Willowholt Logs

Plague Comes to the Willowholt (Part 1) -- 1/9/96
Talek and Brightfire visit the Trader camp outside Willowholt, and discover Gerren infected with a mysterious and frightening illness.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 5) -- 1/9/96
Rillwhisper's healing is completed, and she insists on returning to the forest to search for Strongbow, with less than successful results.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 6) -- 1/16/96
The envenomed Rillwhisper infuriates Doreel by refusing to acknowledge the Grove as her new home, and winds up once more in the care of the Helpers.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 7) -- 1/17/96
Fallberry tracks Rillwhisper to Doreel's grove, and astonishes Doreel into realizing that Rill had been right about her claims of a real Preserver. Doreel heals her.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 8) -- 1/20/96
Rillwhisper tries to befriend Doreel's helper Lira, but is ordered by Doreel to refrain from filling Lira's head with stories; Rillwhisper also begins to see how lonely Doreel is.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 9) -- 1/21/96
On another desperate attempt to send to Strongbow, Rillwhisper discovers that he is still alive; she succeeds in locating and rescuing him, and brings him back to the Grove. But she also discovers that the venom has badly affected his mind.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 10) -- 1/21/96
The Willowholt party seeking the missing Rillwhisper arrives at Lostholt, and discovers the chieftess and Strongbow are not there; Cutter, Skywise, Ynderra, and WindStorm promise aid.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 11) -- 1/22/96
Doreel refuses to heal Strongbow; Lar and Lira ask Rillwhisper for help for their master, and reveal to her that Lira is going to have offspring.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 12) -- 1/22/96
The Willowholt rescuers set out from Lostholt -- and once they reach the plains, Fallberry finally catches up with them.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 13) -- 1/22/96
Rillwhisper starts working on helping Strongbow fight the venom in his blood.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 14) -- 1/23/96
Rillwhisper continues her vigil over Strongbow; Rillwhisper and Strongbow in joint sending contact Trollkiller, and show him the way to Doreel's grove.
Plague Comes to the Willowholt (Part 2) -- 1/24/96
As Tinyhowl gets a singing lesson from the Traders, Talek discovers that Brightfire is ill.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 15) -- 1/26/96
Doreel heals Strongbow, but insists, once he learns of Winnowill and that the Palace has flown in recent memory, that Rillwhisper and Strongbow take him to Blue Mountain.
The Death of Gerren -- 1/28/96
The death of the Glider Gerren in the Trader Camp outside Willowholt. Talek anxiously brings Sweetleaf to tend to the ailing Brightfire in Willowholt, while Jasmael finally returns to Willowholt territory -- just as Gerren's body is turned to rock by his illness, and his spirit departs for the Palace.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 16) -- 1/29/96
Rillwhisper and Strongbow grow faint from the lack of meat to hunt in Doreel's grove; Doreel reveals abandonment by a mate and child, and offers to remove Rillwhisper's wolf-blood.
The Rescue of Rillwhisper (Part 17) -- 1/29/96
[This log takes place, in IC time, immediately after the previous log.] Trollkiller, Woodhawk, and the rest of the elves from Willowholt and Lostholt rescue their lost tribesmates from Doreel's grove. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 2/4/96
Archer and Tanner Reunited -- 1/29/96
In the Willowholt camp, Strongbow and Moonshade are reunited. Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 2/13/96
Meeting Up With Mender -- 2/12/96
Woodhawk runs into Mender while hunting for the Willowholt camp, en route to Lostholt.
Strongbow, Moonshade, and Rillwhisper Return (Part 1) -- 2/13/96
The party of Willowholters and Lostholters that rescued Rillwhisper and Strongbow arrive at Lostholt.
Strongbow, Moonshade, and Rillwhisper Return (Part 2) -- 2/13/96
After Strongbow comes looking for her, Rillwhisper talks to him about their realization of one another's soulnames.
Strongbow, Moonshade, and Rillwhisper Return (Part 3) -- 2/16/96
Strongbow and Rillwhisper council with Cutter about Doreel and his grove, and what happened there.
Ynderra Returns -- 2/21/96
Ynderra returns to Lostholt, while Spidersilk encounters humans on a scouting trip around the edge of Holt territory.
The Death of Brightfire -- 2/25/96
Brightfire, healer lifemate of Talek, dies of the plague at Willowholt.
The Death of Sweetleaf -- 2/27/96
Sweetleaf dies of the magic sickness -- and transforms the Holt in one last burst of treeshaping magic.
Howl for the Lost Ones' Return -- 2/27/96
Lostholt holds a Howl to celebrate the return of Strongbow and Moonshade, with the Willowholters as guests.
Rillwhisper Returns Home -- 3/2/96
Rillwhisper, sensing something gravely wrong at the Willowholt, hastens the rest of her tribesmates home from Lostholt.
Cure for the Plague -- 3/12/96
The Willowholt, with Trader and Gathered Tribe guests, howls for the deaths of Gerren, Brightfire, and Sweetleaf; Firesong announces that Sweetleaf's dying burst of magic created a cure for the plague.
Two Tribes' Council -- 3/31/96
The Willowholt and the visiting Traders hold council about what to do with the remains of Gerren, and Rillwhisper shares warnings of Doreel.
Talek Gets Lost -- 7/14/96
Talek gets lost outside the Holt, and is helped back by NightDancer and a visitor, Brightleaf; Rillwhisper summons Silversong to heal her brother.
Sending With Strongbow -- 8/23/96
Strongbow sends to Rillwhisper from Lostholt to check up on her.
Ynderra Calls on the Willowholt -- 9/22/96
Ynderra, along with her mate Kai, the Sun Villagers Eagle and Mirth, and the Preserver Berrybuzz, arrives to help Willowholt with its assorted problems.
Taking the Dreams Away -- 10/6/96
Ynderra attempts to heal Talek at Willowholt, but the attempt proves more difficult than she'd expected as she winds up reawakening his forgotten magic.
Doreel Finds a Daughter (Part 9) -- 10/28/96
Strongbow sends to Rillwhisper to ask for Ynderra to be sent home.