Willowholt Logs

An Involuntary Visit to the Mountain -- 3/24/98
Tsoran comes across Rillwhisper as she wanders on her solitary hunt to find wolves for the Willowholt--and captures her to bring her into the Mountain. Winnowill, on the other hand, is surprisingly hospitable to the chieftess her Chosen has captured, and shocks Rillwhisper by asking for her advice. NOTE: This is an unfinished scene, posted for posterity and the Winnowill RP.
Play at the Pond -- 5/8/98
Talek, Crystal, and Acorn have a quiet, playful encounter in the Holt pond, but also discuss the troubles in Sorrow's End and the capture of Simmel.
Dusk's Soulname Quest (Part 1) -- 6/16/98
Trollkiller and Dusk discuss her pending departure to seek her soulname; No-fur offers his input.
Dusk's Soulname Quest (Part 2) -- 6/22/98
Dusk and Talek camp at Watertouch Point while on Dusk's soulname quest.
Dusk's Soulname Quest (Part 3) -- 6/23/98
Dusk finds her soulname in a dream while she and Talek camp at Watertouch Point.
Dusk's Soulname Quest (Part 4) -- 6/23/98
Immediately after her dream, Dusk startles Talek with her physical closeness, and her admission that she likes him. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 6/30/98
Captured by the Underworld (Part 1) -- 7/2/98
On their way back to the Willowholt, Dusk and Talek are captured by Evenek of the Underworld -- who is determined to return Talek to the Underworld to resume his place as part of House Elessardo, and to turn him over to Morganthe as his student.
Captured by the Underworld (Part 2) -- 7/3/98
Following her capture at the hands of the Underworld, Dusk awakens in the company of Lrilanya, who attempts to make her believe that she is her daughter Kellynn.
Captured by the Underworld (Part 3) -- 7/3/98
Talek wrestles wills with his kinsman Evenek, and meets Jaylorra, another elf who was apparently kidnapped down into the Underworld... but who no longer remembers why.
Captured by the Underworld (Part 4) -- 7/3/98
Dusk falls victim to an Underworlder's magic, compelled to attempt to kill the troll servant of another resident of the caverns.
Captured by the Underworld (Part 5) -- 7/6/98
Dusk attempts to attack Snee, and is thwarted in the attempt, remembering nothing of the compulsion that had been planted in her.
Dusk and Talek Escape (T) -- 7/22/98
Dusk and Talek are released from the Underworld for unknown reasons, and receive shelter in Sorrow's End. (Log from Talek's point of view.)
Dusk and Talek Escape (D) -- 7/22/98
Dusk and Talek are released from the Underworld for unknown reasons, and receive shelter in Sorrow's End. (Log from Dusk's point of view.)
Recovering in Sorrow's End -- 7/24/98
Dusk and Talek relax as best they can in Sorrow's End, trying to work out many things between them, including their feelings for one another.
The Recognition of Dusk and Tsoran (Part 1) -- 8/1/98
Dusk of the Willowholt unexpectedly Recognizes the Glider Chosen Tsoran when he comes to Sorrow's End looking for Larias.
The Recognition of Dusk and Tsoran (Part 2) -- 8/2/98
Tsoran tries to convince Dusk not to speak of their Recognition; then, they finally yield to its demands, and Tsoran offers to convey Dusk back to Willowholt.
Homecoming -- 8/9/98
Dusk and Talek return to the Willowholt, and are greeted by Dawn and Woodhawk and Jylien; they reveal their captivity in the Underworld, and Dusk's Recognition with Tsoran.
Sending Together -- 8/10/98
Jylien and Talek locksend with one another, about Talek's head injury, and the perception of whether they're more than friends, and loneliness.
The Chosen Comes Calling, Take 1 -- 9/2/98
Tsoran comes near the Willowholt to visit Dusk and to try to learn something of their coming child -- but finds himself unexpectedly confronting Dusk's father Trollkiller as well as Dusk herself.
Concern for the Cub -- 9/2/98
Woodhawk and Trollkiller worry over Tsoran's motives regarding the coming cub of his and Dusk, and miss Rillwhisper, and join; Dusk and Trollkiller and Woodhawk speak more of the cub. (Immediately follows 'The Chosen Comes Calling, Take 1'.) Adult Content
Wolfquest (Part 1) -- 9/14/98
Rillwhisper is chased by human hunters into the same remote Preserver-infested valley from which her tribe had once rescued Talek -- only to be saved by the unexpected arrival of an elfin hunter accompanied by seven wolves; the chieftess and the hunter Recognize... and discover that the Tall Ones are by no means the only danger around the haunted valley.
Wolfquest (Part 2) -- 9/15/98
Rillwhisper and Lonehowl discover that they are not the only elf in the valley; the third is Keshah, who had resisted the attempts of Rillwhisper and others to rescue Talek before. Now, Keshah insists on taking Lonehowl as payment for the elf Rillwhisper 'stole' from her...
Wolfquest (Part 3) -- 9/15/98
Keshah tries another tactic on Rillwhisper to achieve her goals; the Preservers, in the meantime, have plans of their own, and try to enact them; Rillwhisper explains to Lonehowl the meaning of the thing that has happened between them.
Wolfquest (Part 4) -- 9/16/98
Rillwhisper averts another attack by the bugs on her and Lonehowl by making a startling proposition; the chieftess and the hunter fulfill their Recognition, and afterward Rillwhisper shares something with him of her tribe and why she has been travelling alone, before the hunter at last reluctantly obeys the terms of her bargain with the Preservers.
Wolfquest (Part 5) -- 9/19/98
Lonehowl's attempt to get out of the valley on Rillwhisper's behalf... and Rillwhisper's own attempts to find herself water and a branch to use to help her walk, not to mention her attempt to answer a cry for help from the hunter... are met with ambushes by both factions of the Preservers.
Wolfquest (Part 6) -- 9/22/98
Keshah takes advantage of the Preserver ambushes on Lonehowl and Rillwhisper to employ some of her own plans involving the other two elves, and convinces Lonehowl to try to talk Rillwhisper into staying in the valley; Lonehowl, however, discovers that that's a far from easy task...
Wolfquest (Part 7) -- 10/16/98
Rillwhisper and Lonehowl convince Nightwing to help them escape the valley, but as they go looking for the captured Fallberry, find themselves thwarted yet again...
Wolfquest (Part 8) -- 10/23/98
The Preservers' two factions quarrel over their captive 'highthings' -- and Keshah confronts Rillwhisper over Lonehowl, resulting in the chieftess at last leaving the valley alone.
Dropping In -- 10/25/98
Dawn and Talek drop in on Dusk and her cub Midnight in her den.
The Wolfbringer Comes Home -- 11/1/98
After her absence of many turns of the seasons, Rillwhisper returns to the Willowholt with a pack of seven wolves -- and the startling story of not only how she acquired them, but how she Recognized the elf with whom the wolves had once travelled.
Mending What Was Broken -- 11/9/98
With Trollkiller and Woodhawk's help, Silversong attends to the proper healing of the months-old injury Rillwhisper sustained in the Preserver valley, when she met and Recognized Lonehowl.
The Chosen Comes Calling, Take 2 -- 12/9/98
Tsoran comes to just outside Willowholt and sends to Dusk, demanding to see Midnight; when Dusk refuses, he leaves but threatens to return. Later, Dusk seeks comfort from her sire.
The Chosen Comes Calling, Take 3 -- 12/12/98
Dusk allows Tsoran to see Midnight when the Glider comes calling again; Tsoran not only lays eyes upon but also gets to hold his son, and surprises his mother with a gift.
Joy Returns to the Willowholt -- 12/22/98
Joy returns to the Willowholt from yet another round of wanderings -- but this time she comes back pregnant, like Rillwhisper. Unlike Rillwhisper, Joy brings with her a living Recognized -- Vale, son of Tilia and Wolfrunner.