Lostholt Logs

Confronting Sir Zirek -- 1/4/00
Cutter catches Zirek leaving the Holt after he slipped in under the Glider ban.
Covering Tracks -- 1/10/00
Suntop and Cutter work together to eliminate the traces of a human camp from the woods around Lostholt.
The Knight Errant and the Visiting Challenger -- 1/13/00
While Cutter has to rescue Shenshen from a spider, Ember brings a rather interesting visitor into the Holt.
One Fish, Two Fish... -- 1/31/00
Cutter and Suntop stumble upon Basalt who is out fishing and the mayhem ensues.
Leaving Again? -- 1/31/00
Bramble wanders into Lostholt and regales Cutter and Suntop giving them a report of some of her time spent in the Underworld, worrying Cutter in the process.
Into the Ground -- 2/2/00
Cutter and Suntop arrive in the Underworld.
Decisions, Decisions -- 2/2/00
Cutter decides to visit the Underworld.
Cutter in the Underworld -- 2/3/00
Cutter and Leetah talk with one another about the Underworld, during their visit.
News of Disaster -- 2/4/00
Rillwhisper and Wayfound bring the news of the destruction of the Willowholt to Cutter and Nightfall at Lostholt, prompting Cutter to offer immediate aid to the displaced Willowholters.
Problems on the Homefront? -- 2/10/00
Cutter, Suntop, Ember and Flashfire have a short talk shortly after Ember's return from the Underworld.
Consequences of a Dream -- 2/23/00
Just another normal day in the holt? Perhaps not as Strongbow's name comes up for something that Suntop normally does.
How to Help the Willowholt? -- 2/25/00
Lostholt holds council on what to do about the refugees of the destroyed Willowholt still at Blue Mountain -- and Cutter worries the tribe as he announces that he expects most of them to stay behind at the Holt while he goes to Blue Mountain, though he cannot talk Strongbow out of going with him. (Log from Nightfall's point of view.)
Into the Snake's Lair... Again -- 2/28/00
Cutter and Strongbow arrive at Blue Mountain to check on the fates of the Willowholt elves and are invited in by the Lord herself.
Planting a Seed... -- 3/2/00
Cutter has a short talk with Rillwhisper which is quickly sidetracked by a conversation with Zyreen and Windkin. Cutter attempts to make Zyreen aware of her chosen Lord's likely actions...
Brooding in the Grotto -- 3/2/00
Dejected that the destruction of their Holt is likely to tear her tribe apart, especially with the all-too-powerful lure of the deceptive safety of Blue Mountain to seduce the Glider-blooded elves of Willowholt into Winnowill's reach, Rillwhisper broods to Cutter and Strongbow, and to Aroree as well. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 3/10/00
Chieftess No More -- 3/3/00
(Note: IC backdated to the journey of the Willowholters out of Blue Mountain to Lostholt) While Cutter and Strongbow escort what's left of her destroyed tribe to Lostholt to accept them into the Holt, Rillwhisper -- much to the dismay of her anguished lifemate Trollkiller -- yields to the demands of the Way, and unties her chief's lock to show her respect to Cutter. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 3/30/00
Cooling a Hothead -- 3/18/00
Skywise and Woodlock have a confrontation with the surly stranger Furr, and the fight ends rather wetly for the latter.
Arguing With Furr -- 3/19/00
Strongbow and Woodlock attempt to talk some sense into the surly Furr once again -- and once again without much in the way of positive results.
Furr's Theory Disturbed -- 3/20/00
Furr shows signs of jealousy at flirtation between Skywise and Shenshen -- and resentment at the treatment he's received at the hands of Lostholters thus far. Skywise, Shenshen, and Cutter all argue with him.
Same Old, Same Old -- 3/21/00
Woodlock and Skywise ponder whether an old wolf can learn new tricks -- though Furr goes against his own apparent hardheadedness by presenting them with a kill from one of his hunts. But he still insists upon calling the Holt 'his'...
Leaving the Holt -- 3/21/00
Skywise and Shenshen talk of Furr's strange behavior; then, Flashfire returns to the Holt without the missing Suntop, and plans are made to search for Cutter's wandering son.
Arriving at the Raft Holt -- 3/22/00
The party of Lostholters looking for Suntop enters into the territory of the Raft Elves -- and finds a sizeable gathering and party in progress. While there, they meet and greet many old friends, but find no sign of Suntop.
Festival of the Raft Elves (Part 1) -- 3/23/00
Flashfire meets Silverthorn and Current, and the two latter elves get to react to the oddity of a befurred Wolfrider in their midst; in the meantime, Silverthorn's wolf-friend Fenris takes quite readily to the visitor.
Festival of the Raft Elves (Part 3) -- 3/25/00
Ember learns from Flashfire that Tsoran is also at the Raft Elves' festival, while the Rafters learn from the Lostholters something of who Winnowill is and what she has done to those of the Lostholt tribe in the past, and something of their search for the missing Suntop.
Festival of the Raft Elves (Part 2) -- 3/25/00
Old demons come back to haunt Flashfire as he encounters both Tsoran and the Preserver SunnySong at the Raft Elves' festival, gets himself wrapstuffed, discovers an elf who cannot hear, and finds a possible lovemate.
Festival of the Raft Elves (Part 4) -- 3/26/00
Tsoran heats Ember and Flashfire's tempers with several cutting remarks about Ember's 'cowardly' killing of Sar; immediately after, much to the shock of the Lostholters, he persuades Shenshen to ride with him upon his bond-bird and promptly vanishes with her off to Blue Mountain. Aroree and the Raft Elves do their best to control the situation, but none of them can keep Windkin from being incensed at the news once he finds out, even after assurances are given that there was nothing Ember or Flashfire could have done, and that Aroree will be arranging to get news as soon as possible.
Shennapped -- 3/26/00
At the Raft Elves' festival, Shenshen is 'escorted' off to Blue Mountain by Tsoran.
Festival of the Raft Elves (Part 5) -- 3/27/00
After arguing with one another hotly over which of them will get to go to help recover Shenshen and which of them must stay behind, Ember and Flashfire affirm their bond as brother and sister by exchanging soulnames.
Anbiuren Drops In -- 3/30/00
On an excursion from the Mountain, Anbiuren stumbles across Lostholt -- and its wary chieftain.
Snapped Traps at the Silver Run River -- 3/31/00
Bramble and Cutter stumble upon Basalt along the banks of the Silver Run River.
Rescuing Shenshen -- 4/4/00
Ember, Skywise, and Flashfire lead a little expedition to Blue Mountain to fetch Shenshen out and back to safety -- but once they are reunited with her, they discover to their horror that Winnowill is aware of the missing Suntop's whereabouts.
Fur-Father's Advice -- 4/4/00
Flush with young attraction to her long-time dear friend Calmwind, Wayfound seeks out the advice of the one elder best able to advise her on the delicate matter of how to tell when one is ready for joining: her own Fur-father, Trollkiller.
A Visit from the Traders -- 5/5/00
The Traders visit Lostholt, and during their visit attract the attention of several of the tribe. (Log from Nightfall's point of view.)
Family Chat -- 5/19/00
Treestump comes upon Dewshine dancing in the woods, then Windkin upon the two of them; they eventually join forces to tease the poor floater.
The Recognition of Flashfire and Haikari -- 5/25/00
Flashfire Recognizes the Glider Haikari while she is at Lostholt for a bit of trading, much to their mutual shock; immediately after, the Glider flees, leaving Flashfire and the rest of the tribe on hand to make what hasty plans they can to react to what has occurred.
More Fun With Recognition -- 6/1/00
Finally arrived at Blue Mountain and desperate to fulfill his Recognition with Haikari, Flashfire confronts Zirek outside the Mountain about what has befallen him.
So About That Recognition, Then (Part 1) -- 6/1/00
Strongbow, Woodlock, and others discuss the recent Recognition of Haikari and Flashfire.
Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire -- 6/2/00
Flashfire is confronted by more Gliders -- and thrown into the Cage by one of the Chosen.
So About That Recognition, Then (Part 2) -- 6/6/00
More discussion of current events, as witnessed by Strongbow.
Chat Beneath the Stars -- 8/21/00
Woodhawk and Skywise have a short chat beneath the stars.
Fhen Arrives at Lostholt -- 8/21/00
Fhen, one of the long-missing other members of the destroyed Willowholt, stumbles into Lostholt -- much to the astonishment and pleasure of Trollkiller.
Introduction to the Warren -- 10/7/00
At Warren Holt, Dewshine gets acquainted with Silverclaw, Sunspot, Scatterminx, and PreyRunner.
New Mom to Be -- 10/8/00
Dewshine gives a bit of assistance to the pregnant Warren elf NightBloom, who is struggling to make leathers for her coming cub.

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