Plainsrunner Logs

Monsters on the Plains -- 4/7/02
At the Plainsrunner Leafchange Festival, a large party goes in search of a herd of mutated shagbacks. In the end, the bull uses blacksending, disabling many of the hunters, and Dara, a catelf, is killed along with her bond. Nightfall carries the bodies to the campsite, to one of Dara's tribesmates there.
Council of War -- 4/14/02
A slew of people from the previous hunt gather together to plot another go at the herd and the bull. Some suggest using a bondbird to lift someone over the bull to issue a challenge, so that others on the ground can use the distraction to kill it.
Lifemates Reunited -- 4/15/02
Redlance enters the scene, and Nightfall is very happy to see her lifemate again, for he has been gone for a little while. Shadows, however, isn't happy, and is jealous of the attention being taken from him by his friend's mate.
Chat at the Spring -- 4/16/02
Redlance and Nightfall have gone to a spring nearby to bathe. Redlance falls asleep, and Shadows enters to bathe. They talk, and when Redlance wakes all three talk to each other idly.
The Maiden Within the Tree -- 8/4/02
Growing lonely again in the midst of his ongoing solitude, Doreel all unknowingly realizes that the being he's been calling 'Elisel' -- the she-elf he has imprisoned within the embrace of a living tree -- is not truly a tree at all when he discovers her soulname in sending.
Reshapings and Regrets -- 9/19/02
In the midst of struggling to heal Aureole of the side effects of her long enforced immobility and deprivation, Doreel anguishes over what he has done to her... but also grows drawn to the idea of her as an elfin companion rather than a tree. But even as he reaches out to her -- and even as Ree all unknowingly senses his loneliness and pain -- the soul of Thicket drives the mad shaper to flee from Ree's side.
The Blossoming of Magic -- 9/26/02
Much to his amazement, Doreel discovers that he has awoken something new within Aureole... the beginning signs of treeshaping power, as well as something more that seems to give her the ability to comfort his ravaged soul. But it does not stop Thicket from rousing again to try to fight the Shaper off; nor does it stop Doreel from vacillating again in his madness, and deciding that this companion he is trying to discover for himself is 'Oriolle'... both elf and tree.
The Capture of Doreel -- 10/6/02
Rillwhisper and the rest of the Lostholters with her, as well as Tefin and the humans Arnos and Maerro, at last infiltrate Doreel's grove to confront him on the matter of the monsters running wild over the land -- only to be forced to fight and subdue him when they discover someone else in the grove who send-howls for their help.
Vestiges of Solace -- 10/25/02
With the Firstborn Doreel and the maiden Oriolle safely secured in wrapstuff in the Holt, Lostholt healers Leetah and Ynderra begin to try the ancient shaper's fractured mind.
Seeking Out a Healer -- 11/7/02
At her mother's behest, Wayfound travels with Tefin and Arnos out onto the Plains, to seek the aid of the healer Mender for the healing of Doreel and Oriolle at Lostholt.
Dreams Outside of Time -- 11/16/02
While they are held within the wrapstuff cocoons at Lostholt, Oriolle in her rambling dreaming instinctively seeks out Doreel's contact, unhindered by the wrapstuff... and briefly reawakens his rage at her having been taken from his side.
Elisel Uprooted -- 12/12/02
Kiralee of the Sun Village--whose healing talents run to a knack for mindhealing--takes on the challenge of helping Ree's recovery along by breaking the 'Elisel' self her mind had created under Doreel's influence.
The Cry in the Night -- 12/27/02
In Sorrow's End, once more reaching out to Ree from his wrapstuff prison despite being under guard by several Lostholters, Doreel manages to rouse enough to be driven into deep pain by his memories--and his expression of them results in a sending cry that rouses the Sun Village, brings Djhala running and ordering that Doreel's cocoon be moved, and requires Skywise to knock Ree out before she can lash out at random with the fledgling magic Ynderra has sensed within her.

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