Willowholt Logs

The Willowholt Howls II -- February 1994
Another Willowholt Howl. Notable visitors are Leaf, LeafRunner, Windswhisper, Strider, WhiteBright.
Brightmark Leaves the Willowholt -- 4/12/94
Brightmark leaves Willowholt.
A Council and a Howl -- June 1994
The Willowholt holds a council on DreamThunder, followed by a Howl. Notable visitors are Ynderra, Myriel, Brightfall.
The Death of Blackmorn -- 10/23/94
Blackmorn dies in the marshes just outside Willowholt.
A Howl for a Passing and Return -- November 1994
The Willowholt Howls for the passing of Firestar and the return of Duskshadow to the Holt.
The Recognition of Dawn and Trollkiller (Part 1) -- 12/10/94
Dawn and Trollkiller's Recognition.
The Recognition of Dawn and Trollkiller (Part 2) -- 12/10/94
Rillwhisper, Woodhawk, Rainfire, Zalen, and Silversong react to Dawn and Trollkiller's Recognition.
A Knife for Pwyll -- 12/16/94
On a hunt, Trollkiller gives Pwyll a stone knife as a present.