Willowholt Logs

Found Along the Way -- 1/4/99
Rillwhisper's cub by the solitary hunter Lonehowl is born in Willowholt, with Trollkiller, Woodhawk... and another presence... in attendance.
The Chosen Comes Calling, Take 4 -- 1/7/99
Tsoran makes another visit to the Willowholt -- but this time he enters the Holt itself, and this time, he is greeted by the new Willowholt wolfpack as well as several of the Willowholters. Although the situation is tense, the Glider is given leave to stay in the Holt for a few days to see his son.
Glider Chat -- 1/14/99
Tsoran and Zalen discuss the advantages of Glider blood versus Wolfrider, and Tsoran's history with Rillwhisper.
Hunting for Trollkillers -- 2/8/99
While an amused Rillwhisper looks on, Woodhawk plays a hunting game with two-turn-old Wayfound: hunting Trollkillers!
Torn Jackets and Interruptions -- 2/9/99
A torn jacket and the arrival of Dusk leads Jylien and Talek to dance around their attraction to one another, and then Talek dances again with Dusk.
Lostholt Visits the Willowholt -- 2/9/99
A number of visitors from Lostholt arrive at Willowholt for a visit; Willowholt gets its first look at the now Glider-tall Cutter, and members of both tribes settle down cheerfully for many hours of talk, introduction of unknown elves to both sides, and in the case of at least Trollkiller, Dusk, and Flashfire, appreciation of each other's attractiveness.
Lostholt Visits the Willowholt (B) -- 2/9/99
Lostholt visits the Willowholt. This log is the same as the previous of this title, though this one is from Flashfire's point of view and includes locksends to and from him, as well as several character descriptions not in the other log.
Wayfound Speaks, and Then Some -- 2/24/99
Much to the amazement of Trollkiller, little Wayfound utters her first words -- and a whole lot more to go with them.
More Visitors to the Willows -- 2/26/99
While Flashfire and Fallberry experience Wayfound's newfound verbosity and Sela boggles in wonderment at the sight of the Preserver, Rillwhisper welcomes visitors StreamWind and Journey into the Holt when she sees that they are Wolfriders and peaceful.
The Chosen Comes Calling, Take 5 -- 3/7/99
A visit from Tsoran to the Willowholt holds a bit of distress not only for Dusk, but also this time for Lostholt visitor Flashfire.
Tales of Timmain -- 3/12/99
When her terrifyingly precocious offspring wakes her up in the middle of the day to pull wrapstuff off a squirrel-hole, Rillwhisper is charmed and amused to spend time with Joy and Vale and their cubling Summit--and to see, courtesy of Vale's tales of the living High One Timmain, that there is at least one person who can actually throw Wayfound for a loop.
The Chosen Comes Calling, Take 6 -- 4/4/99
Tsoran's next visit to the Holt leads to deeper conflict between him and Dusk... and Dusk's resolve to stand up to him.
Visiting the Gathered Festival -- 6/7/99
At the Festival being held by the Gathered Tribe, Rillwhisper discovers that StreamWind, who had once visited the Willowholt, has discovered healing magic when she needs someone to tend to an ailing Wayfound; Trollkiller plays with cublings, and Rillwhisper also greets Gentlerock, grandson of Strongbow.
Cubs Among the Gathered Tribe -- 6/8/99
The elves of the Willowholt, out on a rare visit to the Gathered Tribe during a festival, get an opportunity to meet new faces; a solemn counterpoint to the rambunctious cubs of the Gathered elves, Wayfound catches the attention of the Glider Ayerth.
Wildfoot and the Willowholt Cubs -- 7/29/99
Anxious for an opportunity to converse with the visitor to Willowholt, Wayfound discovers much to her disappointment that Wildfoot rather shares Midnight's opinion on her conversational habits; Rillwhisper attempts to drop hints to Wildfoot and Midnight that she is not exactly pleased that her cub is getting mocked.
The Archer Checks In -- 8/4/99
Strongbow breaks the silence that has existed between him and Rillwhisper for many turns of the seasons, once more reaching out to her in sending from his Holt so that they can exchange news.
Tsoran's Return -- 8/14/99
Tsoran returns to the Willowholt after a lengthy absence -- demanding again that Midnight be allowed to visit Blue Mountain.
The Destruction of the Willowholt -- 12/12/99
After two seasons of severe weather, the Willowholt is destroyed in a massive thunderstorm and flash flood. Many members of the tribe go missing, including Chieftess Rillwhisper, as the denizens of the Holt are forced to flee their home.
After the Flood -- 12/13/99
Hours after the flood that destroyed the Willowholt, a handful of the displaced Willowholters gather on a relatively dry stretch of land just south and east of the Holt, and receive aid from a number of different sources.
The Gliders to the Rescue -- 12/13/99
The Willowholt refugees gathered in the forest crossroads make a narrow escape from a second flood about to sweep the area -- courtesy of the aid of Gliders, as well as long-gone Willowholters Simmel and Jasmael, sent from Blue Mountain.
A Chat With Aroree -- 12/14/99
Aroree attempts to chat with Wayfound, Rainfire, Jasmael and Calmwind, only to startle the Willowholters by the revelation that the local humans worship the Gliders as gods -- and to provoke an argument between Rainfire and Wayfound as the cub resents Rainfire's attempt to curb her curiosity about this strange new variety of Tall Ones.
Wayfound, Calmwind, and the Egg (Part 1) -- 12/15/99
Areelia expresses some curiosity about young Summit, and gives him a little tour of the Mountain -- while Jasmael makes overtures towards Wayfound. Later, at Summit and Jasmael's suggestion, Wayfound and Calmwind go to explore a surprise in the Mountain: the object known as Egg.
Wayfound, Calmwind, and the Egg (Part 2) -- 12/16/99
Once Calmwind finally rouses from his reverie at the Egg, he and Wayfound discuss what befell him, the nature of the Egg, the friendly humans in the Mountain of which they've heard rumors... and later, after they briefly meet up with Summit, Wayfound's guilt and worry over being glad that Calmwind is with her even though half the tribe is missing.
The Rational Cub and the Mountain Lord -- 12/20/99
Wayfound and Calmwind attempt to discuss Calmwind's experience with the Egg with none other than Winnowill herself -- though the conversation swiftly turns to an interchange of ideas between the Lord of Blue Mountain and Rillwhisper's inquisitive cub.
Gestures of Diplomacy -- 12/21/99
Wayfound and Trollkiller learn from Ekana a bit of her history as a Wolfrider who has been magically altered by Winnowill, and from Haikari and Demell that the Gliders as a whole seem to be growing much friendlier -- especially Demell, much to Trollkiller's delight; later, Wayfound and Woodhawk have another encounter with Winnowill, on the way to the Egg.
Confrontations and Comfort -- 12/29/99
Tempers flare in the Mountain as Simmel, Midnight, and Brightstar come across Shadows in the Mountain's catacombs -- and Calmwind and Wayfound inadvertantly stumble across them all; as Wayfound learns from Malene that not all of the Gliders in the Mountain are of friendly disposition to Wolfriders, but that her tribesmate Midnight is actually capable of apologizing to her; and that Calmwind seems to require a brand-new name.