Underworld Logs

Troll Taunting (Part 1) -- 9/8/99
Nightfall and Skywise confront a she-troll who wanders into the territory near the Holt.
Troll Taunting (Part 2) -- 9/10/99
Flashfire, then Nightfall ... converse with StoneHeart.
Treestump and the Underworlders -- 9/27/99
During the visit of the Underworlders to Lostholt, Treestump learns that the elf he once knew as Jaylorra is now called Erianvel -- and is leading one of the Houses of the Underworld.
Rhentagoth and Ember Negotiate -- 9/30/99
Ember and Rhentagoth negotiate terms of trade and friendship between Lostholt and the Underworld.

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