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caspar: job offers, horansi jedi, and rodians

Sinjon Meets Solo and the Great Chewbacca! -- January 1998
Sinjon Teague, Mashi Horansi and Seeker -- what many of the galaxy would call a Jedi -- meets a depressed Corellian and his famous Wookiee partner. [1]
Have I Got a Deal for You -- 1/13/98
Han meets up with Shannon Dellious of SubPro, who tries to sell him a ship -- and offer him a job. [2]
Shocking Discoveries, Part 1 -- 1/20/98
Shannon once again tries to recruit Han for a position with SubPro -- only to find what she thinks its a casual lunch interrupted when Han is cornered in the Blue Nebula by a pack of bounty-hunting Rodians. [2]
Shocking Discoveries, Part 2 -- 1/20/98
A wounded Han has fled the firefight in the Blue Nebula, and Shannon finds herself in the middle of a Corellian-Rodian standoff as she tries to follow Solo into the gardens on Kichnar Station. Several others find him, though, including the Horansi Sinjon Teague and a Rodian apparently not involved with the bounty hunters... [2]
Shocking Discoveries, Part 3 -- 1/21/98
The crisis past, a surly Solo seems indifferent to Shannon's confusion and concern, and she withdraws in bewilderment as the Horansi Sinjon Teague departs to follow the wounded Corellian. [2]
hurthan-sinj.txt -- 1/21/98
Sinjon follows the wounded Han back to his ship, and not only convinces the Corellian to let him help him with his injury, but with a couple of his other problems as well. [1]
Sinjon Takes Off With Han and Chewie -- 1/27/98
Sinjon leaves Kichnar Station in the company of Chewbacca, who pilots the Falcon, and the Falcon's wounded pilot. (Partial log.) [1]

calamari: a short breather

reunion.txt -- 1/28/98
Following his, Chewie's, and Sinjon Teague's arrival on Calamari, and a grudgingly allowed examination at the hands of medical droids for his blaster-wounded side, Han unexpectedly finds Leia asleep in their apartment suite. [OOC Note: This log is back-dated roleplay, as of a new Leia player.] Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 4/9/98

kashyyyk and tatooine: han goes undercover

sabacc.txt -- 3/28/98
En route on board the Black Eagle for Tatooine, Han gets into a sabacc game with Meileani Kirand, but finds himself using an unusual commodity for betting: secrets.
mos-eisley.txt -- 3/28/98
Han and Meileani -- under their cover guises of Gavril and Laya -- venture out into Mos Eisley to begin to look for leads on both their missions.

caspar: catching up, in more ways than one

kos-reunion.txt -- 4/14/98
Han is given a lift to Kichnar Station by Torin'maal and the other NR personnel who had gone undercover with him to Tatooine, and the Corellian wastes no time in looking for information on the whereabouts of Luke -- but finding his wife gets him some other information he hadn't bargained for.
leia-tat-catchup.txt -- 4/15/98
Alone with his wife on the Falcon, Han tells Leia about his mission to Tatooine, and the woman he contacted while there.
leia-query.txt -- 4/22/98
In the middle of conflicting desperate worry about her brother and desperately clinging to her husband's presence, Leia asks Han for his opinion on a particular long-term goal for their relationship: children.
leia-nightmare.txt -- 4/24/98
Leia suffers a nightmare when her guilt and worry over her still-missing brother catch up with her.
making-up.txt -- 5/1/98
As Chewbacca is considering leaving Han for good, Leia takes matters into her own hands, and drag--er, coaxes her husband back onto better footing with his partner.
leanna-grei.txt -- 5/20/98
The fiery-tempered Leanna and her rather more sedate companion Grei discover that strangers who are insufficiently clear on what they want out of him tend to make for a cranky Han Solo.
caspar-flee.txt -- 5/21/98
A call from Mon Mothma summoning him back to Calamari and three Star Destroyers coming into Caspar space are more than enough excuse for Han to get Leia far away from Caspar's surface as fast as the Falcon can take them.

calamari: that's general solo to you

mothma-bombshell.txt -- 5/21/98
Han on board the Falcon and Tarroc D'agor on board the Alderaan streak back to Calamari; Tarroc informs Han of disturbing news involving the captain of the Firedancer, who Han realizes he's met; Mon Mothma drops a bombshell of a request upon the Corellian, once he and Leia report to her office.
morning.txt -- 5/23/98
His having piloted his craft across the galaxy in one night, and being asked to take command of an entire army, is insufficient cause to keep Princess Leia from tickling her husband in the morning.
dinner-talk.txt -- 6/15/98
Over a surprise dinner cooked at the Princess's hand, Han and Leia debate his reasons for taking on the job of General.
karrde-debate.txt -- 6/17/98
Han walks in on Leia having a surprising conversation with Talon Karrde; later, as Lando arrives at their suite, the Corellian, the Princess, and the businessman argue about Karrde's possible involvement in Luke's falling into the hands of the Empire.
leanna-apology.txt -- 7/2/98
Han has another encounter with Leanna and Grei, and this one goes rather more amiably than the last.
post-luke-rescue.txt -- 7/7/98
Han, Leia, and Lando all react to Luke's rescue from Imperial captivity and his return to Calamari... and the condition in which the young Jedi has returned.
pre-sluis.txt -- 7/21/98
On Han and Leia's last night before the Corellian flies to Sluis Van to rendezvous with NR military forces, General and Princess fail to convince each other that they are not nervous... and Leia drops a startling suggestion upon the heads of Han and Lando.

sluis van: hup two three four, occupation g.i. blues

podok.txt -- 8/19/98
While playing at sabacc with a couple of his junior officers, Han discovers that there's still a being the galaxy who have absolutely no compunction about accusing him of cheating even when he's playing fair and square -- even though the being happens to be a droid.
disguised-drak.txt -- 8/19/98
In the Hyperdrive Motivator bar, Han bumps into an apparent stranger who tries to ask him for pointers on the speeddraw.
leia-call.txt -- 8/20/98
A HoloNet transmission from Leia in the Caspar system comes in for Han, giving the Corellian a chance to at least exchange words with his wife and see her face, even if he can't be with her in person.
trinket.txt -- 8/20/98
Han encounters a strange, apparently mute young woman, and is moved to try to help her out a little.
tarroc-call.txt -- 8/21/98
Distracted out of his encounter with the strange young woman Trinket, Han receives a request from Tarroc D'agor to rendezvous with the rest of the New Republic entourage in Caspar space.

back to caspar: diplomacy, deception, and danger

stalh-meeting.txt -- 8/21/98
Han arrives in the Caspar system and goes in search of Leia and Chewie and the rest of his friends; once up on Kichnar Station, he finds Leia and Lando, but also finds himself in Talon Karrde's Keepon Casino crossing wits with a hostile young man in the NR's diplomatic corps.
break-time.txt -- 8/26/98
Han takes the opportunity to get acquainted with some of the younger personnel on board Home One. (OOC: An unfortunately incomplete log.)
bec-detjin.txt -- 8/28/98
While looking all over for Luke, Han finds himself having to break up a fight between an NR lieutenant and a civilian, finds himself having been observed by Leia, and finally, finds himself unexpectedly confronted by yet another Rodian bounty hunter.
post-detjin.txt -- 8/30/98
(Immediately follows the previous log's action.) Han, after he and Leia are safely away from Kichnar Station, gets to explain to the Princess exactly what delayed his joining her on board the Falcon -- and the two of them make a grudging agreement about each other's safety.
luke-search.txt -- 8/30/98
Han goes poking around Home One trying to find Luke -- and although he doesn't manage to corner Tarroc for his promised briefing, he does get an apology from Bec about the fight from which Solo had had to haul him.
trinket-2.txt -- 8/30/98
Much to Han's amazement, he discovers that the strange young woman he'd encountered on Sluis Van has made it to the Caspar system and is on board Home One.
anniversary.txt -- 9/9/98
On the night of the anniversary of their marriage, Leia coaxes Han down to Caspar for a private dinner -- and a little surprise she's planned for him, to help set the mood...
valak-leia-fight.txt -- 9/12/98
[This is actually a log from Shenner's point of view, not Han's; Han does not appear in the log. However, it is included here for context for subsequent logs.] Leia is attacked by Emperor Valak in the Plaxton City Fountain Square on Caspar -- and almost carried off by the same bounty hunter who'd attacked her husband before.
post-valak.txt -- 9/12/98
An infuriated and frantic Han storms into the Dr. Tarquin Memorial Medical Center, desperate to reach his wife; shortly thereafter Chewbacca joins the Princess and the former pirate, and Han and his partner settle in to keep vigil over the wounded Leia.
bec-kadgie-visit.txt -- 9/15/98
Bec Ga'lec and Kadgie Rodo both come to visit the recovering Leia in the medical center, even as the weary and anxious Han continues to hover at her bedside.
double-team.txt -- 9/17/98
Luke and Han join forces in trying to convince the wounded Leia that Caspar is a far too dangerous place for her to be.
teasing.txt -- 9/22/98
Leia decides to enlighten her husband on the colorful terms by which the lower-ranking females of his Ground Ops forces have been referring to their General.
han-leia-fight.txt -- 9/28/98
Han's and Leia's tempers clash over Leia's breaking of their deal to not go down to Caspar or Kichnar Station without guards; Leia resolves the argument, however, in a manner that shocks her husband.
gabrielle-briefing.txt -- 10/16/98
Having called Gabrielle Veran, Captain of Squad One, to rendezvous with NR forces in the Caspar system, Han briefs his junior officer on her mission.
stalh-suspicions.txt -- 10/22/98
Han, Leia, and Saris compare notes on a prime suspect for having engineered the shooting of Morganna Tazecks on Caspar.
ariana-return.txt -- 11/1/98
For the sake of their old associations, Han answers a quiet call for help from Ariana Millikin, who wants to retreat from the turmoil of her recent life back into the New Republic.
ariana-return-2.txt -- 11/5/98
Han and Leia discuss the ramifications of Ariana's desire to return to the NR fold.
megan-meeting.txt -- 11/8/98
While Han has yet another round of vigorous maintenance with the Falcon, he and Leia encounter a young cadet trying to get into the swing of things on Home One.
sullust-briefing.txt -- 11/10/98
Tarroc snags Han for an urgent briefing regarding the situation with Imperial forces on two fronts: Pride-1 and the Sullust system.

pride-1 and o'paal: deliverance and duty

blaze-david-meeting.txt -- 11/23/98
As the NR forces arrive in the Pride-1 system and find the Empire unexpectedly turning tail and running, the restless Han and Leia encounter a couple of representatives of the NR's newer fighting forces -- and Han finds one of them a bit more friendly with the Princess than he'd like.
breather.txt -- 12/15/98
Han and Leia get a moment to themselves following a raid on O'paal. (OOC: Unfinished scene.)

caspar yet again: further danger, further deceptions

leia-death-rumors.txt -- 12/31/98
Hearing suspicious rumors of Leia's demise on Caspar, Han hurries back to that system to find out firsthand what's going on.

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