Wayfound Logs

Making Overtures -- 2/23/02
After days of surreptitiously observing the campsite of humans upon the beach by the Vastdeep, Wayfound of Lostholt comes out of hiding to reveal herself to the astonished Tiana and Arnos and offer them the fruits of her hunt--but even as they marvel at the strange small child-woman, Arnos swiftly seizes the chance to learn the newcomer's words.
Summoned by Song -- 3/1/02
Wayfound discovers that Arnos, the human best able to communicate with her in the camp of those stranded upon the beach by the Vastdeep Water, has another captivating skill: making music.
Sharing Song and Dance -- 3/22/02
While the crew of the Windrider rejoices over being reunited with their missing Captain and other crewmates, Coralfire of the Olbar tribe and Wayfound of Lostholt are drawn into their vigorous merrymaking--and their music-making as well.
Something in Common -- 5/31/02
Both of them contemplating needing to return to their home tribes with word of the strangers from Vrae, Coralfire and Wayfound discover to their mutual pleasure that it is possible for humans and elves to have something in common; Wayfound learns for the first time that sometimes, Tall Ones can be raised by her own kind.
A Meeting of Minds -- 6/6/02
Just north of the Vraeyan campsite, while bathing alone in the woods, Wayfound encounters the Go-Back Tefin -- and learns much to her amazement that there is another elf of rational inclination in the world.
Tefin Meets the Captain -- 6/11/02
Tefin of the Go-Backs ventures to the Vraeyan camp in search of Wayfound, the fascinating Wolfrider he's met in the nearby woods, and learns that her tales of a camp of strange humans from another land are true when he meets Vardeus, the Vraeyan captain.
Death Upon the Vastdeep Beach -- 6/15/02
Humans and elves join together in battle as the camp occupied by Vraeyan and Olbar humans and elves of three different tribes is assaulted by a pack of magically twisted wild dogs -- and even in the wake of death in the combat, the battle's aftermath brings results that shock everyone in the camp.
Comfort in the Aftermath -- 6/15/02
Immediately following the battle with the mutated near-wolves, Tefin takes a Wayfound exhausted by the fighting and in shock over the death of her wolf-friend off to his own camp away from the humans to give her comfort; Wayfound winds up reciprocating, when she realizes the Go-Back is just as exhausted as she.
A Grisly Examination -- 6/20/02
Vardeus and Wayfound stand witness as Tefin conducts a gruesome examination of the wrapstuffed corpse of one of the beasts that attacked the camp -- and confirms for the Captain that not only was the beast shaped by elfin magic, it was shaped on purpose.
Keeping Watch and Making Plans -- 6/24/02
While Wayfound takes a turn at keeping watch over the Vraeyan camp by night, Tefin joins her in the trees; the two elves share a little of their childhoods with each other, and Tefin promises to accompany Wayfound back to Lostholt.
Gifts of Farewell -- 6/27/02
Vardeus, Wayfound, Tefin, and Shay'la compare notes on human beliefs in gods, on the naming customs of the Vraeyans and the elves, and on the usefulness of writing... until Shay'la informs Vardeus that it is time for her to take her leave of the camp, and presents him with gifts to bid him farewell.
The Naming of Riddle -- 7/10/02
While she is taking her turn at watch in the Vraeyan Camp during their journey past Blue Mountain, Tefin makes a gesture of his affectionate appreciation to Wayfound--and bestows upon her his own private name for her.
Calm and Storm -- 7/14/02
While the Vraeyans camp at Two Rivers, Tefin introduces Wayfound to one of the humans' games from their homeland. As they play, the elves marvel over the thought of the humans' many villages and their worship of their gods.
Anger of the River Spirit -- 7/15/02
While the Vraeyans are camped by a junction of two rivers en route to the village of the Olbar tribe, the Glider Wakua comes to investigate them -- and the encounter turns out rather violently for all involved.
A Little Singing Practice -- 7/17/02
When Wayfound slips out of the Vraeyan camp to try to surreptitiously practice singing, Tefin and Arnos come after her and encourage her to make music with them--but much to the human's consternation, the two elves turn to him for clarification on the meaning of the Vraeyan word 'buggered'!
Something Lost, Something Gained -- 7/21/02
At Watertouch Point, when he finds her quietly mourning over the lost Willowholt, Tefin and Wayfound become true lovemates at last.
Of Babies and Gold -- 7/28/02
Wayfound and Tefin chat with young Maerro of the Vraeyans about human babies and how Vardeus took him under his wing.
Meeting the Tall Ones -- 8/4/02
Wayfound's parents Rillwhisper, Trollkiller, and Woodhawk, along with Cutter and several other members of the Lostholt tribe, come with Wayfound to meet her Vraeyan friends Arnos and Maerro.
Of Tall Ones and Monsters -- 8/9/02
Lostholt holds council on what to do about the strange new humans Wayfound has discovered, as well as what to do in response to the news of further monster attacks she has brought back with her human friends. And in the middle of it all, Wayfound as well as her mother must deal with the ire of the archer Strongbow...
Getting Prepared -- 9/29/02
Just before they infiltrate the woods surrounding Doreel's Grove, and as they make camp for the night, Rillwhisper and Trollkiller discuss with Tefin and Wayfound what they can expect out of what is to come as their journey continues.
The Capture of Doreel -- 10/6/02
Rillwhisper and the rest of the Lostholters with her, as well as Tefin and the humans Arnos and Maerro, at last infiltrate Doreel's grove to confront him on the matter of the monsters running wild over the land -- only to be forced to fight and subdue him when they discover someone else in the grove who send-howls for their help.
Seeking Out a Healer -- 11/7/02
At her mother's behest, Wayfound travels with Tefin and Arnos out onto the Plains, to seek the aid of the healer Mender for the healing of Doreel and Oriolle at Lostholt.

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