Underworld Logs

Underworld Council 2/21/96 -- 2/21/96
Underworlders and visiting Gliders hold council on the rlations between the tribes.
Underworld Council 10/4/96 -- 10/4/96
The Underworld Council meets. Iliar is stripped of the title of Mistress of Rock; Corinthi is ousted as Lord, and Shayilbey voted into his place; Rhentagoth is set aside as Vizier and made Master of Rock; Kytek seeks leave to travel to the Palace.
Kidnapping Ktai -- 10/21/96
Sar tries to kidnap Ktai back to Blue Mountain.
Astral Seduction (Part 1) -- 10/28/96
While Rayek is under the influence of a medicinal flower of Rigar's, Winnowill attempts to entice his spirit to hers.
The Visits of Neela and Bricchana -- 11/19/96
As Neela and Bricchana both visit the Palace, and Winnowill makes another sally on Ktai, Rayek grows increasingly surly and grim over the threat Blue Mountain is posing to him and Ktai.
A Question of Failure (Part 1) -- 11/25/96
Ktai grows increasingly strained in her attempts to soothe Rayek and keep him eased of mind, and believes herself a failure when she succumbs to sleep.
Returning With Saeros -- 12/19/96
Alorn returns to the Mountain with only Saeros and not what she was charged to bring, instead informing Azeure of her Recognition to Saeros. Azeure takes the oppertunity to vie for a position... in Winnowill's bed. In the middle of it, Sar asks permission to attempt the creation of a child with Rhalina.

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