Underworld Logs

The Underworld Raids Sorrow's End (Part 1) -- 3/8/98
A Festival at Sorrow's End is held. Treestump speaks with Silverdew who updates him on the taking's-place at Grove Holt. Sunfire and Flashfire compete at the Balancing Game.
The Underworld Raids Sorrow's End (Part 2) -- 3/8/98
Flashfire and Sunfire run into a band of Underworlders and follow them back to the Festival. Pale informs Treestump of Nightling's death and the two Recognitions/births prior.
The Underworld Raids Sorrow's End (Part 3) -- 3/8/98
More Festival. Sunfire and Flashfire discuss their unease about the visiting Underworlders. Pike and Tyleet urge Treestump into dancing. Peytianna of the Underworld also dances, gaining notice, and later suffers a minor sunburn.
The Underworld Raids Sorrow's End (Part 4) -- 3/8/98
Continued. Treestump finally gives in to dancing. Sunfire allows Flashfire to borrow her bow. Morganthe attacks Savah and holds her captive; the Festival comes to a sudden halt as the situation turns dire.
The Underworld Raids Sorrow's End (Part 5) -- 3/8/98
From the last log. The Mother of Memory held captive, Treestump struggles to take control of the situation. Morganthe seriously injures ColdFire; Grishnak grabs Blackwatch; Jadesong offers herself in Savah's place; many attack Morganthe and very few get through.
The Underworld Raids Sorrow's End (Part 6) -- 3/8/98
Final 'chapter.' The fate of the festival-goers -- and of Savah, the Mother of Memory -- is decided.
Captured by the Underworld (Part 1) -- 7/2/98
On their way back to the Willowholt, Dusk and Talek are captured by Evenek of the Underworld -- who is determined to return Talek to the Underworld to resume his place as part of House Elessardo, and to turn him over to Morganthe as his student.
Captured by the Underworld (Part 2) -- 7/3/98
Following her capture at the hands of the Underworld, Dusk awakens in the company of Lrilanya, who attempts to make her believe that she is her daughter Kellynn.
Captured by the Underworld (Part 3) -- 7/3/98
Talek wrestles wills with his kinsman Evenek, and meets Jaylorra, another elf who was apparently kidnapped down into the Underworld... but who no longer remembers why.
Captured by the Underworld (Part 4) -- 7/3/98
Dusk falls victim to an Underworlder's magic, compelled to attempt to kill the troll servant of another resident of the caverns.
Captured by the Underworld (Part 5) -- 7/6/98
Dusk attempts to attack Snee, and is thwarted in the attempt, remembering nothing of the compulsion that had been planted in her.
A Visit from the Underworld (Part 2) -- 7/19/98
A trio of Underworlders--Jaylorra, Malandor, and Gwydion--arrive at Lostholt, claiming to be invited by Treestump. Part 2 of 2.
A Visit from the Underworld (Part 1) -- 7/19/98
Flashfire interacts with Ember and Cutter; Minx returns to Lostholt. Part 1 of 2.
A Visit from the Underworld (Part 3) -- 7/24/98
Frustrated over how badly the visit is going, Treestump visits Jaylorra by the river. The two share thoughts on past experiences, on the reception of the Underworlders's arrival, and the elder advises the lass to perhaps talk to Morganthe about getting her appearance reversed again.
Chat and a Cub at Play -- 10/14/98
Treestump and Brightfall discuss recent events at Lostholt, and play with little Galasia.

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