Plainsrunner Logs

Sundering the Two Made One -- 3/5/03
Once she reaches the Palace of the High Ones, Ree is met by Suntop in the flesh--and while Rayek looks on, the son of Cutter and Leetah liberates Thicket's trapped soul from Ree's body at last. And in the midst of it all, Ree is reunited with someone she'd thought dead--her long-lost lifemate.
Rest and Reunion -- 3/6/03
Following the liberation of Thicket's soul from her body, Oriolle finds quiet peace in the company of her lifemate Rumor and begins to answer his long-pent-up questions about the fate that befell her. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 3/29/03
The Sadness of the Shaper -- 4/5/03
Determined to learn what he can about the Firstborn who had shaped her body and mind to the dictates of his mad dreaming, Rayek seeks out Oriolle in the Palace to question her about Doreel--and not only disturbing Ree with her own dismay over the Shaper's profound sadness, but alarming her as well as she remembers that she had promised not to leave Doreel... and that he knows her soulname.

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