning Day, and a trip into a snowdrift; several people get bombed with snowballs; and Mehlani gets encouraged by Jorenan to try the ice, but also gets K'star's favorite hat...
turnover-2.txt -- 12/6/97
Mehlani's participation in Turnover continues with a snowball fight, and a fair amount of being called "fair maiden."
k'tyn-talk.txt -- 12/7/97
As if getting questioned by the other young people of the Weyr about K'star wasn't bad enough, Mehlani is asked about the young Weyrling by K'tyn himself.
e'rian-gift.txt -- 12/9/97
Just when Mehlani thinks it is safe to show her face in the lower caverns again, K'star's brother E'rian flattens her by giving her a black leather vest -- and a fire lizard egg, which hatches a green for Mehlani to Impress.
harperhall-visit.txt -- 12/10/97
Mehlani gets C'vadan and brown Dulath to take her to the Harper Hall, so that she can visit her mother and ask her for some advice; at the Hall, Mehlani meets Apprentice Kalthanan, and then sits in on a Harper dinner.
harperhall-visit-2.txt -- 12/10/97
Mehlani has a heart-to-heart talk with her mother about boys, and the fire lizard situation at Telgar Weyr.
harperhall-visit-3.txt -- 12/11/97
The day after her arrival, Mehlani bumps into a Harper she hasn't seen since her previous visit -- then apprentice-to-be, now Journeyman Revim.
harperhall-visit-4.txt -- 12/12/97
Just after meeting Revim again, Mehlani once more encounters Apprentice Kalthanan, who asks to write to her; upon returning to Telgar Weyr, Mehlani witnesses D'ton and Melina's postings to Wings, and a proddy Kassima.
springs.txt -- 12/12/97
The night of Mehlani's return from Harper Hall, Kassima's green Lysseth rises; although Mehlani manages to make herself scarce during the actual flight, she sees some of its effects as she goes for a night soak in the Weyr hot springs, meets Kanie, and discovers that Ro Impressed a bronze fire lizard while she was away.
lake-dunk.txt -- 12/13/97
Mehlani unwittingly crosses paths with a particularly virulent brand of klah that once flattened her father, and under the influence of the stuff, wanders out and falls through the ice of the Weyr lake.
kanie-visit.txt -- 12/13/97
Mehlani receives a third visitor, while sleeping off the effects of her run-in with Flirk's klah, and her dunk in the Telgar Weyr lake.
infirmary-visits.txt -- 12/14/97
Davidon and Aphrael both happen by the Infirmary while Mehlani is recovering, under the stern watchful eye of Healer Journeyman Vannis.
infirmary-visits-2.txt -- 12/15/97
Devlin catches up with the news on Mehlani's mishap and comes to visit her, while R'val and Ofira bring Ofira's boy Girad in for a checkup.
infirmary-visits-3.txt -- 12/16/97
Fahloran comes to visit his sister in the Telgar Weyr Infirmary, and and Mehlani tries to seek her brother's advice about how to respond to gifts from boys; to her surprise, Mehlani also learns that Siara is in awe of her, and her attempt to seek advice from Siara as well goes nowhere.
n'kshar-posting.txt -- 12/16/97
The convalescent Mehlani, emerging for a night in the living caverns, witnesses N'kshar's posting to Thunderbolt Wing; her fire lizards play a game of Get the Ball with D'thon's Kheldar and Kassima's child Kaylira, and later, Mehlani makes overtures to blue rider L'mis.
lorieth-rising.txt -- 12/23/97
J'lyn's green Lorieth rises, much to Mehlani's dismay, when she discovers that K'star's brown Indyth is giving chase.


Delusions of Grandeur -- 12/9/97
At the Burning Deck, Han Solo hears from the bartender Lerren of what has happened to Rell in Solo's absence; Solo also crosses paths with a a woman called Sliver and a small redhead in her charge.


ithor-music.txt -- 9/23/97
Their Mandalore expedition put off yet again by unexpected developments involving Marcus Crowley and the still-missing Quasar Bolt, Shenner and Paul swing from argument to song to intimacy on Ithor.
mandalore-3.txt -- 1998
Urio'kosh, Dane Noth, and Paul go over the mission; later, Paul and Dane compare their own notes, while trying to include the discomfited Shenner in on the talk. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 10/28/97
mandalore-4.txt -- 1998
A weary Paul and Shenner get a brief moment of tender contact, and a moment of rest... Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 10/28/97
mandalore-5.txt -- 1998
Urio'kosh informs Paul and Dane Noth that their mission on the planet has been called off, and both Paul and Dane Noth insist on a hearing with the Elders; Shenner wrestles with her temper in the face of Urio'kosh's contempt; Paul and Shenner both wrestle with their resolve to keep their behavior strictly business. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 11/11/97
mandalore-7.txt -- 1998
As Paul awakens from his nightmare, a power outage strikes the complex, and is proven to be caused by none other than Grathix; Grathix leads Paul, Shen, Dane Noth, and Kairne out of the hangar where Paul and Shen have been sleeping, only to leave them without warning, to be intercepted by Urio'kosh, who demands to join the party. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 11/26/97
mandalore-8.txt -- 1998
With Urio'kosh grudgingly added to their ranks, Shen, Paul, Dane, and Kairne wrack their brains to find a way to escape the installation unseen -- and manage to find it, after working together. They begin a descent into a hidden tunnel... Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 1/14/98
mandalore-11.txt -- 1998
The stone marker's challenge passed, Shenner, Paul, and the Mandalorians press on into a jungle; finally, they stumble across a clearing, with hot springs, and choose to camp there for the night. The exhausted Shenner is sent to collapse in her tent, while the Mandalorians argue their situation -- and Urio'kosh makes mysterious commentary. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 2/3/98


twin-suns-4.txt -- 4/20/97
After taking the double stun blast from the guards that stopped him from attacking Grathix, Han is attended by the Twi'lek medic Mirym, and makes the mistake of thinking she plans to rescue him just like Amylynn had done. (NOTE: This log is an incomplete scene.)
hungover-han.txt -- 7/3/97
Ariana Millikin once more exercises her knack for running into Solo at entirely the wrong time -- this time, when Chewie and the staggeringly hungover Corellian are attempting to prepare the Falcon for the trip to Yavin.
deliverance-2.txt -- 9/18/97
In the medical facility of the Deliverance, while Solo fends off a concerned med droid, Ackbar catches up with the Corellian and surprises him by expressing doubts about his ability to lead.
deliverance-3.txt -- 10/2/97
Lando discovers the condition of the Falcon, and pitches an impressive fit of temper; later, in the officers' mess on the Deliverance, a surly Han chats with Calrissian and Gabrielle Veran.
deliverance-5.txt -- 10/7/97
While Han continues the task of diligently overhauling the Falcon, a young pilot is floored to discover exactly what freighter it is that's currently docked on board the Deliverance, and Han gets a sorely needed boost to his ego.
winter-vidcall.txt -- 11/3/97
To his chagrin, Han is reminded that Winter has been left out of the loop on his, Leia's, and Chewie's whereabouts when Winter hails him on the Falcon.
karrde-repayment.txt -- 11/11/97
After a profitable sabacc hand gets him some credits to spare, Han decides to get his debt to Talon Karrde resolved; a night in the Keepon Casino brings him an unexpected offer of help from a Horansi about the six-digit bounty on his head, before he finally startles Karrde by paying back the money he owes him.
leanna-meeting.txt -- 11/12/97
With unerring Corellian instincts for such things, Han encounters a woman in the docking bay of Kichnar Station -- but he also encounters Artoo Detoo, and realizes that Luke Skywalker is also on the station.
ariana-encounter.txt -- 11/12/97
Han displays another burst of his Corellian homing instincts by bumping into another woman -- Ariana -- and discovering to his surprise that she now appears to be involved with Talon Karrde.
lando-vidcall.txt -- 11/18/97
Shortly after his and Chewie's arrival on Kashyyyk, Han replies to a request from Lando to contact him.
skeezix-contact.txt -- 11/26/97
Han's sort-of-a-vacation on Kashyyyk with Chewbacca is interrupted when "Skeezix" Calhoun unexpectedly contacts him... and then comes to the Wookiee homeworld in person, with an urgent matter to discuss with Solo.
winter-vidcall-2.txt -- 12/5/97
Winter startles Han by contacting him while he is on Kashyyyk, with the news that she is ill -- and has possibly contracted the plague that is currently sweeping across Caspar; she startles Han even further by asking him to attend, if the need arises, to her wishes for the disposal of her personal effects and whatever remains might result from her death.
winter-visit.txt -- 12/17/97
Once more on Kichnar Station, Han checks on the ailing Winter where she's holed up on the Lady Luck, and is later followed by a young man who offers him news that unnamed parties on the station may be out to get him.

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