Plainsrunner Logs

The Death of Rekka -- January 1994
Still on her Walkabout after four turns of the seasons, Clearsight, now living among the Go-Backs, witnesses the death of Rekka at the hands of trolls.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 1) -- April 1994
Clearsight and Blackmorn stumble into the hidden valley inhabited by HoneyGold and other Preservers; succumbing to the effects of the flowers in that place, Clearsight begins to forget why she is on her Walkabout.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 2) -- April 1994
The Preservers try to convince Clearsight that her silver hair is her name-sign; later, they begin to feed her mushrooms.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 3) -- April 1994
The Preservers, convincing Clearsight and Blackmorn to enter the most flower-infested part of their valley, partly wrapstuff Clearsight.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 4) -- April 1994
Blackmorn tries to make the Preservers unwrap Clearsight, but is overcome by the effects of the flowers -- and wrapstuffed himself.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 5) -- April 1994
Both of them wrapstuffed and being fed mushrooms by the Preservers, Clearsight and Blackmorn dream.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 6) -- April 1994
Clearsight rouses briefly enough from her dreaming to almost remember the need to complete her Walkabout, but the Preservers distract her anew by feeding her a dreamberry.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 7) -- April 1994
Clearsight dreams that she is a flower; Blackmorn, desperately trying to rouse her out of her lethargy, touches her soulname, and this gives him the clarity he needs to get them both free.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 8) -- April 1994
Clearsight and Blackmorn leave the Preserver valley, only to be followed by the Preservers HoneyGold and Tumbleberry; later, Blackmorn is wounded by a rabid mountain cat, and Clearsight must tend his hurt as he grows ill from the infection.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 9) -- April 1994
Clearsight soothes Blackmorn as he wrestles with a fever-dream; Blackmorn begins to grow anxious that Clearsight will leave him, and begs her to stay with him.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 10) -- April 1994
While tending the ailing Blackmorn, Clearsight is unexpectedly found by the misshapen elder Lhovrik; Clearsight convinces Lhovrik to go in search of a healer for Blackmorn.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 11) -- April 1994
Clearsight encounters the Cat Elf Nofti while tending Blackmorn.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 12) -- April 1994
As Blackmorn's condition worsens, Clearsight senses that he knows her soulname and uses that strength to make him stay with her; later, she is found by the Plainsrunner Kimos, who convinces her to wrapstuff Blackmorn, and the two take him to Sorrow's End, where he is healed by Skybow and Shayilbey.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 13) -- April 1994
While keeping vigil over the sleeping Blackmorn, Clearsight is visited by Nofti, Sharq, and Kimos, and thanks Kimos for his aid.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 14) -- April 1994
Blackmorn awakens from his sleep; Silentrunner finds both Clearsight and Blackmorn and tries to keep watch over them, but Blackmorn sends him off; Blackmorn is aghast to learn that he had been vicious to Clearsight during his illness.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 16) -- April 1994
Clearsight and Blackmorn Recognize following Clearsight's being scared by a confrontation between Mender and Shayilbey.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 17) -- April 1994
As they wrestle with the effects of their Recognition, Clearsight and Blackmorn decide that she must fulfill her Walkabout first... and Clearsight decides she must do it on the Bridge of Destiny.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 15) -- April 1994
Clearsight receives more visits from Skybow, Nofti, Savah, and Mender; Skybow and Mender heal Clearsight of her fire scars; Clearsight and Blackmorn meet DreamTide, Ruah, and Kalista, and see Shayilbey once more.
Clearsight's Walkabout (Part 18) -- April 1994
Clearsight becomes Starwing on the Bridge of Destiny, and bonds with the hawk Vree; Starwing and Blackmorn fulfill their Recognition.
The Birth of Aureole -- June 1994
Aureole, daughter of Starwing and Blackmorn, is born in the Plainsrunner canyons.
The Death of Starwing -- 9/4/94
The ailing Starwing succumbs to the fever that has overcome her; Blackmorn allows the Preserver Tumbleberry to wrapstuff the fevered Aureole to keep her sickness from worsening before the healers can have another try at restoring her health.
Blackmorn Vs. Soulweaver -- 9/19/94
Soulweaver and Briarcatch catch up with Blackmorn after he smuggles Aureole out of the Plains canyons; Soulweaver tries to convince Blackmorn to return home with the child.
The Death of Blackmorn -- 10/23/94
Blackmorn dies in the marshes just outside Willowholt.

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