Han Solo Logs

caspar yet again: further danger, further deceptions

leia-disguise-talk.txt -- 1/23/99
Han settles in to help Leia discover the identity of who attacked her on Plaxton City's beaches -- and discovers that an old enemy has also settled in on Caspar. The Corellian launches a plan to disguise himself and head out to explore the city, and never mind what his wife might think of his choice of disguise or his ability to be discreet... Timewarped Log; Actual RP Date 1/27/99
swoop-race.txt -- 1/24/99
Disguised as 'Gavril Turlon', Han crashes the opening party of a new Caspar business run by an old adversary of his -- Simone 'Piper' Drake, the former VicePrex of the CSA -- and takes advantage of his old swoop racing skills to get her out alone where he can question her to find out what she knows about the attack on the Princess.

nar shaddaa: mischief and mayhem

nar-shaddaa.txt -- 6/6/99
Han allows Lando to coax him off to Nar Shaddaa on a jaunt to try to acquire some illicit transponder components for Lando's capital ship Commander of Coins -- but he doesn't take into account Lando's plan for how they can move about on the Smugglers' Moon unchallenged. And neither Han nor Lando nor Chewie are aware that Mara Jade and Morganna Tazecks have marked their arrival...
nar-shaddaa-2.txt -- 6/16/99
Han and Lando encounter Morganna and Mara shortly after their arrival on Nar Shaddaa -- and since they can't easily shake either of the women, go on the offensive, with Han 'charming' Mara into accompanying them to the Corellian Sector for a drink.
nar-shaddaa-3.txt -- 6/18/99
With Mara accompanying them, Han and Lando head into the Corellian Sector -- but wind up in the middle of a brawl when Morganna and Stalh and Grathix all wind up in the same bar.
nar-shaddaa-4.txt -- 7/8/99
While hastily fleeing the brawl that broke out in the bar he and Lando and Mara had visited, Han is ambushed by a pair of bounty hunters -- and saved by a woman out of his past.
nar-shaddaa-5.txt -- 7/24/99
In an attempt to get to safety and rejoin Lando and Chewbacca, Han and the woman he knows as "Canir" wind up in a highly unlikely refuge indeed...

the deliverance: mending and machinations

han-casey-spat.txt -- 8/10/99
Chewbacca gets the battered Han back to the Deliverance, where they are met by an irritated but anxious Leia -- and where an even more irritated "Canir" catches up with them.
lruk-talk.txt -- 8/18/99
Leia seeks Han out in the cockpit of the Falcon, anxious for his input on the burgeoning crisis in the Lruk system... and, for that matter, just anxious for her husband.

assorted locations: the kidnapping of gabrielle veran

gaby-kidnap.txt -- 11/2/99
Aggravated over recent tensions between himself and his Ground Ops officers, Han takes a short jaunt to Calamari -- only to have it cut short by a stranger who sets off his temper all over again, an irritable technician on the Deliverance, and the news from his friend Skeezix that Gabrielle Veran is in trouble.
gaby-kidnap-2.txt -- 11/9/99
Han, Skeezix, and Chewbacca question Altair Quila about what she witnessed when Gabrielle was kidnapped.
gaby-kidnap-3.txt -- 11/11/99
The trio searching for Gabrielle Veran make contact with a "bum" who takes them to where she is being held -- but even as the recovery of the missing Gabrielle proves surprisingly uncomplicated, the escape of their contact is trouble indeed for Han.
gaby-kidnap-4.txt -- 11/11/99
Badly injured by the thug he'd chased into the Twi'lek district, Han awakens in the alley where he'd been ambushed -- with no memory of where or who he is -- and only the intervention of a passing beautiful woman gets him more or less safely to medical attention. But the dazed Corellian has no idea that he is followed...

nar shaddaa: han loses his memory

zenani-tussle.txt -- 11/26/99
Days after the accident that stole his memory, "Vykk Draygo" tangles with a woman who seems all too interested in asking him loaded questions about whether they have met before -- and all too eager to provoke him into a fight.
casino-duel.txt -- 12/15/99
The amnesiac Han follows the trail of his own identity to a casino called the Royal Bounty -- only to run afoul of an old enemy who, for all that Han does not remember him, remembers Han all too well.

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